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Photographs courtesy and copyright of
Network Shuttle

I have just received news of a new resin model company, Model 1, who plan to release two versions of China Motor Bus 'CX' class  Dennis Dart with Marshall bodywork in 1/76 scale.

The first carries product code CX1 and, not surprisingly, features fleet no. CX1 (GD 4678) on route 260 - Stanley Express. This is limited to 288 pieces. The second (CX8) features fleet no. CX8 (CX 908) on route A20 -Airport. This is limited to 388 pieces

Both versions are expected to be released during August and new pages have now been added.

A message for Simon Ayres - could you please contact me by e-mail - thank you.
30th July 2010

In the midst of all the latest news, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who regularly visit the site and a special 'Thank You' to those who contribute to it. Contributions take various forms, from model bus news to photographs of the latest additions to the the various fleets and from sample models/books to general comments/suggestions about the site. I do not take the site's popularity for granted and am really appreciative of the time and effort people give so generously, which ultimately makes the site what it is today. In my opinion there are still sections of the site that need simplifying or improving, one of which is the Click here to visit the Xtra pages pages and I would therefore welcome any ideas that you may have regarding this or any other aspect of the site. Once again, a big


29th July 2010


The above book entitled 'Evolution of Hong Kong Transport' and published by 80M Bus Model Shop is now available in Hong Kong, retailing at HK$198. A new page will be added shortly and I hope to publish a review in due course.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Slash Chan

LA7, which is one of the last three Leyland Olympian 11-metre air-conditioned bus in the New World First Bus fleet, is set to retire this week, reaching the eighteenth anniversary of its first registration on 30th July.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Samuel's Bus

..... as one bus retires, another enters service, this being the latest Kowloon Motor Bus Wrights bodied Volvo B9TL to be registered (AVBWU11 - PH 5490) . 

I wonder whether the retirement of this bus will feature on this site in 18 years time - who knows!

27th July 2010

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Creative Master Northcord

In a press release issued today, Creative Master Northcord announced the first release of a new casting - a Volvo B7RLE with Sunwin SWB6120V4LE bodywork.

The livery is that of the Ba-Shi Group on which many Expo 2010 decorations have been applied. These include front, side and rear destinations and the mascot for Expo 2010 on nearside and on rear as well as, on the offside, the “Better City – Better Life” slogan that has been at the heart of Shanghai’s redevelopment leading up to May 1st 2010.

cnbus 3001 is limited to 1,200 pieces for worldwide distribution and a new page has just been added.

26th July 2010

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Stephen Mak

My thanks to Stephen Mak for advising me of a previously unrecorded Peak Horse tram. Tram 118 to Kennedy Town is believed to have been issued in 1999. A new page has just been added to the Trams section.

25th July 2010

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
David Lam

The second Citybus Alexander Dennis Enviro400 has now entered service and is pictured above operating on route 117. Further photographs will be added to the Click here to visit the Xtra pages pages of the site shortly - now added (25th July 2010). My thanks to David Lam for providing these. 

24th July 2010

SBS Transit jointly with collaboration partners, have launched two new bus types today.

Sunlong Hybrid Bus

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Edward Yeo

Two Sunlong SLK6121UF14H hybrid buses have the following technical specifications:

- 230 hp Cummins engine with a capacity of 6,700 cc and rated as an Euro V engine
- Eaton Automatic Transmission for gearbox
- Hanover EDS
- Seating layout of H33D with 47 standees and 1 wheelchair bay
They were registered SBS 8000Z and SBS 8001X on 17th July. Both will operate Service 185 which runs between Soon Lee Depot and Buona Vista, passing through Jurong West, Jurong East, Clementi and Dover.

King Long Higer Fuel-Cell Bus

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Edward Yeo

Meanwhile, the King Long Higer fuel-cell bus will operate the internal shuttle in the Youth Olympic Village (YOV) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) during the Youth Olympic Games (YOG), which runs from 14th - 26th August. It is believed that the bus will operate either Service 179 or 199 after the YOG.

All three buses are allocated to Soon Lee Depot and are expected to begin trials next month for the duration of one year.

SBS Transit's official press release can be viewed here (link no longer available). My thanks to both Wei Shen and Edward Yeo for providing this information and photographs. More photographs can be viewed at Edward Yeo's excellent fotopic site.

