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Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Two new resin models to be released shortly come from the Hong Kong Model Co. The first features 
China Motor Bus Guy Arab Mk IV, registration AD 4572, converted to tree cutting vehicle, and is limited to 300  pieces.

The second features China Motor Bus AM1, the only Albion Viking EVK55C:L with Duple Dominant bodywork, registration BJ352. This is limited to 200  pieces.

Further details and photographs will appear later.

Again a duplication of models seems to have arisen, the Three and Twelve version of Albion Viking AM1 appearing in the news on 19th September! 

28th September 2002

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Please note correction.

This impressive looking RESIN AND DIECAST model of Citybus No.04, a Volvo FL10 Heavy Recovery Truck, is due to be released in Hong Kong in October, and is an 80M Bus Model Shop product. Further details can be found here

24th September 2002

Well, Showbus is over for another year, and like previous events, the customary showers arrived, but fortunately, despite being rather heavy, were short lived. I trust all those who attended had an enjoyable day and a safe journey home. It was very pleasing to meet so many of you, some of whom I have previously only corresponded with, and some I had met in previous years. I must apologise for "missing" some of you, but I was probably on one of my many walk-abouts!

A special thank you to both Sindy and Joe of Jotus for inviting me along again this year and for giving me the opportunity to meet you. 

The one disappointment of the event was the non-arrival of the Transbus Enviro 500, which had apparently received accident damage a few days previously. This was substituted by an Alexander ALX500 bodied Dennis Trident.

The updated Hong Kong Bus Handbook from British Bus Publishing, published on Friday was available, and further details will appear here shortly. 

Pictured above is the "Double Happiness" liveried Dragon from C'sM (CM-DGR2203). 

Click here to go to the Books Section for more information

As always, Dave Roger's Citybus Olympian, C51, 
looked immaculate .....  not surprising though as he was
on the steps at the rear washing it, despite the recent
 The Transbus Enviro 500? 
No - a Trident with ALX500 bodywork, as apparently
the Enviro 500 received accident damage a few days


The October issue of Bus & Coach Preservation will be of particular interest to those interested in the "real" Hong Kong buses, as it features not only a five-page article entitled "The last Guys on Earth!" but also a two-page spread on four ex-CMB vehicles, namely Fleetline SF8, Condor DL2, Duple-Metsec bodied Victory LV158 and Condor DL1. 

23rd September 2002

The only news of the day is that the 2002 edition of the British Bus Publishing "Hong Kong Bus Handbook" is now available. Those who go to Showbus this weekend will find it on sale there. A very useful reference book for 11.75

No other news today, just a good luck message for all those travelling to Showbus this Sunday. I hope that the weather is kind and you have an enjoyable day.  As mentioned previously,  I shall be assisting on the Jotus stall, so please come along and introduce yourself.  Sharing the Jotus stall is Gareth Jones of British Model Buses fame, so even more reason to come and visit. 

20th September 2002

 The real KMB "short" Trident ATS68
Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

The forthcoming KMB short Dennis Trident with Alexander ALX500 bodywork (38701) will be issued by Cars Workshop and like the photograph of the real vehicle above, is also on Route No 299.

Photograph courtesy of Metro Hobby Shop Hong Kong

Pictured above is the next resin model to be released by Three and Twelve. Further photographs can be found at the Metro Hobby Shop site.

The rest of todays news in brief.......

  • My thanks to John Hallam for providing all the information on the "Double Happiness" Collector's Model Dragon (CM-DGR2203). Thanks also to Allsorts for providing a photo.
  • In my continuing efforts to improve the site, I am currently updating the main "header" photographs for each model, (well certainly for the models in my collection!). Updates so far are random, but please take a look at some of the C'sM Dragon pages. There are lots more spread right across the site.
  • 19th September 2002

    Todays news in brief.......
  • I can confirm that KMB Metrobus M1 will be released, although not in the near future.
  • The forthcoming ATS "short" KMB Trident is NOT a Drumwell casting NOR is it a Corgi casting.
  • Now available in the UK is Collector's Model KMB Dennis Dragon CM-DGR2203 with all-over advertising for Double Happiness.
  • 18th September 2002

    Todays news in brief.......
  • A photograph of the actual AD259 in all-over advertising for White Flower Embrocation (CM-DGR2204).
  • Released in Hong Kong today was the KMB Daimler A from Cars Workshop (38203).
  • A new resin model from Three & Twelve features a China Motor Bus midibus in the shape of a Duple Dominant bodied Albion "Viking" EVK55CL.


    The Jotus stall is expected to be located in front of Hangers 4 and 5, along the main airside strip with the bulk of the other stalls. 

    Looking through the list of vehicle entrants, a new KMB Dennis is listed, along with Dave Roger's Citybus Leyland Olympian C51.

    17th September 2002

    Photograph courtesy of Collector's Model

    The next release from Collector's Model, due later this month, is this 11-metre KMB Dennis Dragon (CM-DGR2204) with Pak Fah Yeow (White Flower Embrocation) all-over advertising, celebrating it's 75th anniversary.

    16th September 2002

    Photograph courtesy of
    80M Bus Model Shop

    As reported last month, Cars Workshop have announced the forthcoming release of a 1950 KMB Daimler A (38203) with gates. The model represents HK 4032, on route No. 2 between Star Ferry and Sham Shui Po. 

     14th September 2002

    The next Club Busrama commissioned Japanese Mitsubishi Fuso MP Citybus model from Creative Master Northcord is this example in the livery of Keihin Kyuko (JB1005).

    It is believed that KMB's first ALX500 bodied 10.6m Trident model will feature ATS68 (KC8120) on route 299. It is confirmed that the model will be a new casting from Drumwell.
    11th September 2002

    Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

    Released in Hong Kong today is this Citybus liveried Dennis Dragon (DW10206A). This model is produced by Drumwell and commissioned by China Paint, and like previous Citybus liveried models commissioned by China Paint, namely the Citybus Volvo Super-Olympians, it is a fictitious model. Citybus do not have such a bus, and the destination is inaccurate. The model carries air-con grilles, but the front upper deck windows are of the non air-con type!! The initial release is of 500 models, however a further 1,500 models are expected to be released at a later date, possibly with the addition of advertising.

    A reminder that this year's Showbus is on Sunday 23nd September. I have again been invited to share a stall with Sindy and Joe of Jotus, and look forward to meeting those of you who are planning to attend. Further details will appear here in due course.

    A new and updated Hong Kong Buses Handbook is expected to be available at Showbus, from British Bus Publishing. Further details will appear here when known

    4th September 2002

    Reviews of the CD "2001 Volume 1 - Bus Photos" and VCD "1980's Volume 3" from 80M Bus Model Shops  have been added to the Videos section. Click on the CD/VCD for a direct link. (Videos section removed February 2008)
    1st September 2002
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