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March 2000 - News
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News of TWO imminent KMB releases has just arrived. The first release, expected during April, is the second release of their Neoplan Centroliner (DW10102). A photograph of the preproduction model is shown below.
Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

The next release will be a Leyland Victory Mk2, possibly Fleet No G7, in its original livery, as shown in the photograph below.

Photograph courtesy of
80M Bus Model Shop

Citybus Trident in Year of the Dragon livery (44510) is due to be released, in Hong Kong, on 6th April. Interestingly, whilst the actual vehicle carrying this livery is No 2282, the preproduction model is of No 2278!

 31st March 2000

Released in Hong Kong today is Citybus EFE DMS (25709).

The following Collector's Model releases are now available in the UK:-
       DA114A  - Dennis Condor in CMB air-con livery
       V104A   -  Leyland Victory, CMB, carrying "Take the lead to keep Hong Kong clean" decals
       V114C    -  Leyland Victory, New Lantao Bus, with "White Flower Embrocation" adverts

I understand that limited quantities of Citybus Trident (44510) in Year of the Dragon livery will be available in the UK, along with Hong Kong Transport Society's Trident (44509). Further details will follow shortly.

News is also expected shortly on Corgi's long awaited Victory Mk2, Model No 44802, in the livery of KMB.   Watch this space!!!

 27th March 2000

Collector's Model "Canon" all-over advertising Dragon (DA101B) was released in Hong Kong today.

The photo-gallery page of the site is to be removed, and the photographs of prototype vehicles that have been modelled will be added to the appropriate models' page.

23rd March 2000

Collector's Model members only models
Photographs courtesy of Stu Hogben
 Further photographs will appear very shortly!!!

The April-May edition of the Model Buses magazine has been published, and includes:-

a review of the New World First Bus Millennium Trident
a review, by Simon Ayres, of ABC Models' Tillings Stevens 
details of some of the Hong Kong releases, just prior to the Chinese New Year
The magazine is well worth the cover price of 2.75. If you have difficulty in obtaining your copy, visit the Model Buses website for further details.
14th March 2000

Photograph of a pre-production model
courtesy of World of Diecast

ABC Models will be releasing 4 versions of their new Daimler Fleetline SF casting. SF2 (000512) and SF3 (000502) will carry standard CMB livery (see details below) and will be limited to 1,000 and 2,000 pieces respectively. SF15 (000511) and SF29 (000501) will carry CMB's coach livery, and will again be limited to 1,000 and 2,000 pieces respectively.

Citybus's Year of the Dragon Duple Metsec Trident (44509), pictured above, is due to be released in Hong Kong at the end of March. Quantities of this model are not yet known, nor is the general availability. The photograph is of a pre-production model, and the actual model will have red seating.

Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

I have just received details of bus stops and shelters, however, owing to the large amount of content in this update, time has not permitted me to include details, other than the above photograph. Further details will appear on the Accessories page shortly.

 14th March 2000

The Collector's Model Catalogue for January - June 2000 has just arrived, courtesy of Harold Cameron of Glasgow, and planned releases are as follows:-

        Dennis Dragon - DA101B  - Canon Smart Cam
        Dennis Dragon - DA103B  - Bosch
        Dennis Dragon - DA104B  - Bridgestone
        Dennis Dragon - DA105A  - Canon Ixus 

        Daimler Fleetline SF - CMB No. SF30 - standard livery
        Daimler Fleetline SF - CMB No. SF10 - Fortune Realty
        Daimler Fleetline SF - CMB No. SF19 - Marche Restaurant

       Dennis Jubilant - V109B - KMB No. N197 - Plaza Hollywood
       Leyland Victory MkII - V111B - KMB No. G263 - Caltex

The new "Forthcoming Releases" page gives further details of the above models.

 10th March 2000
Collector's Model are to release a gold-plated and a silver-plated Dennis Dragon, each limited to only 500 pieces, and only available to members of the Collector's Model Fan Club.

EFE have confirmed that the CMB DMS Training Bus is to be offered to EFE subscribers.

The Hong Kong Transport Society commissioned Trident/Duple Metsec, Fleet No. 2265, is to be 44509, with quantity of 5,000 pieces, of which 1,300 are expected to be available in the UK.

There are still no official release dates for Corgi's Victory 2

7th March 2000

Citybus DMS No D20 (25709)  due for release in Hong Kong later this month, is to be offered to subscribers to EFE. 
4th March 2000

ABC Models have announced another new casting, this being a Daimler Fleetline SF, the first release being in the guise of CMB's SF3.
Photographs courtesy of World of Diecast

This announcement means that both Collector's Model and ABC Models will be producing the "SF" class of CMB. 

2nd March 2000
March 2000 - News
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