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The Collector's Model Nikon liveried Dragon (CM-DGR111) will be available from 6th July 2001 onwards, as a gift to camera buyers who buy a Nikon F65D camera together with their AF 28-80mm f3.3-5.6G lens.

This model features Ms. Joey Yung. Joey is one of the most popular pop idols amongst the bus fan circle in Hong Kong. In fact, she has also noticed that lots of her fans are also bus enthusiasts! A photo featuring Joey holding two Nikon bus models in two different packages can be seen below. Also shown is the Limited Certificate.

I am indebted to Dennis Law for keeping me informed of all the latest news. 

Photograph of Ms Joey Yung  courtesy
of Orangebus

 Limited Edition Certificate courtesy 
of Mr Leslie Chan
30th June 2001

ABC released their two bus stops yesterday in Hong Kong, details of which can be found here.

Details of the New World First Bus bus stop can be found here

27th June 2001

The Site received its 200,000th hit over the weekend  (the counter was added to the site on the 28th December 1998).

The following message has recently been posted in Diecast Buses Club:- 

"If anyone is interested in joining the Csm Members Club for the exclusive models, please could they send me their full particulars including their Email address to the following email - tjjc@bigfoot.com. below are listed the models that will be available to you. We want to limit the amount of members to about 120, so membership will be on a first come first served basis.
CM-DA115SA Dennis Dragon 11m gold plated 24.50 inc postage. limited to 500 pieces.
CM-DA116SA Dennis Dragon 11m silver plated 24.50 inc postage. limited to 500 pieces.
CM-DGS002S Dennis Dragon 10.3m Siemens Baby (with bus stop and driver) 25.50 inc Postage. limited to 100 pieces with this special packaging.
CM-DA102B Dennis Dragon 11m Pocket Monster 26 inc postage. very limited stocks.
CM-DGR111 Dennis Dragon 11m Nikon F65 26 inc postage. limited to 4000 pieces.
V208 Leyland Victory II Kodak Film 25 inc postage. limited stocks.
SF-U001 Leyland Atlantean Festival Bus VFS 54V 25 limited stocks.
CM-DGS005 Dennis Dragon 10.3m Siemens Industry 22 inc postage. limited to 288 pieces. Available mid-July.
MCW001 Peak Horse Mini MCW CMB bus model 4.50 inc postage. limited to 3000 pieces."

I am still awaiting a response to my e-mail!

It surprises me that there are still some "Siemens Baby" models left, with driver etc,. Also, several of the models make no mention of quantities, whilst I am sure that there will be a surplus of the Nikon Dragon model, if 4,000 are being produced!

This year, the annual bus exhibition by Art Gallery & 80M Bus Model Shop will be held in the Western Market from 28 July to 13 August.  Exhibits include bus models manufactured by ABC, Corgi, Cars Workshop, C'sM, Drumwell and EFE.  Other features of the exhibition are:

1) Bus model competition;
2) Video shows;
3) Latest news of bus companies in Hong Kong; and
4) Latest bus models.

Several companies have assisted, either directly or indirectly in the exhibition and special thanks go to the Western Market, Land Development Council, KMB, NWFB, Citybus and NLB. 

The ALX400 model from Creative Master Northcord Limited will be launched in the livery of First Capital. The launch model is in the standard 2-door layout of most London ALX400 Dennis Tridents. The model features an opening engine cover which reveals a replica transverse-mounted engine assembly.

The first consignment of models is due to leave Hong Kong by the 31st August 2001.

Details of the NWFB Bus Stop will appear shortly!!!! 

26th June 2001

Moaning over....... for the time being anyway!!!

As you will no doubt appreciate, news of the EFE Subscriber Offer has generated a large number of e-mails, which I am very grateful for, and which I will acknowledge just as soon as I can.

News just received is that KMB are to release a 9.7m Metrobus (M80), with a quantity of 5,000. More details will appear here when known.

Corgi - Kowloon Motor Bus - MCW Metrobus M80
Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Also just received are these photographs of two forthcoming C'sM releases, the "Re-unification" Condor and "Milka" Victory.

CM-DGR003 - China Motor Bus - Dennis Condor DA57
Photograph courtesy of Collector's Model

CM-V206B - Kowloon Motor Bus
Leyland Victory Mk 2 G153
Photograph courtesy of Collector's Model

Two of the Collector's Model Members Only models
NOTE:- I am unable to ascertain the ownership of these photos, however, should the owner object, please let me know and
they will be removed immediately

Well, I am still on the New World First Bus mailing list, as they have just sent me details of a 1:10 scale bus stop, but I am afraid that time has run out for this update!!!  

Details will appear over the weekend, along with updates to all the other pages affected by the above news.

22nd June 2001

Thanks to all of you for your comments - at the risk of being removed from the NWFB mailing list , I ask the question How can they continue to justify selling the Centroliner at their Cybershop for 27.37, plus p+p of 14.50, making a total price, to a UK resident, in excess of of 42 ??? 
At 23 here, perhaps I should ship some back !! 