Rather sadder news to report from Singapore was the accident, on Friday 16th July, which resulted in the fatality of a bus passenger. 

According to reports, an SBS Transit double-decker (confirmed as SBS 9400X) on route 87, heading towards Sengkang, was involved in an accident at Bedok North Road near Chai Chee. The cause of the accident was due to the nearside of the bus having hit the un-retracted boom of a stationary hiab type crane, mounted on a lorry, while the bus was overtaking it. About ten metres of the nearside upper deck windows were smashed along with part of the rear offside window. It resulted in a fatality as well as injuries to eight other passengers.

Apparently this is the third accident involving SBS Transit buses in three days and has brought the total number of SBS Transit and SMRT buses involved in serious accidents and fires this year to 21.

My thanks to Wei Shen for providing the above information.

20th July 2010


Acquired today at a bus rally is this previously unrecorded tram carrying 'Cathay Pacific' advertising. A new page has just been added to the Trams section of the site and more photos will follow shortly.

KMB Mercedes Benz ME16 at Lok Ma Chau
7th November 1998

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Tony Cutler

My other acquisition was a photograph of KMB Mercedes ME16 in 'The Samaritans' livery, which was the subject of a model last year (DW10405). Tony Cutler frequents quite a number of bus rallies around the country and his stall always has a superb selection of Hong Kong bus photos, all at reasonable prices. My thanks to Tony, once again, for allowing me to use his photograph.

The site's 'Home' page is presently undergoing a makeover to freshen-up its appearance.
 18th July 2010

Photograph courtesy and copyright of

Two resin models were released last week. Both were the fourth version of previously released models. B0033D (top) features Kowloon Motor Bus Dennis Dragon 3N191 on route 42 to Cheung Ching and is produced by P & T. The second (CHS1001) features KMB short Dragon ADS23 on route 2 to So Uk. 

The first of an order of 150 Volvo B9TL/Wrights Gemini 2 for SBS Transit is pictured undergoing a tilt-test in the latest edition of RouteOne magazine. This is the only fully-built example of the order, the remainder being shipped as kits for assembly in Singapore. 


I have now received some further details, from the author, on the forthcoming MCW Metrobus book announced earlier this month. It will contain approximately 176 - 180 pages and topics include :-

 History of MCW from 1930's to 1989 (Bus manufacturing department only.)
The Metrobuses in CMB fleet - MC, MB & ML
The Metrobuses in KMB fleet - 3M, M & S3M
The Metrobuses in KCRC fleet - First hand with MK2 bodywork and second hand with MK1 bodywork
The Metrobuses in Citybus
The Metrobuses in Argos
The Metrobuses in Birmingham
The Metrobuses in London
The Metrobuses in Scotland - Strathclyde's Buses and SBG's Metrobuses
The Metrobuses in Ensign & City Sightseeing
The Metrobuses in Australia
The Metrobuses in Worldwide - TWM & First Group's Metrobus for Sri Lanka after tsumani at Dec 2004
Metrobuses advertisement collections
Metrobus brochure collections
Photographs have Chinese/English captions and some have never been published before

I hope to provide a full review in due course.

15th July 2010

Yesterday saw this 'News' page receive a record number of hits - 2113


It is confirmed that Kowloon Motor Bus are to release a second version of the Drumwell air-con Dennis Jubilant, this representing the vehicle in its later life, having had its air-con equipment removed and carrying the standard cream and red livery (DW10905). On route no. 24 to Kai Yip, it will be limited to 1,500 pieces.

My thanks to Neo Cheung and Philip Chan for providing this information.

In a press release issued last week, Creative Master Northcord announced the release of yet another Volvo B7R/Sunwin single-decker in the now familiar white and green livery of Shanghai Ba-Shi (cnbus1018). 

 Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Nathan Jenner

Just added to the Click here to visit the Xtra pages pages of the site are photographs of four KMB Volvo B9TL/Wrights in Southampton.

13th July 2010

A new page has just been added to the Click here to visit the Xtra pages pages of the site for the second Citybus Enviro400. 

New pages have also just been added for the two new trams from 80M Bus Model Shop (TT33601) and (TT3602), which retail for HK$188.

12th July 2010

Photographs courtesy and copyright of
80M Bus Model Shop

July 15th has been confirmed as the release date for the above two Kowloon Motor Bus models from Cars Workshop. Both feature 10.6 metre Scania K230UB/Salvador Caetano fleet no. ASB1 (NT 8619). 

