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I am advised that Cars Workshop will issue a 3rd version of their Daimler A model for KMB, serving route 2, with sliding gates fitted and possibly with no front entrance.  It is believed that 3,000 of such models will be issued. Further details will be provided when known.

KMB's short Dennis Trident (ATS class) is expected to be issued towards the end of September. 

28th August 2002

Further to the news on 8th August, I am advised that the Hong Kong Transport Society will NOT be issuing a model of CMB's Leyland Titan using the recent EFE casting, primarily because of the different staircase layout with the Hong Kong version than that of London Transport.

Bus Fan World has just announced, through their members' newsletter, that their AL1 model will become a members only release. 500 models will be available for the club's members to purchase at $270 each. 

I have just received copies of 80M Bus Model Shop's Bus Photo CD 2000 Volume 1 and their 1980's Volume 3 VCD. Reviews of both of these will appear shortly.

If anyone is interested, I have 3 spare Creative Master Northcord Volvo B7R Shanghai Sunwin single-deck buses (CNBUS1001), which I am offering for sale on a first come, first served basis, at the knockdown price of UKŁ22, postage at cost, e-mail me. Please note that this not not the start of shopping on-line, as many people suggested in the recent survey, but merely a one-off!!

Well done to Doug, who was the first to recognise the snippet of the "Connexxion" livery from my purchase, Connexxion being a major bus operator in the Netherlands. Pictured below is the "bendibus" toy/model, with opening doors, side destination blind that rotates (but unfortunately reads the same when rotated!), a driver, pull-back motor, and measures approx 38cm in length.... and all for under 10 euros!!!

22nd August 2002

Further details of the two "qb Bus" caricature models, due for release later this week in Hong Kong can be found by clicking each of the photos featured in yesterdays news, or click here. (This page removed 10th February 2010)

Now available in the UK is the Creative Master Northcord Volvo B7R Shanghai Sunwin Chinese single-decker (CNBUS1001).

19th August 2002

Photographs courtesy of Jotus.com

Due for release in Hong Kong later this week are two new "qb Bus" caricature DMS models, the first carrying the standard Citybus livery, whilst the second carries an experimental livery as applied to L14 and D15. More details and photographs will be uploaded tomorrow. 

 18th August 2002

Well, that week went quick!! 

Below is a snippet of the livery carried on my only model purchase, and it is not an oriental operator, so for those who don't already know where I spent my holiday, have a guess  -  sorry no prizes! 

Released in Hong Kong on Friday 16th August were the following models:- 

DM28 - New World First Bus - Drumwell
Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

AD4563 - CMB Recovery Vehicle
Hong Kong Model Co - Resin Model
Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

AD4563 - CMB Recovery Vehicle
Supreme - Resin Model
Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

I can confirm that I had a message on my answerphone on Friday stating that my Collector's Model "Promise" liveried Dragon (CM-DGR2202) was ready for collection. 

All relevant pages will be updated tomorrow, with of course additional photographs. 

17th August 2002

I am reliably informed that the Hong Kong Transport Society are to issue a new model featuring CMB's one and only Leyland Titan, TC1/CD1213, using EFE's latest casting for LT's Titans.

I am now on my annual holiday, returning to the UK on Saturday 17th August. During this period there will be no updates to the site, but please continue to send me any news, photographs or information you may have in the meantime.

8th August 2002

 I have just received reliable information that KMB will be issuing a new model featuring one of their two "Green" 10.6m ALX bodied Dennis Tridents. A photo showing ATS97 on route no.109 is shown below.
Photograph courtesy of Dennis Law

The NWFB DM28 model (“Bye Bye, My Hot Dog”) will feature Drumwell's casting used for KMB's 11m Dennis Dragons, but with a modified rear layout to cope with the actual design on the non-A/C 11m Condor. It is also reported that 3,000 models will be issued. 

The route for the “Bye Bye, My Hot Dog” Party Tour was announced by NWFB today, together with the names of those lucky enough to be invited on the tour, which will take place on 17th August.

 2nd August 2002

Corgi's Citybus "Cityflyer" liveried Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX500 (OM45801) was released in Hong Kong yesterday as was the Best Choose CMB Guy Arab (02041). New photographs of both these new models have just been uploaded.

For the second consecutive month, a record number of visits were made to the site, the final figure reaching a staggering 12,189!!

I would like to thank all of you who took the time to complete the recent survey - I am now in the process of gathering all the information!!

1st August 2002
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