By the way, on the subject of turning this site a commercial venture (I don't think so!), can I interest anyone in one or two (that is hundred) KMB Dragon Boat Olympians at a knockdown price of 20 the lot ?!?!   (I am only joking, in case anyone tries to take me up on my offer)

I am now convinced that Citybus have the right approach, clearly making it known, in advance of the release of a model, and generally through this site, the quantities being made available to both Hong Kong and the UK. 

The co-ordinator of the C'sM Members Club has now responded with his e-mail address, which is posted on the Diecast Buses Club site. Also posted are photos of the Pokemon Dragon, a Dennis Dragon with Nikon livery, another Victory, this time in Kodak all-over livery, SF31 in it's UK guise, and finally the mini CMB MCW Metrobus. I am still awaiting a response to my e-mail.

Wrong!!!   -   just received this reply "You just send me your details. In a few days I will send you some details of prices of models and availability". 

19th June 2001

All EFE subscribers will, by now, have probably received the second mailing of 2001, which includes a special subscriber offer for the New World First Bus Neoplan Centroliner (DW10104). The mailing also states "We will also be making arrangements to offer other Hong Kong models to be available through our Subscriber Service in the future."

Following the recent UK releases of the two Corgi New World First Bus models, namely the "Farewell" Victory, and the "100th New Bus", it would appear that like KMB, it too is releasing surplus models to the UK market. I have to-date purchased every New World First Bus model released, knowing that their policy of not making these models generally available to the UK market prevailed. 

Whilst the general release of any HK model in the UK can only be welcomed by us collectors, it would be nice to know at the time a model is released, whether or not it is planned to offer the model to the UK. In future it will be a case of wait and see before buying! Your thoughts? 

18th June 2001

Released in Hong Kong on Friday (15th) was Collector's Model Dennis Jubilant carrying "Guangxi Rice Wine" livery (V203B) whilst yesterday saw the release of Cars Workshop Dennis Condor in the original CMB air-con livery (38601).

A message just received from the "Diecast Buses "(Yahoo) Club reads:-
"I am the new organiser for the Collector's Model Club. I am trying to recruit new members. There is no charge for new members and you will be able to obtain models not openly available to the public. However priority will be given to existing members as they have paid a joining fee. You will be able to obtain models such as the Dennis Dragon with Pocket Monster livery (if there are any still available), Dennis Dragon in Nikon livery (very limited), Leyland Victory 2(Kodak film), VFS 54V Festival Bus and the Peak Horse Mini-MCW model of the CMB MCW (not normally available in the UK). Just E-mail me for details."

Unfortunately no e-mail address was supplied!  Watch this space

17th June 2001

Firstly, my apologies to all Miriam Yeung fans for spelling her name incorrectly!!

I am grateful to both Peter Denton and Terry Stapley for advising me that the Collector's Model Dragon, with Principal Insurance all-over livery (DA108B), is now, and has been for a while, available in the UK.

Two more forthcoming releases from Collector's Model are V206B - Leyland Victory - Milka Chocolate all over livery and DGR003 - Dennis Condor - CMB Re-Unification livery. Thanks to Keith Wood, a regular supplier of news to the site, and to Adrian Griffiths, for this information.

14th June 2001

Photograph courtesy of Model Bus Evolution

Confirmation has just been received from MBE (Model Bus Evolution) of their next release, which is, as reported on this site back on 24th April, MB-103, a 12-metre Citybus Dennis Dragon, Fleet No.856, with Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa allover advert featuring a portrait of Hong Kong pop star Miss Miriam Yeung.

The model is due for release in July. 

Issued today in Hong Kong is Drumwell's KMB Volvo Super Olympian (DW10301) carrying  a special Roadshow livery.

Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot
8th June 2001

ABC's CMB Metrorider (001201), CM1, is due to be released in Hong Kong tomorrow.

Having today glanced at the latest Diecast Collector (July issue) magazine, the next issue (August) is to include an article on Hong Kong Buses - watch this space for further details!!

6th June 2001


With all the current hype in the UK regarding the general election on Thursday 7th June,  I could not resist entering the arena, and recommending a worthwhile site to visit, as below - link now removed.

Announced today is this diorama set, from ABC Models, containing Leyland Fleetline SF29, and limited to 500 pieces.

Photograph courtesy of World of Diecast
5th June 2001

Following my mention last month of finding Certificate No. 0675 of 0688 with my recent C'sM 1/50 scale Metrobus, I enquired what other high or low numbers you had encountered. 

Digbys advise me that they received Certificate Nos. 0001, 0002 and 0003 of Corgi's Year of the Tiger, whilst Certificate No. 2069 of a limited run of 2,000 BRS Wreckers was also received!!!

A recent purchaser of ABC Metrobus ML2, from the London Transport Museum, discovered he had Certificate No. 0001 of 1,000, this being the second version. 

Please let me know of any other interesting Certificates or high/low numbers.

4th June 2001

Corgi's "Farewell to the Victory" Leyland Victory (44805) is now available in the UK. 

Details of ABC's two new bus stops, due to be released shortly, can be found here.

2nd June 2001
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