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Set for release on 3rd September is this Tiny 1/110 scale KMB three-door Duple Metsec bodied Dennis Dragon featuring 3N152 (DK3482) on route 6C to Mei Foo (Box 35d/KMB2020015).
31st August 2020


A glimpse of the three New World First Bus 'facelift' Enviro400s due from Model 1 soon.


A full set of photographs has been received for the above Toyota Coaster, released back in January 2020 by Model 1, details of which were previously sparse (63819A). These will be added as soon as time allows.

Having acquired a new laptop yesterday, time has been spent transferring essential files and software from old to new, so I am hoping that this brief update works!
30th August 2020

A new release from 80M Bus Model is Hong Kong Tramways tram no. 8 (TT33684), further details of which will be added shortly.

Photograph Network Shuttle

Having a special affection for the Shek O Bus Terminus, I was delighted to see today that Network Shuttle has stock of what appears to be same resin mould as used by Best Choose back in 2005. Further details will be added shortly.

The Tiny page of the site has today been updated to include the latest models and release dates, thanks to regular contributor Steve Walsh.

Surprisingly, according to the Across website, there have been no new bus registrations during August.
27th August 2020

Photograph Shaun Denny
My thanks to Shaun Denny for advising me of several Chinese Flxible CFC6110GD models from 52 Bus Model, one of which he recently acquired (see above).

PLEASE NOTE the following information has been revised since I originally posted it earlier today, thanks to the assistance of Kavan Leung.

Further investigations reveal that there appear to be six (originally I believed five) such releases and, thanks to auction site seller Small Ants Toy and Model 2, I am able to add the following photographs of five of these models. All are, I believe, limited to 500 pieces.
52201 - ???? 52202 - Kwoon Chung Bus Shanghai on route 81
52203 - Kwoon Chung Bus Shanghai on route 82 52204 - Kwoon Chung Bus Shanghai on route 576
52205 - Shanghai Shen Xin Bus Co. on route 825 52206 - Shanghai Shen Xin Bus Co. on route 946

New pages have tonight been added although I have little information on 52201.  
If anyone can provide further details of any of these models, please e-mail me.

Coincidentally, whilst searching out models from my own collection to photograph for nearside and offside profile pictures, I came across this Checkmate Flxible bus in all-over Nikon 55 advertising, which had not previously been recorded on the site (90091
- assumed model number).

26th August 2020

Another Tiny 1/110 scale model to carry Coca Cola advertising has been announced, this time featuring Kowloon Motor Bus Daimler 'A' type D121 (HK4322) on route 14 and with a destination of Jordan Road to Ngau Chi Wan (COKE003).
25th August 2020


Released 20 years ago today was the first casting of the Citybus 10.4 metre Duple metsec bodied Dennis Dragon from Collector's Model (DGS-001).

Photograph Philip Chan

Some further shots of Kowloon Motor Bus 12.8 metre MCV bodied Volvo B8Ls awaiting registration.
23rd August 2020

An international consortium led by Templewater Bravo Holdings has acquired New World First Bus Services and Citybus from NWS Holdings in a HK$3.2 billion deal.

Page 2 Page 3 Page 4

Photograph Bobby Liu

Discovery Bay Transit registered two new Gemilang bodied MAN A95 on 8th July and both were captured today operating route DB03R, which runs between Discovery Bay Plaza Bus Terminus and Sunny Bay Station.
21st August 2020


Photographs of the two New Lantao Bus MAN A95 have now been added to the appropriate pages mentioned in yesterday's update. Quantities for each are confirmed as being 688 pieces
20th August 2020

Released today in Hong Kong are the two Model 1 New Lantao Bus MAN A95, MDR03 (VG3890) on route B2P to Tin Shui Wai (63222) and MDR29 (VR4337) on route B4 to Airport (63223).
19th August 2020

Two more 1/110 scale models have been announced by Tiny, the first being Kowloon Motor Bus 12.8 metre ADL 'facelift' Enviro500 E6X97 (WU4184) with 'Heartbeat of the City' decals on route 39M to Allway Gardens whilst the second features New World First Bus 5217 (UK3851), a 12 metre Wrights Gemini 2 bodied Volvo B9TL, in all-over Coca Cola advertising on route 792M to Sai Kung (COKE020).
18th August 2020

New pages have now been added for the five unlicensed models recently released, namely the two Sun Bus Neoplan Centroliners from NP Model and the three New World First Bus liveried Alexander Dennis lowheight 'facelift' Enviro400s from Tiny.

