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Confirmation has been received that the C'sM Fuji SF (SF-2011) has been released in both Hong Kong and the UK. Also, Drumwell's 3,000th Alexander liveried Super Olympian (DW10302) has been released in Hong Kong.
30th September 2001

Well, another quiet week, the only news just received is that the Collector's Model Short Fleetline SF19 (SF-2012), with "Marché Restaurant" all-over adverts is due to be released in Hong Kong on 1st October.                                                      
28th September 2001

Showbus 2001 maintained the customary Showbus tradition  -  it rained!!!  Fortunately only a few showers in the morning were encountered, with the rest of the day remaining dry, but rather cooler and windier than I am used to in sunny Poole!

The only other bad news of the day was that owing to recent minor problems, Dave Rogers' Citybus Olympian fleet number 102 (now actually carrying original fleet number C51) was unable to attend. Whilst the problems had been fixed at the 11th hour, there was insufficient time to prepare for the day. The only consolation was Dave's photo album, showing the vehicle in it's newly repainted "Hong Kong - Shenzhen route 500" livery.

In the EFE tent, as mentioned below, the two Hong Kong special subscriber models were on display. ABC Models were in attendance for the second year running, with a range of models at very competitive prices, such that by mid afternoon, their remaining stock occupied very little table space! Eye catching bargains included the second version of the Long Dragon and newly released Argos liveried Fleetline, each selling for £20. On display was AV8, in CMB blue and cream livery, due for release in a few week's time (see photograph below). Jotus Model Depot were also present again this year, with an excellent range of models at discounted prices - a China Paint ML for £15!  The two recently released Buses Model Olympians, at only £28 each, soon sold out, as did the excellent Corgi KMB Metrobus and Car's Workshop second version AEC Regent. Bus stops were another interesting line which sold well. Allsorts, JB Photocards and Rotherham Model World were all in attendance, with many other stalls having a range of Hong Kong models. Prices varied considerably, with many bargains being in evidence, although some other dealers were asking, in my opinion, totally unrealistic prices. 

Members of the Diecast Buses Group met up, as arranged, (sorry I was late yet again!). 

Finally, a big thank you to Joe and Sindy of Jotus Model Depot for giving me the opportunity to share their stall, which again enabled me to meet those of you visiting - my apologies to those I missed during my walkabouts! 

Thanks also to Kit, Mike and Dot (especially to Dot for the dinner invitation!) 

Why not post your thoughts on Showbus, or in fact any other matter, on the Club message board 


ABC's Ailsa Volvo AV8 - due for release soon
Photograph courtesy of ABC Models
24th September 2001

The EFE Subscriber models announced in the last mailing, were revealed at Showbus today, being two Drumwell models. The first is the KMB Dragon/Metsec in white "air-con" livery (DW10201), whilst the second is "AndyLau" Neoplan Centroliner (DW10103). I am told that the next mailing should be despatched in the next couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, as the journey home took two hours longer than expected, further details of today's event will have to wait until tomorrow!!

23rd September 2001

The Car's Workshop AEC Regent 38102 was released in Hong Kong last week.

I have now received my Collector's Club members only Nikon liveried Dragon (DGR111), however, it carries no front registration number, nor does it come with a limited edition certificate.

I look forward to seeing those of you who will be visiting the Millennium Showbus on Sunday. Please make yourself known to me !

According to the vehicle entrants list, Citybus 102, owned by Dave Rogers, is scheduled to appear again, whilst Allsorts and Jotus will both be present. 

19th September 2001

I have, as a trial, set up a Yahoo Club entitled, yes you've guessed, Oriental Model Buses. (Club no longer exists) It is aimed specifically for those interested in Hong Kong model buses, and is in no way meant to replace either the Diecast Buses Club, the UK Model Bus Forum or the Collector's Model Members Club.

Please let me know your views, comments, or better still, why not post them for all to see!! 

Just uploaded is a photograph of the actual 3000th Alexander bus supplied to KMB, click here to view.

14th September 2001

The events of the last few days have left most of us reeling in complete shock and disbelief, and I would just like to say that my thoughts are with all those affected by these tragic incidents.

