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The final piece of news for this month is that the second KMB Wrightbus from Drumwell (DW10502) goes on sale tomorrow (Saturday 1st May) in Hong Kong.
30th April 2004

The Britbus dual-door CMB Guy Arab (AS1005) is now available in the UK, having picked mine up today. I am pleased to report that this model shows no signs of the gremlins that I experienced with the single-door model (AS1002).

Bus Fan World has recently introduced a new offer for overseas bus enthusiasts who would like to become a member of the club. Anyone residing outside of Hong Kong and who is interested can become an overseas member for HK$250/year. For further details, please visit the 'How To Join Us' section of the site.

The Creative Master Northcord 'Megabus.com' Olympian (hkbus-2002) has a quantity of 2,000.

Whilst collecting the above mentioned Britbus Guy Arab from John Ayrey Diecasts today, they had just received stock of Corgi's Wrights Eclipse Gemini in Demonstrator livery, and I just couldn't resist, so I have added photos of this model to the Xtra section of the site. In addition, I have also uploaded some thumbnail photos taken during a trip to London last week.

I do not normally make appeals on behalf of visitors to the site, or even myself come to that, (with the exception of the Hong Kong Buses Yearbook 1999 - which, by the way I am still looking for! ) however, I have been contacted by someone searching for the resin Dennis Dominator DD1 from 312 . If anyone has a spare one, or knows where one can be bought, please let me know and I shall pass the information on. 

28th April 2004

Photograph courtesy of Jacky Ho

Now released in Hong Kong is the Creative Master Northcord 'Megabus.com' liveried Olympian (hkbus-2002). My thanks to Jacky Ho for providing news of this release, and, of course, the photos, more of which can be found by following the link.

2500 in Stagecoach corporate style livery
Photograph courtesy of Pong

2500 in it's original livery
Photograph courtesy of Hong Kong Buses Yearbook 1998

The Transmac model website lists two new Citybus models. Both represent MAN/Volgren Fleet No. 2500, the first features it in the Stagecoach corporate style livery (OM45404), whilst the second shows it in its original livery (OM45405). 

27th April 2004

The KMB Wrightbus from Drumwell (DW10502) was not released yesterday after all - it is now expected towards the end of next week. 

Just received are these photographs of ex-Argos Dennis Dominator No 83 (FX5737) formerly with Scottish operator Clydeside (the Scottish Bus Group style destination box is still visible) decorated in 'Hong Kong - Live it. Love It!' livery. Any further information about this bus, and the event, would be welcome.

Photographs courtesy of Chan Ming Tak
24th April 2004

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Pictured above is the second version of the KMB Wrightbus from Drumwell (DW10502), which was first announced on this site back on 11th February 2004, although the actual vehicle modelled is now AVW5. The model is due to be released in Hong Kong this Friday (23rd April).

20th April 2004

A new page and photographs have just been uploaded of the latest qb model from Jotus.com, a model of China Motor Bus FC1, a Daimler DMS in coach livery, commissioned by the Hong Kong Transport Society. (This page removed 10th February 2010)
18th April 2004

Photograph courtesy of Jacky Ho

Pictured above is a KMB 70th anniversary model, available to KMB staff only. It cannot be confirmed what the model is made of, although it could possibly be pewter or a similar metal. This model is based on the Cars Workshop Daimler CVG5, with a registration number of HK4032, the  same as the Cars Workshop diecast model, the route number being the KMB logo. The logo on each side is replaced by the 70th Anniversary logo. Further photographs can be found here

As announced previously on this site, a second Volvo Super Olympian 'Wrightbus' is to be issued, the release date now given is 23 April. This model features fleet number AVW6 on route number 2 to Star Ferry and is limited to 3,000 pieces.

Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

Now released in Hong Kong is this qb DMS, China Motor Bus fleet number FC1. This model has been commissioned by the Hong Kong Transport Society. Further details and photos can be found here.

17th April 2004

Preserved ex-Hong Kong buses now in the UK feature in two recently published magazines.

In the May edition of Bus & Coach Preservation, Tim Moore, co-owner of ex-New World First Bus DM17, having put pen to paper, has a letter published in which he confirms that DM17 is the newest preserved double-deck bus in the UK. This follows a question posed in the January edition as to whether an ex-Grey Green Volvo Citybus no 115 was the UK's newest preserved double-deck bus. 

