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Vincent Chong
Halloween celebrations in Hong Kong - follow this link to see more.....
31st October 2011

Friday 28th October saw Kowloon Motor Bus retire twenty non air-conditioned buses, two of which were the last Leyland Olympians in the fleet (S3BL469/470). Ten S3N class Dennis Dragons were also included along with, surprisingly, eight S3V class Volvo Olympians. The excellent Across website gives full details.
30th October 2011

Photograph courtesy and copyright  of 
80M Bus Model Shop

A new page has just been added for the KMB Volvo Olympian AV1, which is set for release in Hong Kong tomorrow (92211). Produced by Cars Workshop it is limited to 1,200 pieces and comes with alternate destinations and route numbers.
29th October 2011

I have received reliable information that Citybus has not re-liveried an Alexander Dennis Enviro400 into 'Cityflyer' livery.

Set for release on Sunday 30th October is Kowloon Motor Bus Volvo Olympian AV1.
27th October 2011

My thanks to Kelvin Pang for reporting that a Citybus Alexander Dennis Enviro400 was spotted today in 'Cityflyer' livery. It is believed to be fleet no. 7000. Any photographs would be most welcome.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Vincent Chong

Citybus Olympian fleet no. 190 is pictured here on 22nd October at Po Leung Kuk Yu Lee Mo Fan Memorial School in North Point whilst on 'The Arts Bus: The School Tours' Further photographs have been added to the following page of the Click here to visit the Xtra pages section.

Also added to the Click here to visit the Xtra pages section are some further photographs of Citybus Enviro400 in 'The Arts Bus' livery and some showing the different seating layout between the two trial buses and the production buses now entering service.

25th October 2011

It is confirmed that Bus Factory is to produce a new diecast model of a Kowloon Motor Bus 11-metre Dennis Dragon. Fleet no. S3N16 will be on route on 85K to Sha Tin KCRC Station and is expected to be released in time for Christmas. Network Shuttle is the distributor for this model and it is limited to just 388 pieces. The retail price will be HK$380. 
23rd October 2011

Photograph courtesy and copyright  of 312 Model

312/P&T Model have announced the imminent release of two resin Kowloon Motor Bus Dennis Dragons. On the left is fleet no. S3N319 (FY6705) on route 74A to Tai Wo and on the right is fleet no. S3N306 on route 6A to Lai Chi Kok.  Further details will be published when known.

Click on image for larger photograph
Every now and then I publish a photograph which has nothing to do with oriental model buses, and today is one of those!
Photographed today in Weymouth, Dorset is this Optare Versa operating
a Weymouth Park & Ride service for Dorset County Council. Weymouth and Portland will host the sailing events for the 2012 Olympic games.
22nd October 2011

NWS Transport Services Ltd have today launched an iPhone App for its Citybus and New World First Bus services - well worth a look.
21st October 2011

Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy and copyright  of 
Kowloon Motor Bus

Kowloon Motor Bus have announced the release of a further version of Volvo Olympian AV1, again on route 300. The quantity is 1,200 pieces but no release date is currently known.
19th October 2011

A new page has tonight been added to the Click here to visit the Xtra pages section which includes further 'Arts Bus: On the Move!' photographs.

My thanks to Donald MacRae and 'Olympian 13601' for providing photographs of the actual AL136 and AL144, as detailed in yesterday's news. These have now been added to the respective pages.
16th October 2011

Photograph courtesy and copyright  of 
80M Bus Model Shop

Released in Hong Kong today are the two Cars Workshop Kowloon Motor Bus Leyland Olympians, AL136 (92307) and AL144 (92308).

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Kelvin Pang

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Vincent Chong

My thanks to Vincent Chong and Kelvin Pang for sending me photographs and details of the 'Arts Bus: On the Move!'.

