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Oriental Buses in the UK ...
This page details the various sub-pages of former Hong Kong buses now operating in the UK. 
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Former China Motor Bus Leyland Victory Mk2 LV36 Ex-Citybus Leyland Victory Mk 2 tow truck Former New World First Bus Dennis Dart 2066 Former China Motor Bus Leyland Olympian LM10
Ex Citybus Dennis Dart/Plaxton Pointer 1434 A page featuring former China Light & Power Co. Ltd buses Healthy Heart Bus Stagecoach Western Leyland Olympian 13644 operating in Ayr, Scotland
Ex KMB AEC Regent A165 fully restored and in preservation in the UK - Last updated 8th July 2008 Ex KMB Metrobus being used as a hospitality bus Showbus 2007 Former Citybus Olympian No.345 now with Roadliner, Poole
Stagecoach in Devon - August 2007 Ex-Hong Kong Olympians/Dragons now operating for Brightbus - Last updated 21st April 2009 Ex-Hong Kong Olympians now with Stagecoach in the north of Scotland - Courtesy of Donald MacRae - May & June 2007 Showbus 2006
A page featuring two ex China Light & Power Olympians now operating for Talisman Coaches in the UK Showbus 2005 The Big Bus Company The former CMB 'LM' class Olympians move from First Glasgow to First Eastern Counties
Wardle Travel Manchester Magic A new page featuring ex-CMB Dennis Condor DL19 now operating for Kinchs of Minety. A page featuring Megabus.com vehicles
Ex-CMB/NWFB Dennis Condor DL43 operating for Northern Blue.the Green BusPatron Travel NottinghamDennis Trident Prototype
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Oriental Model Buses