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Sample model kindly supplied by
Creative Master Northcord Ltd

I have today received a sample of Creative Master Northcord's Mitsubishi FUSO Aerobus Coach  (JB3001), in 1982 Aerobus demonstration colours, and a new page, with photographs has just been uploaded. 

 31st  January 2003

As reported briefly in yesterday's news, I have just received a copy of the Hong Kong Buses Yearbook, pictured above, and I must say that this year's book is even better than previous editions, as not only are there a plethora of excellent colour photographs accompanying the many varying articles, but most of them include a brief summary of the article, in English! Who knows, perhaps next year will see a complete edition in English!! Priced at HK$200, which is the same price as the 1997 Yearbook, it has to be excellent value for money. Further details can be found here.

Whilst on the subject of Hong Kong Yearbooks, I am missing the 1999 edition, and should anyone know where I can find this book, or have one for sale, please  e-mail me.

With the likelihood of this site breaking new records again this month for visitors, I would like to express my sincere thanks to those of you who regularly provide news, photographs and information. I do not propose listing each of you individually, save to say special mention must be made of Dennis Law, Sindy and Joe of Jotus.com, Danny Chan of Creative Master Northcord, Mr Kwok of 80M Bus Model Shop, Winston Lau, Donald MacRae and Harry Cameron. Without your help the site wouldn't be what it is today.

It is a shame that other manufacturers do not follow the lead taken by Creative Master Northcord in providing me with news of forthcoming releases. 

30th January 2003

Photograph courtesy of
Creative Master Northcord Limited

Date: 29 January 2003. For immediate release

JB3001 Mitsubishi FUSO Aerobus

Creative Master Northcord Limited has proudly released its first livery on the replica Mitsubishi FUSO Aerobus Coach model, JB3001, in 1982 Aerobus demonstration colours. 

The Aerobus was introduced in 1982 and has been the most successful deluxe coach in Japan since then. The Aerobus features front independent suspension and created history in the Japanese coach making industry. The bodywork of the Aerobus is designed and assembled by Mitsubishi FUSO and it has a CD of 0.592 which is a result of significant aerodynamic performance.

The replica features excellent detailing, inside and out, including an opening engine door and engine detail. This is a one-piece casting whose clean lines accentuate the windows and livery application on which all logos and lettering are clearly legible. The model has no ugly metal poles to hold it together.

The Mitsubishi FUSO Aerobus coach is the eighth 1/76 scale diecast bus or coach from Creative Master Northcord since 2000, following the Volvo Super Olympian / Alexander ALX500, Mitsubishi FUSO MP non-step bus, Volvo Olympian / Alexander Royale, Dennis Trident / Alexander ALX400, Shanghai Sunwin Volvo B7R, Hino Selega Coach and Dennis Trident / Plaxton President.

The JB3001 model is limited to 500 pieces for the UK and Hong Kong. They will be distributed by John Ayrey Die-Casts Limited (UK) and Concorde Hobby Shop (HK) respectively.

Photograph courtesy of
Creative Master Northcord Limited

Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

Released in Hong Kong yesterday was a 1/76 scale resin Mitsubishi Fuso recovery truck. It comes from Expresso Wings, and is limited to just 100 pieces. A KMB decal sheet is included.

I today received a copy of Hong Kong Buses Yearbook 2003, and details of this excellent publication will appear tomorrow.

29th January 2003

Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

Now available in Hong Kong is the "Joyous Sheep" bus from New World First Bus, featuring Dennis Trident 1109 (20012). Thanks to David Lam and Dennis Law for advising me of it's release.

Photograph courtesy of Shek O

Pictured above is the AsianBus Guy Arab S10 (AS1001B), which so far appears to have only been released in the UK through Allsorts . Additional information and photos have been added to this page, courtesy of Winston Lau and Shek O.

Photograph courtesy of Mr. K.W.Chang

The above photograph shows Citybus Dennis Dragon Fleet No. 815 in that Company's Chinese New Year livery. Special thanks to Dennis Law for forwarding me this photograph.

 26th January 2003

Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

KMB will tomorrow (25/1) release a QB-Type DMS model. It features Fleet No. 2D30, (ex-DMS760) on Route No. 2 to So Uk. The quantity issued is 3,000. 

Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

Released in Hong Kong yesterday was Drumwell's KMB ME3 (DW10402) in original livery, pictured above, and also the Best Choose Leyland Fleetline LF106 (03011).

NWFB's Chinese New Year liveried model will shortly be available for sale at NWFB's Customer Service Centre in Admiralty. The quantity issued is 2,000.

The "real" Citybus "Year of the Goat" livery has appeared on Dennis Dragon No 815. Can we expect a Model Bus Evolution model?

Time, or a lack of it, has prevented me from providing information on the new Hong Kong Buses Yearbook 2003, which is now available. This information should be uploaded over the weekend. Also I have received photographs of the recently withdrawn KMB buses which are due to be preserved. These will also appear shortly.

24th January 2003

The AsianBus Guy Arab V (AS1001B), mentioned in yesterdays news, carries fleet number S10, registration AC4717. 

I am grateful to Bob Bayman for providing information of this model. Can anyone provide a photograph? 

Front cover of the
Hong Kong Buses Yearbook 2003

The Hong Kong Buses Yearbook 2003 from Northcord Transport is now available - further details will follow shortly.

22nd January 2003

Now available in the UK through Allsorts is AsianBus AS1001B - again a Guy Arab V like AS1001A but in a faded and matted version of the blue livery. It is on route 13 to Kotewall Road. I hope to provide further details shortly. 

Further preservation news is that KMB Mercedes ME30 (DG5344) has become a replacement vehicle for ME20 (DF9705) after the Australian owner has noticed a serious damage on ME20's dashboard, which was later classified as "damage beyond repair". 

I am very grateful to Dennis Law for the above information. 

21st January 2003

KMB will soon issue a new model featuring one of their Albion VT23L single deckers. It is not known whether this is diecast or resin, however the RRP is HK$338, and the quantity issued will be 3,000. A photo showing an actual KMB Albion VT23L in service has been published in this month's "KMB Today", and can be seen here. No details have been revealed as to the to the manufacturer of the model.

The Hong Kong Buses Yearbook 2003 should be available for sale from 22nd January. 

It has now been confirmed that an Australian bus enthusiast has bought two ex-KMB buses for private preservation in Sydney, Australia. The two buses are ME20 (DF9705) and BL66 (DE3271).  It is also reported that two other MEs, as well as an unidentified BL, have also been bought by local bus enthusiasts in Hong Kong for private preservation. 

20th January 2003

Photograph courtesy of
"TM-Focus United"

Whilst not model news, I am sure many of you are interested in the "real" Hong Kong bus scene, and therefore I have included the above photograph of a 12-metre Volvo Super Olympian with Wright's Eclipse Gemini bodywork. The February edition of Buses magazine carries a small news article about this vehicle, whilst the centre page "Pictureview" is entitled "Hong Kong by day and night". 

19th January 2003

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

The first photographs of Drumwell's second KMB Mercedes-Benz 0305 (DW10402) have just been received and these can be found by following the link.

 18th January 2003

Following on from yesterday's preservation news, I am reliably informed that an Australian gentleman has bought one of the last two MEs in KMB's revenue service for private preservation in Australia following negotiations with a scrapyard in Kam Tin. 

Evolution of 
Hong Kong Buses
The Development of East
New Territories Routes
in 20th Century

The above two books are due for publication shortly.

The first is entitled "Evolution of Hong Kong Buses" featuring the history and development of buses, and the changes in streets and ferry piers in Hong Kong. The book, with over 100 pictures, helps readers recollect their memories of the "old"  Hong Kong and witness the changes over time. The book is hard back, with 140 pages and it's size is 18.7cm X 26.7cm. It is published by 80M Bus Model Shop and is apparently written in both English and Chinese.

The second book is the third in the Development of Hong Kong Bus Routes series and is entitled "The Development of East New Territories Routes in 20th Century". This is written in Chinese only and is published by BSI.

I hope to provide further details of both books in due course.

