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ABC's second version of the "Long Dragon" was released in Hong Kong yesterday. I am reliably informed that only one box of the first version reached these shores, by accident!  Lets hope that sufficient quantities of this second version are available here in the UK.

ABC are also to produce two diecast CMB Bus Stops, one at 1:12 scale and the other at 1:76 scale - further details will appear here tomorrow. 

31st May 2001

The Citybus "Year of the Snake" liveried MAN/Volgren (OM45403), from Corgi, was released in Hong Kong today.

Photograph courtesy of World of Diecast

The release of the MCW Metrorider, CM1, from ABC Models has been delayed slightly, however, the second version of the Long Dragon, with improved quality finish, is due for release on Wednesday 30th May.

ABC's UK importer has advised me that he has had serious problems over the past few months which have affected his business, but that he is now running as normal. As soon as the next batch of models arrive, I hope to be able to keep you informed. 

27th May 2001

MMC-7001 MKI S/D London Transport, limited 3000 pcs. 
MMC-7101 MKI D/D Arriva (Red), limited 2500 pcs
MMC-7102 MKI D/D London Transport Airbus, limited 3500 pcs
MMC-7301 MKII D/D London Transport, limited 3500 pcs.

The above photographs show the four Peak Horse "mini" models due for release in the UK next month. 
The models measure 7.5cm x 3.5cm x 2cm 

 27th May 2001

Firstly, the KMB Super Olympian, due for release in June, is NOT a Creative Master Northcord release. More details will appear here shortly.

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

The MBE Citybus Dragon with China Paint "Flower Brand" all-over advertising has been issued in a different guise, that of Fleet No. 833 on Route 170 to Wah Fu.

The release of the Citybus "Year of the Snake" MAN/Volgren has been delayed until Monday 28th May. 

Having acquired the C'sM 1/50 scale Metrobus today, the Limited Edition certificate number was 0675 out of a total of 0688. This leads me to the question, has anyone got any Limited Edition Certificate numbered 001, 0001 or 00001 of any model, or indeed the last certificate for any model?? Please let me know!! 

21st May 2001

EXCLUSIVE - again !!
Photograph courtesy of Collector's Model

And yet another new release from Collector's Model !!! 

This time it is KMB Victory G224, carrying all-over advertising for Nissin Instant Noodles, on route 73. It is Model No. V205B and is limited to 700 pieces. It is apparently on sale now in Hong Kong.

The Citybus Trolleybus was released in Hong Kong yesterday.

19th May 2001

The latest edition of Model Buses has just been published, and as usual, contains many interesting articles, including one entitled "Hong Kong Focus", featuring some of the recent (well fairly recent!!) new models. 

It is rumoured that KMB will be issuing a model of one of their Volvo "Super" Olympians, possibly being produced by CML- Northcord. Further details, when known, will of course appear here.

I have also just received my regular Hong Kong Newsletter from Digby's Miniature Automobiles, which explains why there have been problems of late in supplying ABC and C'sM models - apparently, ABC's UK agent has disappeared!! Anyway, it goes on to say that things will soon be back to normal. 

16th May 2001

At long last I have been able to provide a review of Volume 2 of "Hong Kong Bus Models", which can be found by clicking here.

I am grateful to Garry Donnelly of Rotherham Model World for advising me that the  advertising livery on the C'sM model below is for 'Guangxi Rice Wine'. 
My thanks also to Tin Yau Lee for giving a rather more detailed explanation, being "The new C'sM Jubilant appearing on your website today is wearing the "Guangxi Jindian Min Jiu Series", which means "Famous Classic Alcoholic Drink Series from Guangxi Province" !!!

15th May 2001

Photograph courtesy of Collector's Model

Due for release shortly is this Collector's Model Dennis Jubilant carrying an unidentified advertising livery. The model number is V203B

Well worth visiting is the "Farewell Victory Vol. 2 " story, which is located on the Jotus Model Depot website.
14th May 2001

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

No, you are not seeing double!!  This is in fact the next release in a joint venture between Car's Workshop and Drumwell, representing CMB's Dennis Condor DA2. It is believed this release is to be numbered 38601 and is expected in June.

 12th May 2001

Photograph courtesy of Citybus

The first photographs of Citybus's Year of the Snake MAN/Volgren have just been received, thanks to both Citybus and 80M Bus Model Shop. Further photographs can be seen at OM45403. The model is due to be released on 19th May.

Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

Released in Hong Kong yesterday was Collector's Model CMB Dennis Condor (DGR-002). 

Due for release next week in the UK are former Hong Kong only releases, including 44804, 44805 and 43226?

11th May 2001

I am very grateful to Mr. Danny Chan of Northcord Transport for providing me with a complimentary copy of his latest book "Hong Kong Bus Files - Daimler/Leyland Fleetline" which I have now been able to review, and details of this can be found by clicking here

I would also like to thank Mr. Ping Wah Kwok, of 80M Bus Model Shop, for kindly sending me a complimentary copy of "Hong Kong Bus Models Volume 2" a review for which will appear here shortly.

Whilst on the subject of being grateful, I would like to thank all of you who regularly provide information, news and photographs, with a special mention to Sindy and Joe at Jotus Model Depot, who I am sure you will agree, provide me with superb photographs of the models, as soon as they are released.  As you will no doubt appreciate, the updating of this site takes a considerable amount of my free time, and receiving such news, books and models for review, etc, makes all the effort worthwhile. Unfortunately, responses to e-mails are sometimes delayed, as my main aim is to publish any news as soon as possible, and for this I apologise.

Last but not least, I have just received samples of ABC's AV1, ML2 and the Fife Scottish Daimler Fleetline, so another thank you to Don Craggs and ABC Models. I hope to be able to include reviews of these as soon as possible. 

6th May 2001

The New World First Bus Centroliner (DW10104) was released in Hong Kong yesterday. Please note the official Drumwell product code - NWFB number it as 20007.

Photograph courtesy of World of Diecast

The first glimpse of ABC's MCW Metrorider CM1 (001201).

The "matchbox" size MCW Metrobus (the mini MCW) is issued under the Peak Horse branding, and I can confirm that it is planned to release five UK liveried models in this series, these expected to be released by the end of May. 

4th May 2001

I have just received news that Corgi are to bring the following Hong Kong models into the UK:-
44406 - Dennis Trident/Alexander - KMB Greener Bus.
This will only be available through Corgi Gold Star Stockists

44505 - Dennis Trident/Duple Metsec - NWFB 100th New Bus

43226 - Volvo Olympian/Alexander - KMB Year of the Snake.

The last two should be on general release

I am grateful to Rotherham Model World for this information

2nd May 2001

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