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1/76 Hong Kong Bus Models
Dictionary 1994-2002
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The book is printed in both Chinese and English text and features both diecast and resin models. The models are listed by operator:- CMB, KMB, Longwin, Citybus, New Lantao, KCRC, Converted Vehicles and Others.

Within each section, models are grouped by vehicle type, and each page features two models, providing the type of information detailed on this site.

It is a very useful reference book, although instances where a HK and UK version exists, i.e. the 10th Anniversary Corgi KCRC Olympian (43202a), where the HK version carries additional lettering, no mention is made of the two versions. Other such examples are the Citybus Van Hool coach (42707a) and the Citybus "Cityflyer" Duple Metsec Trident (44502a). A notable omission is the Principal Insurance C'sM Dennis Dragon (DA108B).

Verdict : A well presented and informative reference book.

Typical pages from the book
 Title :  1/76 Hong Kong Bus Models -
 Dictionary 1994-2002 
 Author :  Alen So
 Published by :  Print City & Arts Co Ltd
 Year of publication :  2003
 ISBN :  988-87293-1-8
 Size :  A5
 Pages :  143
 Availability :  Released in Hong Kong August 2003
 Limited to 3,000 books
 Price :  HK$ 160
 UKŁ ?

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