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I have just received news of another release from Model Bus Evolution (MBE). This is again based on the 12-metre Dennis Dragon of Citybus, this time representing fleet no. 803, with United Airlines (daily non-stop Delhi) allover advert.

The model will be packed in deluxe "jewel" box and limited to 1,088 pieces. It is expected to be released in early November.

Click on image for larger photograph
 Photographs courtesy of Model Bus Evolution

As mentioned in the Collector's Model Members Club, not only does the C'sM "Marché Restaurant" Fleetline (SF-2012) have an incorrect registration number, but also a mispelt destination of "Gentral"!

31st October 2001

Omitted from the recent news is the EFE "Subscriber Offer" of two of Drumwell's KMB models, namely the "AndyLau.com" Neoplan Centroliner (DW10103) and the "air-con" Dennis Dragon (DW10201). No mention of specific quantities are mentioned in the offer.
  29th October 2001

I am reliably informed that the C'sM "Marché Restaurant" Fleetline (SF-2012) is now available in the UK. Unfortunately, this model also carries an incorrect registration number, CR 2957, which should be CD 2957! 

Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

Pictured above is the second Guy Arab service vehicle from Supreme, this time in the guise of CMB water tanker AC 4723. This model is diecast and resin, and limited to just 300 pieces. 

28th October 2001

Various sources have confirmed that the registration number on the C'sM "Fuji Film" Fleetline (SF-2011) is incorrect. It should read CB 6089.
23rd October 2001

Corgi's long awaited UK version of Citybus's MAN/Volgren (OM45402) in standard livery has now been released.

There appears to be confusion over the registration number of the C'sM CMB "Short" Fleetline SF5 in Fuji Film all-over livery. The model carries the registration CB 6086, but although Mike Davis's "China Motor Bus" and "New World First Bus" books confirm this, various other sources detail the registration as CB 6089. 

Quantities of ABC's CMB liveried Ailsa/Volvo AV8 (000601) have now reached these shores.

21st October 2001

Released in Hong Kong today was ABC Model's CMB liveried Ailsa/Volvo AV8 (000601).
13th October 2001

Two more releases are the Guy Arab UF single deck bus in CMB livery, one on route 2 and the other on route 5. Each version is limited to 1,500. I am advised that these are 1:76 scale diecast models from the Hong Kong Model Co, who have previously released resin models. They are expected during November. Further details will appear shortly. 
Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop
9th October 2001

News of two forthcoming releases dominates todays news. The first is KMB's green Neoplan Centroliner from Drumwell (DW10105), due in November. The second is from ABC, and features a Guy Arab  water tanker of CMB. 
Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Photographs courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

8th October 2001

As mentioned below, the November issue of Diecast Collector is now on sale, and features the third and concluding part of "Large Busfan's" Hong Kong update. This six-page article brings us up-to-date, well almost, with recent releases.

I have just received confirmation from Buses Model Co that the quantity of their "Hotline" Olympian will be 1,500, and not 2,000 as quoted in their advert in Diecast Collector.


Creative Master Northcord have issued a third version of their Mitsubishi Fuso MP Citybus in Club Busrama livery. Model No JB1003 carries Fleet No 76912 and is limited to 4,000 pieces. Further details will be uploaded shortly.

Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot
5th October 2001

Click on image for larger photograph

As is normally the case, as soon as a new model is announced, someone kindly sends me a photo of the actual vehicle!.

4th October 2001

News just received from Model Bus Evolution is the release of a 12-metre Citybus Dennis Dragon (Fleet No. 812) with Japan Home Centre allover advert (MB-105).

This limited edition model will be launched in November 2001, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the advertiser, Japan Home Centre, which is one of the largest Japanese-style chain stores in Hong Kong selling household ware. There are currently more than 100 local and overseas shops. 

Photograph of the actual vehicle
courtesy of MBE

I have also just received an e-mail from a regular contributor to the site, part of which reads:-

"In the November issue of Diecast Collector, Buses Model Co have a 1/2 page advertisement offering a mail order service to trade and collectors with prices strangely listed as, for example UK$35.00. All models have a UK$2.00 postage and packing charge.

They are advertising the next release of, what I think to be, their superb LM class Olympian. This time it is LM7 on route 680 to Central (Macau Ferry), limited to 2,000 1,500. This bus is in the CMB Hotline livery with front half cream and rear half blue. Looks very good. Catalogue number is LO20101-680."

3rd October 2001
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