Browsing the model and bus magazines in WH Smith today I had a quick look at the February edition of Bus & Coach Preservation to find a new feature entitled "The Model page". This is the first in a new model section aimed at bringing a themed series of features...... and the first takes a look at Hong Kong's Guy Arabs in miniature. Whilst the listing is not comprehensive ( although I do note that there is a NWFB tow-truck after all! ) and no mention is made of any manufacturer, it is a useful article with 8 colour photographs of varying sizes. It is shame they didn't make reference to this site for further details, however, despite this, I will provide the following link. 

14th January 2003

A photograph of KMB's actual "Year of the Goat" Volvo Olympian has now been uploaded (OM43202). 

DM17 left Hong Kong yesterday, aboard the Willhelm Wilhelmsen ship 'Tagus', bound for the UK. A special page has been created giving details of this bus, with it's history and some recent photographs. Further bulletins on the progress of DM17 will be announced in due course.

13th January 2003

Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

Due to be released in Hong Kong on 20th January is this China Motor Bus 33' Leyland Fleetline with Metal Sections bodywork. Featuring LF106 on route no. 102 to Shau Ki Wan, the model is from Best Choose and is limited to 2,000 pieces.

Drumwell's KMB Mercedes-Benz 0305 (DW10402), in original livery, is to due be released in Hong Kong on January 24th. It will feature ME3 on route no. 105 to Lai Chi Kok, and is limited to 3,000 pieces.

As expected, KMB's "Year of the Goat" Olympian (OM43202) was released in Hong Kong yesterday, and further photographs of this model have now been uploaded.

11th January 2003

Front cover of the
Hong Kong Buses Yearbook 2003

The Hong Kong Buses Yearbook 2003 from Northcord Transport is due to be published towards the end of the month. Further details will appear here in due course. 

Photograph courtesy of Dennis Law

As the Chinese New Year approaches, Citybus and NWFB have both revealed their plans for their New Year buses.

Citybus are apparently to use a 12-metre Dennis Dragon. It's not known which vehicle will be used nor whether a model is planned of this bus. 

New World First Bus has this afternoon unveiled their "Joyous Sheep" bus at Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminus. It features Dennis Trident 1109 (HY2877). It is expected that the model will be released at the end of January.

Meanwhile, KMB's 2nd version of ME-class model will feature one of the O305s serving on route 105 in its original livery, as pictured below.  The planned release date has yet to be confirmed.

Photograph courtesy of Dennis Law

9th January 2003

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

As announced in the News item on 4th January, the KMB Year of the Goat livery has again been applied to Corgi's ageing Olympian casting (OM43202) and is due to be released in Hong Kong on Friday.

7th January 2003

Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

Released in Hong Kong today was the Cars Workshop short Dennis Trident (38702), carrying Fleet No, ATS97.

The February edition of Diecast Collector features a two page article entitled "King of buses" in which magazine editor Mike Forbes describes his recent trip on ME20, a Kowloon Motor Bus Mercedes-Benz 0305. This special tour was organised by Bus Fan World to mark the end of their operation of this class.

KMB's "Year of Goat" model is again an 11-metre Volvo Olympian with fleet number AV326 (HL9881). The model is predominantly red, limited to 3,000 pieces and is due for release on 10th January. 

4th January 2003

The full results from the BEST NEW CASTING 2002 and BEST ADVERTISING/PROMOTIONAL LIVERY 2002 votes are now available by following this link.
3rd January 2003


The results of the voting are as follows:-


1st place - Drumwell - Mercedes-Benz 0.305

2nd place - Corgi - MAN/Berkhof

3rd place - Creative Master Northcord - Volvo Olympian


1st place - Euro III buses lead the pace - Volvo Super Olympian

2nd place - Bye bye my Hot Dog - Dennis Condor

3rd place - Festive Bus of Harvest - Dennis Trident

Full details of the poll will be published here shortly. Ten of you matched the result of the "Best New Casting" whilst three matched the "Best Advertising/Promotional Livery". Winners will be notified shortly.

The green KMB short Dennis Trident from Cars Workshop (38702) is due to be released in Hong Kong on Saturday 4th January 2003, whilst their Year of the Goat model is due for release on 10th January.

The Jotus Christmas Sale ends on Friday, so make sure you haven't missed out on any bargains by following the link.

1st January 2003
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