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Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

This second release of the Cars Workshop KMB Albion Victor (38302) represents the vehicle in later life, with power operated doors replacing the sliding gates. 

30th August 2003

New photographs of the actual NWFB Fifth Anniversary Neoplan, with route number and destination showing that of the model, have been added the model page (20014).

New World First Bus have announced that they are to hold a charity auction from 9.00am on 1st September to 9.00pm on 3rd September for which five “5th Anniversary Special” bus models with lucky certificate numbers and one crystal bus model, exclusive to staff members, will be available for bidding at their “Cyber Shop”. 

The crystal bus model (believed also to be a Neoplan Centroliner) is a limited edition, and has lucky certificate no. 1998 (NWFB Inauguration Year).

The 5th Anniversary diecast models have lucky certificate nos. 388, 555, 1368, 1638 and 1998.

On the subject of crystal, I am reliably informed that several such models are planned, and below is one such example. Now perhaps my wife would consider having these in the display case in the lounge in place of those boring cherished teddies!

As soon as further information is to hand, I will of course keep you informed.

 29th August 2003

As announced on this site last week, the NWFB 5th Anniversary Neoplan (20014) was released in Hong Kong today. New photos of the model have been added. 

Two new photos of ex-CMB/NWFB DMs operating for First Glasgow have been added, and a new page created for ex-CMB/NWFB DL43. See the Xtra section.

28th August 2003

New photographs of actual vehicles have just been uploaded.

The first features KMB Daimler 'E' D418 (AD7324), which has been added to the page for the Cars Workshop model for sister vehicle D427, whilst the second features KMB Metsec Fleetline D1007 (BU3648), sister vehicle to D737, also produced in model form by Cars Workshop.

27th August 2003

The Fifth Anniversary model from New World First Bus (20014) is due to be released in Hong Kong on 28th August. It is limited to 2,888 pieces and is expected to resale for HK$298.
Photograph courtesy of New World First Bus 

I am grateful to New World First Bus for providing this information and photograph.

 22nd August 2003

Pictured above is the new SBS Transit model from Creative Master Northcord.

21st August 2003

I have today received a sample of the recently released SBS Transit Mass Transit train and hope to bring you some photos of this excellent model tomorrow.

A new page has been created for the CMB Driver Training Bus Qb bus, announced below. (This page removed 10th February 2010)

20th August 2003

Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

Guests who attended the Hong Kong Transport Society's recent AGM received a Qb-type model featuring CMB's T19 (CW7787). This model, limited to 1,000 pieces, is now on general release. 

The 'Give Me Five' liveried NWFB Neoplan
Photograph courtesy of My Bus Dream Workshop

To celebrate it's fifth anniversary, New World First Bus have decorated Neoplan Centroliner 6028 in a special all-over livery, entitled 'Give Me Five'. It is believed that this vehicle will be the subject of the next NWFB model. Higher quality photos can be found on the Xtra page.

Citybus has recently released a range of 1/76 (approx.) scale toy models. The double deck model is based on a Trident/ALX500 and features various Citybus liveries, including Cityflyer, 2800's Stagecoach styled livery,  2100's original livery, 521's corporate livery, 2500's original livery, Route E22A's route promotional livery and Capital CTB's livery. There is also a single deck Dart/Pointer in various single deck liveries. 

18th August 2003

DM18 now converted to open top
Photograph courtesy of My Bus Dream Workshop

The Xtra section of the site has been updated to include a new page dedicated to the NWFB 'DM' Class.

Whilst on the subject of DMs, new photographs have been added to the DM17 Website (link now removed).

 16th August 2003

The Duple/Metsec bodied Trident in the latest Citybus colours featured yesterday is in fact one of the many entrants in the 2003 Exhibition on the History of Hong Kong Buses. Photographs of some of the other entrants can be found by following this link.
14th August 2003

A new release?    Find out tomorrow .........

A clue to where I spent my holiday - Any guesses? e-mail me

13th August 2003

A final update before my holiday, which is mainly aimed for those of you who are based in Hong Kong.

Firstly, the 2003 Exhibition on the History of Hong Kong Buses, sponsored by 80M Bus Model Shop, is currently running at the Lobby of Western Market, 323 Des Voeux Road, Central. Opening times are 10:00a.m. to 7:00p.m. It runs until 13th August. Below are a few sample photos! 

Secondly, the Hong Kong Comics Festival 2003 runs from 6th - 10th August at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.  Jotus.com will have a stall in the X-zone (stall no. XE22) on the 6th, 9th and 10th. Why not pop along!

A photo of one of KMB's latest Neoplan Centroliner N4426, taken on 1 Aug 2003
Photograph courtesy of Kei

More photos can be found at the Yahoo Group - Thomas & Friends Bus Photos

I am now off to pack my suitcase!!
.......  the next update will be on Tuesday 12th August

3rd August 2003

Photograph courtesy
of Jotus.com

Now available in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Bus Models Dictionary, which retails for HK$160.

Announced on the EFE Showbus website is news that a KMB Volvo/Wrights Gemini will be attending Showbus 2003, which this year is on Sunday 28th September, again at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire.

I am now starting my annual holiday, returning on Tuesday 12th August, so there will be no updates during this time. Please, however, continue to send any news, photos, etc. to me. 

 2nd August 2003

Due for release in Hong Kong tomorrow (2nd) is the Cars Workshop KMB Daimler E (38401). It features fleet number D427, on route number 3C to TSsz Wan Shan. It is limited to 3,000 pieces.

The Collector's Model Philippines liveried 1/76th scale Dennis Jubilant (V2003) has now been released in Hong Kong.

1st August 2003
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