On a brighter note, and I am sure that I am not alone, when I wish 

Sindy and Joe of Jotus Model Depot, good luck for Saturday,

when they are to be married, and every happiness in their married life together. Of course, those visiting Showbus will be able to personally congratulate them, as they have again booked a stall for this event.

13th September 2001

Expected to be released in Hong Kong tomorrow are the two non air-conditioned CMB Leyland Olympians (LO10101-601), (LO10101-94X)  followed by Cars Workshop KMB AEC Regent (38102) on Monday 10th.

The latest posting by C'sM on the Collector's Model Members Club e-group explains the "Siemen's saga" and also how a certificate "299 of 288" with a "Transportation" Dragon came about.

My thanks to David Rowe for advising that two further "Matchbox" scale Metrobuses in the Peak Horse range are MMC02, in KMB driver training livery of white and red, and MMC03, which carries KMB red/cream livery and has destination blinds for route 51.

Both use a UK style dual door MkII casting, so are not too accurate.

The "Kits" section of the site is currently being re-vamped, following information and photographs from Peter Owens. If anyone can provide me with any additional information, please e-mail me

 8th September 2001

Those of you who visit, or subscribe to the Collector's Model Members Club e-group, will have seen/received the posting from the Co-ordinator, on 2 September, which starts as follows:

"Regarding the members orders. All I know is that they were sent from Hong Kong on the 23rd of August to someone else within the UK. Maybe someone out there is aware of there whereabouts........."

The postings go on, with one member apparently placing an order today with a dealer for the UK only Siemens "Transportation" model, to be told that the dealer was expecting the said model shortly, together with the "Chinese only" and "Collectors Club only" Siemen's models.

As you would expect, this has caused quite a stir - perhaps the Co-ordinator, or C'sM themselves, could let me know what the policy is regarding "Members only" models and "HK/UK only" releases, in order that I may pass this on to all those collectors who regularly visit this site.

I received my EFE newsletter today, which includes details of Showbus. It also states that the Neoplan Centroliner offer proved very popular, and is now sold out. Mention is also made that the next mailing, due in early October, will include details of two further interesting Subscriber only offers on special Hong Kong bus models. Does anyone out there know what they are ??? - guesses welcome !!

3rd September 2001

To check out the variant of C'sM's Dennis Condor in original "air-con" livery, click here

Thanks to Keith Wood for confirming that the C'sM "Siemens Transportation" Citybus Dragon (CM-DGS-003) is now available in the UK.

2nd September 2001

Released in Hong Kong yesterday were the Collector's Model Citybus Dragon in Siemens Energy decals (CM-DGS-004) and Creative Master Northcord Mitsubishi Fuso MP Citybus (JB1002) low floor bus in Club Busrama livery. New photos have been uploaded to both these pages.

The second version of ABC's MCW Super Metrobus (000821) was released in Hong Kong on Thursday, and new photographs have been added to this page.

Thanks to all of you who contacted me confirming that Corgi's Citybus MAN with "Year of the Snake" decals (OM45403) has in fact been released here in the UK. 

As several e-groups have advised their members that the photo of the A1 Ailsa is available at this specific page, I have again included it.

Photograph courtesy of ABC Models

Whilst not an "oriental" model, I couldn't resist taking the opportunity of being the "first" to publish a picture of ABC Model's Ailsa-Volvo, carrying A1 Service fleetname and livery. This is a specially commissioned model and it is a strictly limited CERTIFICATED edition of only 200 models. It is available from S. Cameron, 8 Allander Drive, TORRANCE, Glasgow, G64 4LG at a price of £37.50,
including P&P.

Do you have a Collector's Model Dennis Condor - DA26 - (DGR002) in the first air-con livery? If the answer is "yes", what version do you have! Tomorrow's "News" will include a photo of a variation.

Just a reminder that the Millennium Showbus will be held at Duxford on Sunday 23rd September. I hope to be able to provide further details of Hong Kong related entrants/stallholders shortly.

1st September 2001
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