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The Best Choose Dennis Condor, DL1, (02031) has been released in Hong Kong. Please note the amended product code 
28th May 2002

My thanks to Donald MacRae for sending me the latest "Peanuts" themed buses from Sun Hing Toys. I hope to develop the "Toy" page shortly to accommodate larger, higher resolution photographs.

Ian Allan Bookshops  have now received stocks of Creative Master-Northcord's SBS Transit Volvo Olympians. The single SBS Transit liveried model (CMN-SBS-01 ) and the set featuring a different SBS Transit model and a Singapore Super Bus (CMN-SBS-02) are now available at all their bookshops. 

Photograph of ME11 - courtesy of Dennis Law

It is strongly rumoured that Drumwell will be producing a KMB Mercedes 0305 ME-class, which is scheduled to be released in August. It is not known what livery the model will carry. 

It is also rumoured that Drumwell may produce a KMB 10m Dennis Dragon (ADS class).

If you know more, please e-mail me

25th May 2002

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Cars Workshop will soon be releasing their second Daimler A, fleet no D28, (38202), this time in the later half-and-half livery and featuring a "Manchester" style grille. 

Further to yesterday's news of the planned new releases from C'sM, thanks to Lee Tin Yau, I am able to provide a background to these all over ads:- 

"Promise" is a financial firm in Hong Kong which deal with personal loans for personal use. A photograph of a Trident/Duple-Metsec carrying this livery can be found at the Oriental Buses plus website. Look for ATR 219 on the KMB page!! 
"Pak Fah Yeow" is a medical use oil, very famous in Hong Kong as well as in mainland China. "Double Happiness" is a mainland cigarette brand, whose advert is primarily red.

Those of you who are members of the Oriental Model Buses Yahoo Group (link no longer available) will have seen the recent posting about the possible release of a KMB Mercedes Benz O305 ME class model. It is believed that this will be a Drumwell model, and may be released in August. Watch this space for further news....!! 

23rd May 2002

Received in the post today from Collector's Model was a CD and a copy of the planned releases for 2002. Both include not only 1:76 scale Hong Kong buses, but also Hong Kong trams at the same scale, 1:43 scale Ford Transit police vehicles and 1:50 scale MCW Metrobuses. 

There are three Hong Kong bus releases, all being 11-metre Dennis Dragons/Condors. The first, due this month, is CM-DGR2202, described as "Promise". The remaining two are "second-half" release, which are described as follows - CM-DGR2203 "Pak Fah Yeow" and CM-DGR2204  "Double Happiness".

Details of the UK liveried 1:50 scale Metrobuses can be found at the British Model Buses website.

The CD contains the same information that can be found at here (link no longer available - 3rd January 2006).

22nd May 2002

Photograph courtesy of Dennis Law 

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Bus Fan World, banner advertising has been applied to KMB Leyland Olympian AL1. It is believed that at least two models were produced by Buses Model Co. carrying the same livery  -  perhaps you know more  -  if so, please e-mail me

The new McDonalds bus shelter, with KMB bus stop
from KS Model
Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com
20th May 2002

Ox Models CMB Guy Service Vehicle (X1001) has been released in Hong Kong. 

Photographs of the actual Volvo B7R being modelled by Creative Master Northcord (CNBUS1001) have been uploaded, and can be seen by following the link.

12th May 2002

Announced today is this new casting from Creative Master Northcord (CNBUS1001). It is a Volvo B7R  with bodywork by the Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corporation. Total production volume is 3,000 pcs and the launch date will be 1st June 2002. Those in possession of the Hong Kong Buses Yearbook 2002, a whole chapter is devoted to the real bus. 

10th May 2002

The next Creative Master Northcord release will be New World First Bus Volvo Super Olympian (Fleet No. 5029) carrying a special livery for New Territories Route No.796A. 

8th May 2002

Supreme's resin CMB Guy Arab Mk V "Bank" vehicle 
Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

Due for release at the end of May is this resin model from Supreme, featuring a CMB Guy Arab V "Bank" vehicle, registration no. DD 4016 and limited to 300 pcs. 

C'sM Dennis Dragon - Gateway Computers 
Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

Released in Hong Kong today is the C'sM Gateway liveried Dennis Dragon (CM-DA2201). 

6th May 2002

Now available from independent transport videos is this new video entitled "China Motor Bus - Retrospective". It includes previously unseen footage shot in 1993, shows SF31 operating at the Scottish Bus Museum and follows examples of the ML class in Hong Kong, Australia and London, and the LM class with First Pennine and First Manchester. 

4th May 2002

Photograph courtesy of David J Rowe

Photographs of DL1 (20301) in original (shown above) and standard CMB livery have now been uploaded. My thanks to Dennis Law and David J Rowe for these.

"Neoplan 6008" reports that the Collector's Model Dennis Dragon (DA108B) was presented as a free gift to those who attended a meeting of Principal Insurance on the 26th April.

1st May 2002
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