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Transmac Macau have just announced that 30 models featuring one of their MAN 13.230 single deckers will be produced as souvenirs for the company. One of them will become the first prize for the lucky draw winner of Transmac's latest online-poll. It is expected that these 30 models will NOT be available for general sale.

A photo showing Transmac's M06, one of the 10 MAN 13.230 buses currently being operated by the company, is pictured above.

Photographs have been added to the Xtra pages of the site to mark the end of operation of KMB's Dennis Dragon 12-metre 3N class.

30th June 2003

I spent a very pleasant day today at the North Weald Bus Rally, and during my tour of the stalls I couldn't help but note the condition of this recently released C'sM Dennis Jubilant in all-over Philippines livery! There were another two models on this stall, both in the same condition. This tends to confirm the recent posting on the Oriental Buses Yahoo Group regarding the quality of this model.

Photos taken of some real buses will appear shortly!

29th June 2003

Both the Car's Workshop KMB Daimler 'A' (38204) and the Best Choose CMB Leyland Fleetline (03012) have now been released in Hong Kong.

A photograph of the actual MCW-Scania 'Metropolitan', which is the subject of the forthcoming model from Asianbus, has now been added to the following page (AS1003). 

28th June 2003

The World Health Organisation yesterday (23rd) removed Hong Kong from its list of areas with recent local transmission of SARS. Twenty days, which is twice the maximum incubation period, have passed since the last case was isolated on 2 June.

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Pictured above is the MCW-Scania 'Metropolitan' from Asianbus (AS1003). In the early red and cream livery of China Motor Bus, the model is expected to be released in Hong Kong during July.

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Announced on 13th June, and due for release in Hong Kong on tomorrow, is this KMB Car's Workshop  Daimler 'A' (38204).

24th June 2003

As reported by diecastbusesinteractive, Asianbus have officially announced that their next Metropolitan model bus will be in the red and cream China Motor Bus livery and will be model number AS1003. The bus is fleet number MS2 and is shown working route 102.

Another Asianbus model not previously mentioned is a Guy Arab IV double decker in China Motor Bus  red and cream livery (AS1002). It features Fleet no. MW 8, on route no. 7 to Aberdeen. The model is based on a Park Royal bodied vehicle that was one of seventeen buses purchased second hand from the UK. This model is expected to be released in Hong Kong shortly. 

My thanks to diecastbusesinteractive for the above information. 

22nd June 2003

Due to be released shortly is Best Choose's second release of CMB Leyland Fleetline LF106, this time in the later blue and cream livery (03012).

Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

Released in Hong Kong today is the New World First Bus Dennis Condor DA86 (20013). 

20th June 2003

I have now received further photographs of the Citybus "Cityflyer" qb bus from  Jotus.com and a new page has been added. (This page removed 10th February 2010).
18th June 2003

Photograph of pre-production sample

Pictured above is a pre-production sample of Jotus's new Citybus "Cityflyer" liveried Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX500, which is expected to be released mid July. Quantities will be limited to 3,000, each with a certificate. Further details and photos will appear shortly.


Whilst on the subject of "cute" buses, the Hong Kong Transport Society have announced that they will be issuing three different versions of the China Motor Bus DMS. They are an XF1 in standard livery, FC1 in coach livery and a Driver Training version (T19). Again, further details will appear here shortly.

17th June 2003

 New photographs of some ex-CMB LMs have been added to the Xtra page

Despite trying to obtain further information on the Hong Kong bus models dictionary reported on the 4th June, to-date I have been unsuccessful. If anyone can provide me with any additional information, or photos, these would be most welcome.

16th June 2003

A new model featuring one of KMB's 3BL-class 12m Leyland Olympian is now on display at 80M's Prince Edward store. It is believed that this model is due to be released in July. My special thanks to Dennis Law for this information.
15th June 2003

KMB has announced in their June issue of "KMB Today", that yet another version of Daimler A model, this time in their 1970's "Three-Stripes" livery, is due to be released soon. It is believed that the quantity issued will be 3,000, and the destination will show "Kowloon Tong, 7". I am grateful, as always, to Dennis Law for providing this information.

The C'sM Philippines liveried Jubilant (V2003) is, I am told, currently only available through Allsorts, presumably having been air-freighted to the UK. I am reliably informed by John Ayrey Diecasts that the main batch is still "at sea"!

Whilst on the subject of C'sM models, I have just been sent an interesting photograph of the Siemens "Energy" Dragon (DGS-004), which I have just uploaded, together with an official explanation.

13th June 2003

Stagecoach sells Citybus

Stagecoach has agreed to sell its Hong Kong Citybus operation for 176 million (HK$2,200 million). The rail and bus operator has agreed terms with Delta Pearl for an unconditional sale, expected to be completed later this month. 

The sale comes six weeks after the group warned that the outbreak of Sars in the area was hitting the Hong Kong operation's profits.

Stagecoach said the Hong Kong sale was based on a long-term view rather than the immediate trading conditions and the impact of Sars. It went on to say that a combination of uncertainty over the economic situation in Hong Kong and growing levels of regulation were among the factors behind the decision. Also with limited opportunities to develop its presence elsewhere in the Pacific Rim region, it would have to make "very significant" investment in order to grow profits. 

Delta Pearl is an indirect subsidiary of Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Ltd, the privately owned company of the Cheng Yu Tung family. 

Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Ltd is also a major shareholder in New World Development Company Ltd, which has an interest in New World First Bus Services Ltd, one of Hong Kong's major bus operators. 

Stagecoach said the money raised from selling the west and south central regions of the business would be used to cut its debt. 

The above is extracted from the BBC News website. For the official press release from Stagecoach, click here

9th June 2003

Photograph courtesy of New World Fist Bus

Announced today is the above new model from New World Fist Bus (20013).  It features Dennis Condor DA86 in standard livery, with "www.nwfb.com.hk" banner advertising. 

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Released in Hong Kong today is the 10.6m Cars Workshop KMB Volvo Super Olympian (39001). 

Now available in the UK is the Collector's Model Dennis Jubilant in Philippines all-over advertising (V2003). My thanks to John Hallam for providing this news.

6th June 2003

Photograph courtesy of
Concorde Hobby Shop

The above is a new reference book which records details of 1:76 scale Hong Kong bus models for the period 1994-2002. Edited by Alen So, it includes information such as product code, fleet number, route, destination, producer, etc..  I hope to receive further information on this book shortly.

4th June 2003

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

80M Bus Model Shop are due to release later this month this resin Dennis fire engine, in Citybus colours and limited to 500 pieces.

Photograph courtesy of
80M Bus Model Shop

Also just announced by 80M Bus Model Shop as a future release is this Volvo recovery truck, again in resin. 

Photograph courtesy of David J Rowe

Whilst on the subject of recovery trucks, some of you may have spotted a short lived photograph, posted on my site last week, of a plastic Citybus Hino recovery truck. The photograph of the model was a little bit premature, however, with the kind assistance of David J Rowe, I am able to replace the missing photo with one of the real thing!

Further details and photos of the model will appear shortly.

1st June 2003
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