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Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

Pictured above is the KMB qb Dennis Trident/Alexander from Jotus.com, stocks of which were delivered to KMB yesterday, and which should be released to the public tomorrow.  This model sells for HKD43.80. 


The above remote controlled Citybus model is due to be released in June. Produced by Tomy, it is based on a single deck Mitsubishi, and is made from plastic. It is QB bus size and is expected to retail for around HK$200

26th May 2003

The  pre-production model for the Cars Workshop short Volvo Super Olympian features Fleet No. ASV11 (Reg. No. JY3693).

Citybus have a couple of new models on the horizon, the first being a plastic 1/76th scale model of a Hino recovery truck, which is based on one bought in 1993. I hope to be able to bring you a photo shortly. 

The second, a resin model, features a fire engine in Citybus livery, resembling their former fire engine bought for maintenance purposes on the trolleybus test track in Wong Chuk Hang. 

KMB have released their Trident Alexander QB bus in champagne livery, and I hope to upload photos of this shortly.

A photograph of one of KMB's new Neoplan Centroliners appears on the Xtra page, together with a photograph of ME20 in it's current state .

 25th May 2003

Photograph courtesy of KMB

The above photograph is taken from the May edition of "KMB Today", and shows the ASV-class 10.6m Volvo Super Olympian with the diorama, as detailed in the News item on 14th May.

Photograph courtesy
of BSI Hobbies

Due for publication shortly is this new book from BSI Hobbies entitled "The Fleet Directory of Hong Kong Buses - Kowloon Motor Bus". 

Further details and photos, for those of you who can read Chinese, can be found at the BSI Hobbies website.

16th May 2003

According to the May 2003 issue of "KMB Today", KMB will issue a new model featuring a ASV-class 10.6m Volvo Super Olympian serving on rt.234X heading towards Bayview Garden. A diorama featuring a section of Park Lane Shopping Centre on Nathan Road will be included in the package.

It is believed that these 3,000 models will be produced by Cars Workshop, using the mould modified from the one previously made for the ATS-class 10.6m Trident model.

My thanks to regular contributor Dennis Law for providing the above information.

Further information on the recently released farebox confirms that it is not mains powered, however there is a light in the head of the box, which is powered by three AA size batteries.

14th May 2003

Photographs courtesy of Metro Hobby

An interesting release in Hong Kong is this scale farebox, made from sheet metal, and measuring  35.5cm (H) x 9cm(W) x 10cm(L). It is limited to 300 pieces, and is selling for HK$398. I'm not too sure what the plug adaptor is for!

10th May 2003

No news to report this week, however, I have carried out a few minor amendments to the site, the most noticeable being the re-arranged row of links at the top and bottom of each page. 
9th May 2003

As reported in the News section in late March, Collector's Model will be releasing a 1/76th scale Dennis Jubilant in Philippines all-over livery (V2003). I can now confirm that in addition, a 1/50th scale Metrobus Mk2 (MCW-73311) is also to be released carrying the same livery. Both are limited to 300 pieces and are expected to be released later this month.

A new Yahoo group, entitled Wrightbus has recently been set up, and this is aimed to provide news and photographs of Wright bodied buses. Why not check it out (link no longer available).

Further details and photos of the three London Transport caricature DMS buses mentioned on 27 April can now be found on Gareth's British Model Buses site. Whilst on the subject of caricature buses, I have just added a page for the second release of the KMB DMS. (This page removed 10th February 2010)

2nd May 2003
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