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 Photographs of actual ME vehicles and a summary of the class have now been added to the ME41 page. 

It has now been almost a year since the last Model Bus Evolution release, and my contact e-mail address is no longer functional, so if anyone from the MBE News Centre is reading this, perhaps you could contact me.

31st October 2002

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Further details are now available, including photographs, of Drumwell's KMB Mercedes-Benz 0.305. It features ME41 (DG8380) on route no. 68M to Yuen Long (West) and will be limited to 3,000  pieces. 

Today saw the release in Hong Kong of the Best Choose tree trimmer (02043).

30th October 2002

Released in Hong Kong yesterday was the Best Choose Guy Arab Mk IV short wheelbase single decker in China Motor Bus colours (02011). 

Following on from yesterdays news, above is another photograph of the Best Choose version, and a new page has now been created for this model.

29th October 2002

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

As has happened before, a duplication of models appears on the cards again, with Best Choose also announcing the release of a CMB tree-trimmer (see News for 21st October)

28th October 2002

The first glimpse of KMB's Mercedes-Benz 0305.

24th October 2002

The Ox Model's "tree trimming" Guy Arab Mk V is due to be released in November, and a new page has just been uploaded, which includes photographs of the actual vehicle. 
23rd October 2002

Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

Announced today is this Best Choose Guy Arab Mk IV short wheelbase single decker in China Motor Bus colours (02011). Limited to 988 pieces, it is on route 6A to Repulse Bay, and is expected to be released towards the end of this month.

22nd October 2002


Believed to be the next release from Ox Models is this Guy Arab MkV (possibly S15) tree trimmer in China Motor Bus colours.

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Due for release in Hong Kong tomorrow is the Car's Workshop KMB "short" Trident (38701).

21st October 2002

My son's insistence that completing his A-level coursework on my computer takes preference over news updates for the site has regrettably delayed news of a couple of releases!

Now available generally in the UK is the "Double Happiness" liveried Dennis Dragon from Collector's Model (CM-DGR2203).

Released in Hong Kong in the last few days is the second version of the Hino S'elega coach (JB2002) in Kintetsu Bus livery and the resin Citybus Volvo FL10 Heavy Recovery Truck (88002). New photographs of each have been uploaded. 

18th October 2002

Released in Hong Kong today were the Buses Model Co. Bus Fan World Olympian AL1 (30103) and also the Collector's Model Dennis Dragon with White Flower Embrocation all-over adverts (DGR2204). New photographs of both models have been added.
13th October 2002

Today's news in brief:-
  • The Citybus website has a new look,
  • It is rumoured that Buses Model Co. will issue a standard KMB Olympian, in air-con livery, but without the Bus Fan World ads. A photo of the actual vehicle can be found on the  Oriental Buses plus website, under KMB's AL Class.
  • Two new models have been added to the Resin section. These feature Hong Kong emergency vehicles, and whilst I have not created a detailed page for each, details and a photograph have been included for general information
  • 11th October 2002

    KMB have announced (on their website and in Chinese only) the forthcoming release of a model of their  ME Class (Mercedes-Benz 0305 /Alexander). The model is believed to feature ME41 (DG8380) on route 68M. It is limited to 3,000 pieces.
    7th October 2002

    Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

    News just received is that a further 1,000 pieces of Buses Model AL1 are to issued for general release, (30103) however, this version carries a different route number and destination from the Members only version.

    6th October 2002

     Photograph courtesy of Andy Yung 

    As reported yesterday, members of the Bus Fan World who subscribed to receive model AL1 have started receiving their models, and pictured above is one such model. 

    Further details of this model, a review and new photographs can be found here

    I am very grateful to Dennis Law for his continued provision of news and information. 

    John Ayrey Diecasts have very kindly loaned me a sample model of the recently released Creative Master Northcord Ltd. Mitsubishi Fuso in Keihin Kyuko livery (JB1005). Photographs have been now been taken and uploaded.


    This video, entitled "Sensational Citybus - The Route to Stanley" follows Citybus Route No. 6, which winds round perilous hairpin bends, climbs through the interior of Hong Kong Island, past rocky inlets and spectacular bays to reach the historic market village of Stanley.

    It gives the inside story of the route, where to find the most extraordinary examples of fung shui, how to get your fortunes told, how to see Chinese life as the Chinese know it, the temples, markets, restaurants, night life, culture - in brief the real Hong Kong.

    It appears to be an official Citybus video, dating from 1997 and whilst there is a minimal amount of footage of actual vehicles, the 26-minute video gives an excellent insight into Hong Kong, so much so that even my wife has watched it twice!!

    Further details can be obtained from J B Photocards, Telephone 0208 460 6490. 

    4th October 2002

    I have today received the Press Release from Creative Master Northcord Ltd in respect of their second Hino Selega coach, details of which appeared in yesterdays news. This Press Release can be viewed here, along with new photographs of the model. 

    The Bus Fan World has started distributing the Buses Model Co. KMB Olympian AL1 to the members who have subscribed to it. Further details and a review of the model will appear here shortly.

    3rd October 2002

    Creative Master Northcord Limited have appointed John Ayrey Die-Casts Limited as their UK distributor for their non-British bus models (e.g. Singapore, Japanese and China models).

    Models expected to be available shortly in the UK include the SBS (Singapore) Transit models and Japanese Mitsubishi Fuso models JB1004, in Demonstrator livery, JB1005, the recently released Mitsubishi Fuso in Keihin Kyuko livery, and the second version of the Hino S'elega coach, (JB2002) this being in Kintetsu Bus colours. This model represents an express coach which connects Osaka and Kyoto with Hida Takayama. The model features a toilet, luggage racks and TV.

    Photograph courtesy of Busrama International

    As soon as further information is received, this will of course be published.

    Check the Updates page  -  new photographs added tonight.

    Please note, pages for Resin models now have a light green background as a reminder that these are resin models. The Toy pages now have a light red page background.

    2nd October 2002
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