92901 is on route 2C to Tsim Sha Tsui whilst 92902 is on route 2C to Yau Yat Tsuen. Each version is limited to 1,250 pieces and is expected to retail for HK$298. 

Photographs courtesy and copyright of
80M Bus Model Shop

The above 1/76th scale diecast trams were issued last week, the product of 80M Bus Model Shop. Further details will appear shortly.

Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Alistair Liddle

......  and finally, following the sighting of a Citybus two-axle Volvo B9TL with Wrights Eclipse Gemini 2 bodywork several weeks ago, Alistair Liddle has spotted a Kowloon Motor Bus example at Heysham Docks today, along with nine further three-axle examples. 

11th July 2010

Photograph courtesy and copyright of HKBuses.fotopic

Two new Enviro500s for Citybus have been undergoing tests, prior to being registered. Fleet Nos 8153 and 8154 were captured on Wednesday and further photographs have been added the Click here to visit the Xtra pages pages of the site.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Samuel's Bus

Meanwhile, KMB have begun to introduce new members of its AVC class on routes 7M and 14C and photos of these have been added to the Click here to visit the Xtra pages pages of the site.

Whilst preparing this update, I have just received several more photos of new Citybus vehicles on test today in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, as I am away this weekend (I am already running late!) I am unable to upload all of these, along with some other new vehicles until either late Sunday or Monday. I have, however, managed to upload Citybus's second Enviro400, fleet no. 7001, a couple of shots are below. I am still experiencing problems in sending e-mails, so my apologies if you have not yet received any acknowledgement.

Photographs courtesy and copyright of Gary Chow

DTS Publishing has announced, on their website, that they are planning to publish a new book, Hong Kong Buses - Kowloon Motor Bus - PART TWO - from the 1980s to 2010. 
'Following the success of the original 1994 KMB book - and the more recent reprint - we have, following great demand, undertaken to produce a new KMB book to bring this fleet history up to date. Keith Grimes has compiled the mass of information included in this new volume and presents it in the format made familiar by Mike Davis with whom he is collaborating. Although Keith and Mike are the driving forces behind this book, there are many others who have helped fine-tune the details.'  -  Expected: Early 2011
9th July 2010

The web hosting company that hosts this site had problems yesterday and today, which resulted in the site being unavailable for part of the time. I have also been unable to access the site to update it until now (2307hrs). In addition, I am only just receiving e-mails that were sent to me early yesterday. My thanks to all of you who have sent e-mails and photos, which I will respond to and update just as soon as time allows!
8th July 2010

Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy and copyright of Dennis Law

My thanks to Dennis Law for sending me the above photograph of Hongkong Tramways latest tram, No 172, which is currently undergoing trials. The body design is similar to the current trams in the fleet however the interior layout has been modified. Electronic destination equipment has also been fitted as a few feature. At this stage no confirmed date has been revealed for its very first passenger service, although unconfirmed reports have claimed that it should be ready for service later this year. 

 6th July 2010

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Samuel's Bus

In the absence of any model news to report, real buses again feature in todays update. Pictured above are KMB's latest Enviro500s to enter service, ATEU14 on the left and ATEU13 on the right. A new page featuring the ATEU class has just been added to the Click here to visit the Xtra pages pages of the site. 

5th July 2010

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Neo Mak

A further 13 Wrights bodied Volvos arrived in Hong Kong on the Monday night and this shot was taken the following morning, having been collected by Volvo's staff and on its way to the agency's parking lot for final checking and adjustment before handover to KMB. A higher resolution photo of this and another have been added to the Click here to visit the Xtra pages pages. 


Due for publication in mid July is this new book entitled MCW Metrobus, from the same author and publisher as the 'Hong Kong Review 2009

A summary of the book has been kindly provided and reads - "MCW Metrobus was third generation rear-engine bus design in UK. Many bus companies in UK and Hong Kong used Metrobus in 80’s & 90’s. Metrobus has many records in Hong Kong bus history: first double deck coach; First and the highest passenger capacity two-axles bus; First 3-axles bus; First air-conditioned double deck bus and first double deck bus in Tai Mo Shan, the highest mountain in Hong Kong. This book will tell the story of Metrobus in Hong Kong and UK."

Further details will be published, when known, as will the publication date. I also hope to be able to provide a full review in due course.

3rd July 2010
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