Photograph Grant Ng Kwok Kuen

A few MCV bodied Volvo B8Ls are currently awaiting first registration by Kowloon Motor Bus.

I am extremely grateful to Grant Ng Kwok Kuen, Bobby Liu, Wilson K P PG and Philip Chan for providing some excellent photographs over the past few days which, owing to continuing problems with the laptop along with a shortage of time, I have been unable to upload.
16th August 2020


Details of the three unlicensed New World First Bus liveried ADL 'lowheight' 'facelift' Enviro400s have now been received, along with images, more of which will be added later today (a shortage of time today has meant these are planned to be added tomorrow) . From top to bottom:-

Fleet no. 3803 (UM7773) on route X15 with a destination of 'Direct to The Peak' (ATC76011)
Fleet no. 3831 (UU6612) on route 63 with a destination of North Point Ferry (ATC76012)
Fleet no. 3804 (UM9245) on route 601 with a destination of Po Tat Estate (ATC76013).
All come in standard Tiny boxes but with no certificate.

Photograph Alexander Lo

Citybus has completed the application of decals to 9102, an 11.3 metre ADL Enviro500 now part of the non-franchised fleet (see News 7th August).

This 1/76th scale Coca Cola all-over liveried tram was issued recently by Tiny. It features tram no. 80 with a destination of Happy Valley (COKE021). A new page has now been added.
15th August 2020

Set for release tomorrow are no less than three 1/76 scale New World First Bus lowheight ADL Enviro400s from Tiny. These are unlicensed products and therefore carry no fleetnames or logos. Further details will follow.
14th August 2020

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Network Shuttle

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Philip Chan

Citybus and New World First Bus have announced the forthcoming release of models of their Wright Gemini 3 bodied Volvo B8Ls. These will be produced by Model 1.

The New World First Bus models will feature fleet no. 5230 (WN2615) on route 8P to Causeway Bay (63621/20093) whilst fleet no. 5232 (WN4282) is on route 682 to Wu Kai Sha (63622/20094). Each is limited to 1,168 pieces.

The Citybus models will feature fleet no. 8800 (WM5832) on route 22 to Kai Tak Cruise Terminal (63623/CM166), as pictured above, whilst fleet no. 8806 (WM5165) is on route X962 to Tuen Mun Pier (63624/CM167). Each is limited to 1,688 pieces.

There is also a selection of 1/120 models announced.


Another Tiny 1/110 scale release currently available to pre-order is this 'Red A' Mercedes-Benz O305, featuring ME5 (DF6548) on route 68X (Box no. 64 /ATC 65039).

Photograph courtesy and copyright of James Dymock

On the subject of the Citybus Volvo B8Ls, my thanks to James Dymock for allowing me to share the above photograph taken at Southampton Docks on 17th August last year...

Photograph courtesy and copyright of James Dymock

and this shot, taken on 3rd May 2019, with 4x KMB B8L and 5x LWB B8L. The two KMB vehicles at the front have been identified as V6B66 is on the left and V6B121 on the right.  I plan to add a few more of these shots to the Xtra section of the site as soon as time allows.
13th August 2020

Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy and copyright of HKTransportNews
Released today, along with the Long Win Bus Enviro500, and officially available tomorrow, is this Tiny 1/110 scale 'Limited Edition' 12-metre Kowloon Motor Bus Duple Metsec bodied Dennis Dragon featuring 3N4 (DA6422) on route 101 to Kwun Tong (KMB2020047).

Click on image for larger photograph
The Long Win Bus Enviro500 referred to above features 801 (MA2723) on route R8 to Disneyland (Box 111/KMB2020050). Both images are 'clickable'.
Photograph courtesy and copyright of 80M Bus Model Shop
Further to the news update of 30th July, I can confirm that the second tiny 1/76 scale Kowloon Motor Bus Hino Recovery Truck has now been released and a new page has just been added (Box 167(b)/KMB2020063)

Photograph courtesy and copyright of HKTransportNews
The 11.3 metre E6Mxx class of Kowloon Motor Bus's 'facelift' Enviro500s continue to be received and the above photographs were taken at Lai Chi Kok Depot earlier today. The latest of the class, E6M71 (WW3308) was registered on 28th July.
12th August 2020

Click on image for larger photograph
More Tiny 1/110 models have been announced, the latest two appearing on the 7-Eleven website!
10th August 2020


A new page has tonight been added to the
 section of the site for the 'retro' liveried 11.3 metre Enviro500s.

