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Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Best Choose have announced that they will be releasing a CMB Dennis Condor, DL1, during May. Further photos and details will be uploaded later tonight - click here to see

30th April 2002

Ox Models CMB Guy Arab MkV (X1001).
Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Three and Twelve resin CMB Fuso recovery truck. 
Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

The Ox Models Guy Arab Mk V is due for release in Hong Kong on 6th May ( now unknown ), whilst Three and Twelve's resin Fuso recovery truck is now available. 

 27th April 2002

Drumwell's KMB Super Olympian, in metallic green livery, is due to be released in Hong Kong tomorrow. Please note that this model carries the product code DW10304. I have therefore amended the product codes for the first Citybus "China Paint" Super Olympian, with just the "rear-end" advert, from DW10303 to DW10303A, and for the second "China Paint" Super Olympian, with Herpa Wings panel advert, from DW10304 to DW10303B. Sorry for any confusion!!

Ox Models are to release Guy Arab V  Tow Truck (X1001) which is limited to 1,200 pieces, and is due to be released in mid May.  I hope to be able to provide further news of this new casting shortly.

26th April 2002

My thanks to Tim Moore, Peter Harrison and Peter Finkel for advising me that they have received the Drumwell Citybus Dennis Condor in Driver training livery (EFE - 99503) (Drumwell - DW10204).
24th April 2002

Mark Turner kindly advises that he has received the Drumwell/Car's Workshop CMB Dennis Condor DA2 (38601 ) (DW10203) (99504), which is being offered as a subscriber model by EFE. Transfers enclosed with the model allow it to be DA 1-6 with a selection of route displays.
22nd April 2002

Photograph courtesy of Collector's Model

Just received are the first photographs of Collector's Model Dennis Dragon with Gateway all-over advertising. The model is numbered CM-DA2201 and is limited to 400. It features KMB's AD226 on route number 170 to Wah Fu and is expected to be released shortly.

18th April 2002

Since launching this site back in November 1998, I have been sent some excellent photos of "real-life" Hong Kong Buses. Those relevant to models appear on this site, but there are numerous occasions when I am unable to justify publishing a photo of a vehicle not modelled. I am therefore in the process of building an Oriental Buses website which not only will include photographs of the different types of buses operated by the Hong Kong bus companies, but will also, in time, give detailed information about them. As you will appreciate, construction of such a site will take some considerable time, but I hope that the site in it's early stages will give you a taste of what is to come.
14th April 2002

It is confirmed that KMB's green Volvo Super Olympian will be a Drumwell model, Fleet number 3ASV297 on route 1A (note correction).

It is expected to be released in Hong Kong towards the end of the month.

10th April 2002

I am pleased to report that the major UK Transport Bookshop, Ian Allan Bookshops, has now been added to the Stockists page, which is currently in the process of being expanded.

At the same time they advise that they will shortly be receiving the UK allocation of the Creative Master Northcord Singapore Olympians, the single model in the new SBS Transit livery (CMN-SBS-01), and the set of two, featuring a different SBS Transit liveried Olympian and an Olympian in former Singapore Super Bus livery (CMN-SBS-02). I will provide further details as soon as these models arrive.

7th April 2002

Allsorts of Croxley Green have launched their new website, which can be found at:-

I am currently in the process of updating the Stockists pages of the site, so if you would like your business to me included, now is your chance!

Received from the postman this morning was the 3rd EFE Newsletter of the year, which contains details of their Special Subscriber Offer, being the Drumwell Dennis Condor in Citybus Driver Training livery (DW10204) and the Car's Workshop/Drumwell Dennis Condor in original CMB air-conditioned livery (38601). Each model is being offered for 23.50, which includes postage and packing within the UK. They have been issued EFE product codes of 99503 and 99504 respectively. This means that the latter has a Car's Workshop product code of 38601, a Drumwell product code of DW10203 and and EFE product code of 99504 - confusing!!!

A minor point, but the registration number of the CMB liveried Condor is incorrectly given as EM 8988 on the "flyer". 

4th April 2002

I am reliably informed that KMB are to issue another "Green" bus, similar to the Centroliner, this time featuring Super Olympian 3ASV297. The model is expected to be issued in mid April, however, it is not yet known whether it is a Drumwell or a Creative Master-Northcord casting.

The Supreme Models resin CMB Volvo N10 Heavy Recovery Truck (BR 8072) has been released in Hong Kong. 

The Japan Bus Explorer site update for April features Tokyo Metropolitan (Toei) Buses, and is well worth a visit.

3rd April 2002
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