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Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

Released in Hong Kong today is the second Creative Master Northcord Leyland Olympian coach ( hkbus-2003 ), this example carrying Citybus Cross Border decals. Limited to 1,800 pieces, it is on route no. 88 to Central.

With the increasing popularity of Fotopic sites, I have decided to add a new section to my Links page to include those that have a Hong Kong link. A few are listed to start off with, but if you come across any others, please e-mail me .

29th March 2004

Photograph courtesy of My Bus Dream Workshop

Just received is the above photograph of KMB Duple-Metsec bodied Trident ATR213 in all-over Brother livery.

24th March 2004

Following the announcement and photos below of the Brother liveried Dragon, I am now able to provide some further details, thanks to Brother themselves. 1,000 models were commissioned by Brother to present to it's dealers in Hong Kong and Japan. The model is not being released generally. I am also informed that two actual buses are carrying this livery, and I hope to be able to post a photograph of one of these shortly. 
20th March 2004

Photograph courtesy of Jacky Ho

News of a new Drumwell model for Brother Co. has just been received. This model is to promote their new 'All in One' printer, scanner, copier and fax. It is on Route 112 to North Point, Registration number is BR328, item number NPHK112. This model is not for general release, only for customers and so it is expected to be difficult to find. I am grateful to Jacky Ho for this information and photos. More photos can be found here. If anyone can provide me with any other information on this model, please e-mail me.

A couple of corrections to yesterdays updates:-

The photo of KMB Driver Training 3BL should read 3BL3 and not 3BL2. 

The new page for the Citybus 'Year of The Monkey' model was copied from the NWFB 'Year of the Monkey' model, and some of the details were not amended. This has now been corrected.

18th March 2004

Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

Released in Hong Kong today is Citybus Dennis Trident 2108 carrying 'Year of the Monkey' livery (OM44401), which is limited to 2,000 pieces. 

New photographs of Megabus.com vehicles have been added, thanks to Keith Wood, and these appear on the appropriate page in the Xtra section of the site. A table has also been added to this page which aims to assist conversion between UK and Hong Kong identities. If you can provide any of the missing details, please e-mail me.

Photograph courtesy of Pong

Further to the news below about KMB releasing a second version of the their 3BL, the above photograph shows 3BL3 in Driver Training livery, albeit with a revised front grille, but showing clearly the opening side window arrangement. 

17th March 2004

102 (left) and 105 (right)
Photograph courtesy of Dave Rogers

As reported on this site on 14th November last year, Citybus No.105, a 12-metre Leyland Olympian, has been purchased by a private owner here in the UK. The new owner is Dave Rogers, who already owns Citybus No.102, and both vehicles are pictured above. 105 arrived in the UK last weekend and further details and photos can be found in Dave Rogers website.

Cars Workshop are to release a second version of their KMB 12 metre Leyland Olympian. It is believed this will represent one of the first batch delivered (Fleet Nos. 3BL2-21) which feature a different grille and sidelight/indicator arrangement, and side windows that are not of the full-depth sliding type, thus eliminating the need for internal safety rails.  It is on cross harbour route 111 and quantities are limited to 3,000.

I've also been informed that the second version of Wright bodied AVW model is scheduled to be released in either March or April.

I am advised that the Megabus service between Bournemouth & London is now being operated by a single deck coach, owing to low loadings. Checking today, I can confirm that this was the case, and the vehicle (PSU 788) was carrying full Megabus livery. 

12th March 2004

Best Choose have released the above diorama featuring CMB Guy Arab AC4717 (02045S), converted to a cash vault vehicle. It is limited to just 500 models and the retail price is expected to be HK$268.

11th March 2004

Creative Master Northcord Ltd. yesterday issued a Press Release in respect of two Trident models in the UKBUSxxx series, further details of which can be found at British Model Buses. Included in this release was mention of JB1006, a Mitsubishi Fuso Non-Step Citybus for Sapporo Citybus, which reads:-

"Whilst CMNL had anticipated being able to release some of its JB1006 product onto the open market, the entire production run was purchased by a single agent. Consequently, CMNL deeply regrets that no models of JB1006 will be available for the Hong Kong or UK enthusiast or collector market by open sale."

Further details and photos can be found on the new page for this model.

10th March 2004

A Special 'Thank You'

I would like to personally thank Stuart Dobie, former Marketing Manager of Citybus, who has recently left the Company, following the merging of the management of New World First Bus and Citybus.

Stuart had worked for Citybus for 11 years. When I launched this site back in 1998, Stuart actually contacted me and began providing the information that was second to none - the sort of information that I had attempted to prise out of other operators/manufacturers - such as HK and UK quantities, details and photos of planned models, plus lots more - most without success. He consistently provided this information throughout the 5-year period I have known him.

Not content with this, during both my visits to Hong Kong, he has, in his own time, arranged visits to Citybus Depots.

I am very sorry to see Stuart leave, but wish him every success for the future, and offer him a big THANK YOU on behalf of all the visitors to my site that have benefited from all the information provided by him over the years.

8th March 2004

Further to News item on Monday 1st March regarding the expansion of routes by Megabus.com, I have today managed to catch up with one of the vehicles operating the Bournemouth - London service, and these have been added to new page in the Xtra section of the site. 

Also updated on the Xtra section is further information on the accident involving a KMB Olympian that occurred on Saturday 18th October last year.

4th March 2004

Photograph courtesy of Dennis Law

As reported in yesterdays News, NWS Holdings unveiled its brand new service image during the NWS Holdings Brand Ceremony held today in Golden Bauhinia Square. 

A new page has been added to the Xtra section of the site showing the recently repainted Citybus Trident Fleet No 2700, and new photographs of Citybus 2309 (ex-NWFB 1208)  have also been added.

3rd March 2004

Megabus.com started it's south coast operations yesterday, and ex-Citybus Olympian 174, now Stagecoach 13613 and registered J939 MHC, was operating the twice daily Bournemouth to London service. Other new routes to London include those from Brighton, Portsmouth, Southampton , Plymouth, Bristol and Swansea.

NWS Holdings, of which New World First Bus is a member, has announced they will be holding a 'Brand' ceremony tomorrow (Wednesday 3rd March) at which it will unveil its brand new service image. The ceremony, which takes place at 1115hrs in Golden Bauhinia Square, Wanchai, will involve a Citybus & NWFB that will carry the image on its body. It's also a milestone event after the two bus companies realigned.

2nd March 2004
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