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I have just been advised of a change in quantities for the Citybus Trident/Alexander. Total production will now be 2,300, with 1,500 for Hong Kong and 800 for the UK.
30th June 2002

Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy of Citybus and Jotus.com

Pictured above is a pre-production sample of the the next Citybus release, being a Dennis Trident Alexander ALX500 in Cityflyer  livery. Quantities are limited to 2,500, with 1,500pcs for Hong Kong and 1,000pcs for the UK. The model is expected to be released towards the end of July.

Photograph of pre-production sample
courtesy of Jotus.com

China Motor Bus service vehicle HK4840 is the next resin model from Supreme.

29th June 2002

Photograph courtesy of Buses Model Co.

The first photos of the Buses Model KMB Leyland Olympian S3BL426 (BLS30101)  have just been received, more will appear later. The model is due for release in Hong Kong today!

28th June 2002

Now available in the UK is the Gateway liveried C'sM Dennis Dragon (DA2201). 

Photograph courtesy of
80M Bus Model Shop

Due to be published in Hong Kong tomorrow is this new book entitled "The Development of West New Territories Routes in 20th Century". Written by Stanley Yung and published by BSI, I hope to be able to provide further details in due course.

I can confirm that UK Diecast wholesaler John Ayrey will be receiving quantities of the Creative Master-Northcord Shanghai Sunwin Volvo B7R (CNBUS1001). These are expected in late July, and the recommend retail price is 24.99.

On the resin front, Supreme will soon be releasing a model featuring CMB's Guy Arab IV service truck, HK4840. The quantity issued wil be 300. A photograph of the actual vehicle, albeit carrying it's new owner's fleetnames, can be viewed at the Oriental Buses plus website, under NWFB/Others.

I have just uploaded a photograph of the Limited Edition certificate relevant to one of the thirty CMB Leyland Olympians offered by Buses Model Co as a prize in their Lucky Draw. This can be viewed here. My thanks again to Neoplan 6008, the proud owner of No 24!! 

27th June 2002

Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com
Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

Released in Hong Kong today were the Creative Master Northcord Hino S'elega (JB2001) in Nara Kotsu livery and the resin Citybus Leyland Victory Mk 2 tow truck from Three and Twelve.

25th June 2002

The Collector's Model "Promise" KMB Dragon (DGR2202) was released in Hong Kong today.
21st June 2002

The next Citybus release, due in late July, will be a Corgi Trident/Alexander ALX500 in Cityflyer livery.

Photograph by kind permission of
Bus Fan World

The above photograph shows one of the two Leyland Olympians presented by Buses Model Co. to Bus Fan World to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Further photographs of the model can be found here.

17th June 2002

A link has now been added to the newly established "8P Rapid" website, which mainly focuses on bus photos as well as pictures of Hong Kong pop stars - Check it out for yourself.
15th June 2002

It is confirmed that KMB will release an 11-metre Leyland Olympian non-air con (S3BL class) model, believed to be on route 81c. It is due around 28th June, and is a Buses Model Co. casting. More details will appear here when known.

UPDATE - It is believed that the model will feature Fleet No. S3BL426 - Reg. No. FT7111 


Photograph courtesy of Collector's Model

Collector's Model will be releasing this KMB Dennis Dragon (DGR2202) with all-over advertising for Promise Technology shortly. The model represents Fleet No AD218 on route 1A.

14th June 2002

Digby's Miniature Automobiles currently have two special promotions for purchasers of oriental buses. For those who spend over 20 on models (excl. p+p), a free Citybus coffee mug is offered, whilst those who spend over 40 on models (excl. p+p), a free Buses Model Guy Arab MkV, in the yellow service vehicle livery of China Motor Bus, is offered. 

12th June 2002

The New World First Bus Volvo Super Olympian from Creative Master Northcord carrying the calf cartoon (20010) is expected to be on general release on 12th June. 

As already mentioned, to celebrate their 10th Anniversary, Bus Fan World placed appropriate advertisements on the real KMB AL1.

It has also been confirmed by Bus Fan World that the two model buses with this advertisment were received from Buses Model Company, as a gift to Bus Fan World.

I am informed by other sources that this model will not be released generally. 

I have been advised by Allsorts that they have just received stock of the Cars Workshop KMB Daimler A (38202), and Best Choose CMB Dennis Condor DL1 (02031). They also hoping to have the single deck Shanghai Volvo B7R (CNBUS1001) next week. They also confirm that they will be receiving a quantity of the CMN Hino featured in yesterdays "News". 

10th June 2002

Released yesterday in Hong Kong was Creative Master Northcord's Volvo B7R/Shanghai Sunwin    (CNBUS1001).


Creative Master Northcord have also unveiled another new casting, again featuring a Japanese prototype. This new casting represents the Hino S'elega R FD, the prototype of which is built to 11m length, 2.49m width and to a height of 3.34m. It is one of the most popular coaches in Japan.

The featured operator is Nara Kotsu – Nara City is close to Kyoto and is famous for its deer park, namely the Nara Deer Park.

The production schedule for this model will see its release at the end of June 2002, with 3,600 pieces
available world-wide. Of these 300 will be available on the Hong Kong local market. The model will carry the product code JB2001

Some features of the model are : 2 TV monitors on board, fully detailed air-con, opening engine cover
and, of course, no interior construction poles!  Further photographs can be viewed at the Oriental Model Buses Yahoo Group. 

Information kindly supplied by CMNL.

The resin Citybus Victory Mk2 Recovery Truck featured in the news item below, is in fact a release from Three and Twelve and not Supreme.......... can anyone confirm whether these are two separate manufacturers or one and the same?  The production models will feature vehicle GU3585 and will also carry Citybus decals. 

9th June 2002

Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

The above photograph shows a pre-production sample of a new resin model from Supreme Models Three & Twelve, being a Citybus Leyland Victory MKII recovery/tow truck. The quality of the sample is believed to be very good indeed. It is planned for release in mid June, with a limited edition of 300. Further photographs will be uploaded tomorrow evening.

 4th June 2002

The Car's Workshop Daimler A with "Manchester" style front grille (38202) was released in Hong Kong on 29th May.

Having just collected my KMB green Volvo Super Olympian (DW10304) from Allsorts,  I found that the Limited Edition certificate reads "No. 2498 of 2500". 

1st June 2002
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