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Following the purchase of a couple of C'sM kits last weekend, I have now added further details of these. Both are Leyland Victory Mk 2s, the first being V004, in KMB Training livery. A photograph of the real bus has also been added. The second, V007UK, is in New World First Bus colours. 

The recently published book, 'Evolution of Hong Kong Buses - Kowloon & New Territories' can be purchased in the UK from British Bus Publishing Ltd and Ian Allan. It is planned to publish the Island Evolution Edition in June of this year. 

23rd  February 2003

A quiet week, with no news to report, which is just as well as I have been suffering from a heavy cold and have not been able to find the energy to sit at this machine for any length of time! 
22nd  February 2003

Maintenance work on the Olympian pages has now been completed, and all these pages should now be available.

Now released in Hong Kong is Creative Master Northcord's Mitsubishi Fuso Aerobus Coach (JB3001).

15th  February 2003

Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

New photographs and information have tonight been uploaded of the resin TCM Hino RX, pictured above.

11th  February 2003

I am reliably informed that Corgi will be releasing the following three KMB models in the UK. 
They are:-
OM44801 - Leyland Victory in final non air-con livery
OM45108 - MCW Metrobus in final non air-con livery
OM45201 - MAN/Berkhof in champagne livery
I assume that KMB are again exercising an option whereby Corgi are bound to buy-back any surplus models KMB find they cannot sell.
10th  February 2003

I understand that the AsianBus Guy Arab, Fleet No. S10 (AS1001B), which so far has only been available in the UK through Allsorts, is to be released in Hong Kong.

The Toys section of the site has been updated to include the 'mini' series of matchbox size toys which include both official and unofficial fleets. 

The Oriental Buses plus website has been updated with some new photos, as detailed on the front page.

 9th  February 2003

TCM Macau have at long last announced the release of their Hino RX4JFKAA/T resin model, which is at a scale of 1:68! News of this model was originally announced on this site on 24th July 2002. See the TCM website at www.tcm.com.mo/

I hope to bring further details and photos of this model shortly. 

6th  February 2003

The new owners of DM17, which is currently on it's way back to the UK for preservation, have launched a new site which provides detailed information about the bus as well as photographs in both New World Fist Bus and China Motor Bus colours. The site can be found at here

The new MBF website is now up and running, and can be accessed at www.model-bus-federation.org.uk

5th  February 2003

I today received a copy of the above book, entitled 'Evolution of Hong Kong Buses - Kowloon & New Territories'. This is an excellent publication, with text in both English and Chinese, and with plenty of photographs. Further details of this book can be found here.

3rd  February 2003


Independent Transport Videos has just released three new videos, which are pictured above. The first, 'Hong Kong Electric' reviews the trams, LRT and introduction of the trolleybus. The second 'Hong Kong Buses Update 2002' provides over two hours of bus action, including KMB's Mercedes-Benz ME class, Volgren bodied MANs, Neoplan Centroliners, to name but a few. Finally, 'Singapore Update 2002' takes a look at the changes since the previous Singapore video, following the introduction of a new livery and name, SBS Transit, in November 2001. 

Last month was indeed a record month for the number of 'hits' received for the site. The 'Home' page received 13,612, whilst the 'News' page received almost 16,000! 

 1st  February 2003
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