Model 1 has just issued the following public statement:-
Model 1 Company Limited ("the company") and Dragon Rainbow Limited ("KMB subsidiary"), a subsidiary of Kowloon Motor Bus (1933) Co., Ltd., have reached an amicable settlement (case number: HCIP 29/2020), the company is now making a public statement to the KMB company and its business partners.

The company introduced a 1:76 bus model based on an active bus in October 2019, and the KMB subsidiary is the registered design owner of the bus and toy models. In April 2020, the KMB subsidiary sued the company for alleged infringement. The company immediately removed related products from the shelves after learning. Afterwards, the two sides negotiated and reached a friendly reconciliation.
Since its establishment in 2010, the company has been working hard to serve a large number of model toy car fans in Hong Kong. With Network Shuttle Diecast Model as a small business, it provides high-quality bus model toys. Over the years, the company has always respected the intellectual property rights of various bus companies.
The company promises that there will be no infringements in the future, and hereby appeals to the industry to self-discipline and strengthen the awareness and respect of intellectual property rights. I hope that the bus model industry can learn from this and make efforts to jointly create a mutually respectful business environment.
Finally, the company takes this opportunity to thank KMB for serving the general public of Hong Kong for more than 80 years, and also express its gratitude to the model bus fans and business partners who have supported the company over the years.
Model 1 Company Limited
August 10, 2020
9th August 2020

Two further Neoplan Centroliners models have been released by NP Models, these representing the two Kowloon Motor Bus examples that passed to Sun Bus. KR6160 (top) has a destination of 'Sun Bus' whilst KR6768 has a destination that reads 'I love Neoplan'. The models come in plain white boxes, have no product codes and do not have limited edition certificates. I am allocating these models the codes NP1014 and NP1015 and new pages and further photographs have now been added.
Photograph courtesy and copyright of Philip Chan

These are the actual buses that passed to Sun Bus, one of which (KR6768) overturned at Lai Chi Kok Depot in December last year.

Further photographs of the retro liveried Citybus vehicles have been received, and a lack of time today has prevented me from adding these, however, I propose creating a new page in the Xtra section of the site shortly.

Computer problems have resulted in this update being uploaded later than anticipated
Thank goodness for laptop no. 2, which will become laptop no. 3 soon!!
8th August 2020

Today's news focuses on a few 'real' buses of Citybus!

Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy and copyright of Wilson K P PG
Citybus has repainted at least one of it's 11.3 metre ADL Enviro500s into this livery. 9102 (SA7428) was noted operating non-franchised route 88R earlier today. My thanks to Wilson K P PG for allowing me to share his photograph. I believe at least seven of this batch (9100-9107) have been transferred to the non-franchised fleet (see below for more details on the buses they are replacing).
Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy and copyright of KH Chan

A line-up of 'retro' liveried Enviro500s, taken at an event organised by AutoMobile Magazine Hong Kong. Left to right:- 11.3 metre 'facelift' Enviro500s nos. 9149, in early Citybus livery, and 9150 in 'Big C' livery along with 6427, a 12.8 metre 'facelift' Enviro500 carrying the unique striped livery and carrying Auto Mobile Hong Kong advertising. My thanks to KH Chan for allowing me to share this photograph and the one below, which I couldn't resist!  All the images are 'clickable'.
Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy and copyright of KH Chan
With the new additions to the non-franchised fleet, the company has started to retire the fourteen ex-New World First Bus short Duple Metsec bodied Dennis Tridents, transferred to the Citybus fleet in September/October 2018. Pictured today is fleet no. 886, which retired on 22nd July below which is a shot taken on 9th September 2018.
Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy and copyright of Wilson K P PG

Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy and copyright of Philip Chan

7th August 2020


As mentioned at the end of last month, Tiny, through the Eslite Bookstore, has today released this Tiny 1/110 scale Kowloon Motor Bus Duple Metsec bodied Dennis Dragon with Captain KMB decals - it features 3N8 (DA7746) on route 9 to Star Ferry (KMB2020066).

Also set for release shortly is this 'Red A' liveried Mercedes-Benz O305 featuring ME5 (DF6548) on route 68X to Un Long.
6th August 2020

Photographs courtesy and copyright of Citybus

Following the unveiling of the first of it's 11.3 metre 'facelift' Enviro500s in a retro livery last month, the second of the batch, fleet no. 9150, has today appeared in this 'Big C' livery.  Plenty of scope for some new models if this policy continues for all ten buses!!!