"Arts Bus: On the Move!" is a large-scale cultural arts project which is co-organised by The Hong Kong Institute of Education ("HKIEd") - Department of Cultural and Creative Arts, New World First Bus Services Limited ("NWFB") and Citybus Limited ("Citybus"). This is an innovative, energetic and creative community arts project. "Arts Bus: On the Move!" involves 22 buses, of which two of them carry unique themes, one is designed by Mr. Law Ho Kwong, the art director of the project, while the other is designed by a team of 6 HKIEd Visual Arts students. These 2 buses will be hosting various artistic activities and performances for the public to partake. The designs of the remaining 20 buses are recruited by the Arts Bus: On the Move – "Road Safety" Bus Body Design competition, of which all local Primary and Secondary school students were invited to participate. 20 winning artworks were selected amongst over 500 submissions and approximately 50 local primary and secondary schools were involved. These Arts Buses will go on public display in Hong Kong from October 2011 for a period of 6 months, thus giving it enough time reach deeply into the community to promote road and in-bus safety, the arts and HKIEd. It is hoped that the messages of "road safety" and "arts for all" can be successfully communicated to the community through the Arts Buses.
Citybus Enviro 400 fleet no. 7003 and New World First Bus Dragon fleet no. DA96 carry similar liveries whilst Citybus Leyland Olympian open-topper fleet no. 190 has also been decorated. Further photographs will be added to th
e Click here to visit the Xtra pages section shortly.

Photograph courtesy and copyright

SMRT Buses' second batch of Citaros have debuted, with SMB149R being the first in service, continuing from the last of the first batch which ended at SMB148T. The 40 buses will see the last bus registered as SMB188C. Registrations SMB189A onwards are reserved for the 200 MAN A22. My thanks to Mark Chua for providing this news and photograph.
15th October 2011

The two forthcoming Kowloon Motor Bus Leyland Olympians are expected to be released shortly and will feature AL136 (FM4502) on route 40X to Wui Kai Sha Rail Station (92307) and AL144 (FP5789) on route 111 to Central (92308).

Photographs of the actual trams carrying 'Hong Kong Asia's World City' have been added to each of the model tram pages, (TT33662) and (TT33663) .
9th October 2011

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Tramric Product & Design

Tramric Product & Design, in conjunction with Hong Kong Tramways, have just launched a new product - Tram Station Sign Charm. Three stations, namely Causeway Bay Terminus, Arsenal Street & Chun Yeung Street, have so far been launched; the history of each station is printed on the package which explains each station's uniqueness and importance.
7th October 2011

My thanks to Ernest and Dennis Law for advising that Kowloon Motor Bus Dennis Dragon 3AD80 (HN1537) was completely destroyed by fire this morning whilst running on Tuen Mun Highway.

Two Hong Kong news items can be viewed by following the following two links:-
Link 1 (no longer available)
Link 2 (no longer available)
6th October 2011

Photograph courtesy and copyright  of 
80M Bus Model Shop

Following news of the release of the 'Hong Kong Asia's World City' liveried tram (TT33663) it is confirmed there is a second version (TT33662) which carries chinese text and is pictured above.
5th October 2011

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Paddy Cheong

My thanks to Paddy Cheong for providing information and photographs of the latest 1/76th scale tram from 80M Bus Model Shop (TT33663). It is believed only a small number of models were in the first batch to be delivered and more are expected shortly. It carries no limited edition certificate.     

A new page featuring the new SMRT Buses MAN NL323F has tonight been added to the Click here to visit the Xtra pages section of the site.
3rd October 2011

Photograph courtesy and copyright  of 

SMRT has launched their latest bus - the MAN A22 (or MAN NL323F) - this morning (1 Oct) at the Hort Park. This comes after SMRT put on trial a MAN demonstrator unit (SMB 0138Y) in December last year and received positive feedback. Two buses were involved in todays handover, namely SMB189A and SMB191S. Both buses sport a full body advertisment promoting the bus and its features, such as Euro V compliant and sliding plug doors.

The buses will be introduced on Service 963 this month. Service 963 plies between Woodlands and Harbourfront, passing by Bukit Panjang, Hillview, Bukit Batok, Clementi and Telok Blangah.

A new page will be added to the Click here to visit the Xtra pages pages shortly.
1st October 2011
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