The Global News pages of the May edition of Buses magazine includes a short article and photograph of Dave Rogers ex-Citybus Leyland Olympian No 105 with sister vehicle No 102.  Readers of Buses magazine also have the chance to win five Creative Master Northcord Megabus models

16th April 2004

Pictued above is former China Motor Bus Dennis Condor DL19, now operating for Kinchs of Minety and looking very smart in that Company's livery. Further photos of this vehicle have been added to the Xtra section of the site. 

A new Yahoo group entitled Megabus caters for those interested in this branch of Stagecoach's operation (link no longer available).

12th April 2004

Following my purchase of some models at Cobham last Sunday, I have updated a couple of pages on the site, namely the Collector's Model Leyland Victory Kit-V001 and the ABC Leyland 'Short' Fleetline in coach livery (000502). Two other purchases will feature shortly.
9th April 2004

The Cars Workshop 3-door 12-metre Leyland Olympian (38802) was released in Hong Kong today. Further photographs of this model will be uploaded tomorrow.

I am also advised that the second KMB Wrightbus is due to be issued in May.

7th April 2004

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Pictured above is the second Cars Workshop 3-door 12-metre Leyland Olympian (38802) due for release later this month.


I had a very enjoyable day at Cobham today, the weather being better than forecast, with only one shower during the afternoon, although it was rather windy. Only one Hong Kong vehicle attended, that being Dave Roger's Citybus No. 102, suitably adorned with his website (link now removed) address on the back!

Keith Wood, regular contributor to the site, had one of his (or should I say London General's (or even Go Ahead's maybe!)) training buses in one of their new eye-catching liveries, which is pictured above. 

4th April 2004

For those of you who are planning to visit Cobham tomorrow, just a note to say that my sample of Creative Master Northcord's recent Citybus Leyland Olympian with Cross Border decals (hkbus-2003), which arrived today, will be on display on Julian Bowden's "J.B. Photocards" stall.  New photographs of this superb model will be uploaded later tonight. 
3rd April 2004

Citybus Leyland Olympians Nos 102 and 105
now in preservation in the UK

Dave Roger's, owner of former Citybus Olympians Nos 102 and 105, has just launched a new website dedicated to these two vehicles. It can be found at www.daves-ctb-olympians.co.uk (link now removed) and is well worth a visit. 102 is expected to make the trip to Cobham on Sunday. 

PRESS RELEASE.............Embargo Date : 2nd April 2004.

hkbus 2003 Citybus Cross-Border Coach Tri-axle Leyland Olympian

Creative Master Northcord Limited has just released its first livery on the replica 11-metre, gasket window tri-axle Leyland Olympian / Alexander R-type coach model, hkbus-2003, in Hong Kong Citybus’ 1991 promotional livery for its cross border services.

The hkbus-2003 replica (fleet number 108, EF 2067) has a unique feature of all-round gasket windows. They are the standard windows fitted to the first batch of 11-metre tri-axle Leyland Olympians ordered by Citybus in the early 90s. As on the previous hkbus 2001 produced by CMNL, hkbus-2003 has many innovative designs on the tooling, some of which are seen for the first time on a CMNL double-deck model. The replica features excellent detailing, inside and out, including all handrails on board and detailed,
individual air-vents above the seats. The most remarkable accuracy is seen on the front dome that represents this feature of the Alexander R type bodywork.

Once again, this is a one-piece casting whose clean lines accentuate the windows and livery application on which all Leyland & Alexander logos and lettering are clearly legible. The model has no ugly metal poles to hold it together.

Leyland Olympian coaches have played a significant role in the Citybus fleet. In 1991 Citybus had a new promotional livery for its cross border services which included the slogan “All Cross Border Services Better Than Ever” which reflected the fact that the entire service was now being operated by these new air-conditioned coaches. The #108 replica carries the advert in detail, such as the British and Chinese flags merged together in the style of a paper airplane, symbolizing the smooth, efficient travel by Citybus.

The hkbus-2003 model is limited to 1,800 pieces for the UK and Hong Kong. They will be distributed by John Ayrey Die-Casts Limited (UK), Concorde Hobby Shop (HK) and Porte Publishing Company (Japan).

Creative Master Northcord Limited (CMNL)
------The World’s Miniature Bus Co. ------

The Brother liveried Drumwell
Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

New photographs of the Brother liveried Dennis Dragon (DW10208) have just been received from and these have now been uploaded.  I have also uploaded new photos of the Britbus CMB dual door Guy Arab (AS1005)  and also the Best Choose Guy Arab cash vault bus (02045S).

2nd April 2004
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