Photograph courtesy and copyright of BusLanes / Wonders Production Hong Kong

Former SBS Transit Volgren bodied Volvo B10TL SBS9844Z has arrived in Hong Kong for preservation.
4th August 2020

Just over a month ago, I posted a couple of example tables indicating possible ways of identifying models that are unlicensed by the bus operators. One included the use of coloured text. Following this posting, I received several constructive comments on the subject of ways to highlight these models, including a detailed response from Ray Ng, for which I am very grateful.
Highlighted in Ray's comments was the problem faced by those who suffer from colour vision deficiency (CVD). Clearly the use of coloured text to highlight differences in models is not ideal for any visitor to the site who suffers from CVD. This prompted me to review the existing use of coloured text on the site, the most common being the use of coloured asterisks along with blue text to denote UK releases and quantities.
As a result, I am now in the process of updating the various tables within the site, which will remove all coloured text and asterisks, with the exception of an asterisk being used solely to denote an unlicensed model. Footnotes, where necessary, will be added to provide explanations.  
Whilst carrying out this work, I have decided to slightly revise the headings for each bus type by simply adding a nearside and offside profile picture of the vehicle type in question.
Below are some screenshots of a few pages showing the revised layout. 
these show typical 'bus type' pages, with the addition of nearside and offside
vehicle profiles - that on the left also indicates the only use of an asterisk to
denote unlicensed releases.

these show a 'model manufacturer' page on the left, with UK quantities
and release dates now being shown in brackets, with a footnote out of shot -
on the right is a 'bus operator' page, in this case KMB and showing the footnote.
Both the above images are 'clickable'.
Should you have any comments, good or bad, regarding these proposed changes, do please either e-mail me or send a message via the site's Facebook page.
3rd August 2020

Click on image for larger photograph
Click on image for larger photograph
Photographs courtesy and copyright of Bobby Liu
Kowloon Motor Bus route 64K operates between Yuen Long West and Tai Po Market Station and it has recently seen the introduction of new 11.3 metre ADL 'facelift' Enviro500s, with E6M65 (WV8785) noted in service today. These buses are replacing the last of the ATS class 10.6 metre Alexander ALX500 bodied Dennis Tridents, a class which originally totalled 150 such buses, but as of today, only 15 remain in service. Both the images are 'clickable'.

Click on image for larger photograph
Click on image for larger photograph
Photographs courtesy and copyright of Bobby Liu

ATS148 (KU5548) and ATS112 (KL6369) were noted in service earlier today - both images are 'clickable'.

Click on image for larger photograph
Photographs courtesy and copyright of Bobby Liu

Interestingly two members of the E6M class feature identical numerals - E6M47 (pictured above) is registered WU9717 whilst E6M68 is registered WV9717.  
2nd August 2020

Photographs courtesy and copyright of 80M Bus Model Shop
The above for models are now on general release and full sets of photographs for each have now been received and these have now been added. In the meantime, a reminder of their details:-

The two Long Win Dennis Tridents are :- fleet no. 501 (HT4665) is in standard Airbus livery and is on route A31 with a destination of Ground Transportation Centre (KMB2018015) whilst fleet no. 523 (HU2132) carries the eye catching KMB airport route advertising and is on route A41P to Ma On Shan (KMB2018016).

The two Kowloon Motor Bus 12.8 metre ADL 'facelift' Enviro500s are :- fleet no. E6X21 (WH7100) is on route 89D and has a white destination of Wu Kai Sha Station (KMB2020019) whilst E6X1 (WH451) is on route 278X with an orange destination of Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower) (KMB2020021).

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Philip Chan
Former China Motor Bus Daimler Fleetline SF3 was noted being towed to NWFB Depot at Chai Wan today, to be restored by the company along with Dennis Jubilant DS1.


Released today is this Tiny 1/110 scale New World First Bus liveried Alexander Dennis Enviro500. It features 5572 (RZ3683) on route 116 with a destination of vis Kowloon City (Box L18/ATC64993). Being an unlicensed product it carries no fleetnames or logos.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of China Motor Bus Memorial Page

Following the recent release of the two Stagecoach liveried Olympians, my thanks to Peter Lau for pointing me in the direction of the above photograph of Citybus no. 508 soon after it's acquisition by Citybus from Stagecoach. It confirms that no Citybus fleetnames or logos had been applied at the time. My special thanks also to China Motor Bus Memorial Page for allowing me to use the photograph.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Philip Chan

Citybus 8223 (RL6869) is now part of the company's non-franchised fleet and operated it's first service today, the 88R between Central and City One Shatin. My thanks again to regular contributor Philip Chan.
1st August 2020
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