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February 2000 - News
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Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

The New World First Bus "Dragon Bus of Prosperity", pictured above, was released in Hong Kong today.

29th February 2000

Two forthcoming releases from Collector's Model
Photographs courtesy of Stu Hogben

The Dennis Dragon (left) carries Canon all-over advertising, and is KMB No. AD203, on route 6A to Star Ferry, whilst the new casting (on the right) is CMB Leyland Fleetline No. SF30, on route 15 to Central. Further photos will appear shortly.

I am grateful to Stu Hogben for this information

The New World First Bus "Dragon Bus of Prosperity" is due to be released in Hong Kong on Monday 28th February, and is limited to 3,888 models.

25th February 2000

Please note the corrected Model numbers for the two plated ABC Metrobuses.

The New World First Bus "Dragon Bus of Prosperity" is due to be released in Hong Kong at the end of February.

Also due for release shortly is a KMB Victory Mk2 - but I am unable to confirm the make!

22nd February 2000

Further news is that ABC Models three-axle Metrobus will be issued in a gold plated version (LE0103A) and also a chrome plated version (LE0103B). Each issue will be limited to 1,008 models only.

What is unusual is that both will have the Year of the Dragon crest engraved on the roof of the bus, as shown below.

Photograph courtesy of World of Diecast

The Collector's Model "Pokemon" liveried Dennis Dragon (DA102B) was released in Hong Kong on 18th February. It is anticipated that this model will be available in the UK.

20th February 2000

Photograph courtesy of World of Diecast

ABC Model's forthcoming ML class Metrobus will be gold/silver plated, and limited to 1008 models. Release is due towards the end of March.

15th February 2000

The Corgi "Network 26" set (45006a & 45006b) has been released in the UK, and it would appear that the vehicles in this set are the same as those in the Hong Kong set, namely Leyland Atlantean 602 and Leyland Olympian 352.  I, like many others, ordered a Hong Kong set!!

Also released are the Stagecoach set and the CMB Queen Mary

ABC Models have unveiled details of their next release, a 12 metre three-axle MCW Metrobus - further details to follow shortly.

13th February 2000 

Please note our new domain name
however, our previous domain name is still valid.

ABC Models have produced a range of 1/76th scale street furniture for the model bus enthusiast. These include telephone booths, Watchman's huts, street lamps and bus shelters.  Further details can be found by clicking here

New street furniture from ABC Models

CMB No T19, a DMS Training Vehicle
Photograph supplied from Dennis Law's collection

The first "Model Review" appears for the New World First Bus Millennium Trident, kindly written by Tim Moore. From other comments I have received about this model, I believe most people would agree with everything Tim has said!

Please let me have your thoughts on whether the "Model Review" idea is worth pursuing, or whether "snippets" of various peoples comments is a better idea - please let me know by e-mail.

You may have other ideas on what you would like to see included in the site, so please let me have your suggestions 
Thank you in anticipation

12th February 2000

Bachmann, a name associated with model railway products, has unveiled a new casting, that of a CMB SF class Fleetline. 

It is confirmed that Collectors Model will be releasing the "Pokemon" Dragon during February.

Further unconfirmed reports of new releases include CMB No T19, a DMS Training Vehicle and Citybus No 2265, both believed to have been commissioned by the Hong Kong Transport Society.

Citybus 2282 in Year of the Dragon livery (top)
New World First Bus "Dragon Bus of Prosperity" (above)
Photographs courtesy of Edward Hong
8th February 2000

I have an unconfirmed report that a CMB Dennis Dominator (Fleet No. SD1) is to be the first release from a new manufacturer, Model Express. The model is due at the end of March.

I have just received details of a new publication from Hong Kong, entitled " The New Millennium of New World First Bus".  The book gives details of the bus company, bus routes as well as information of New World Ferry . A4 size, 140 pages  and selling price :HK$180.
I hope to be able to review this book shortly - for details of other books, click here to visit the Books section

6th February 2000

Citybus's "Year of the Dragon" liveried Duple Metsec Trident, Fleet No 2282, is due to be released in March.

With Corgi releasing a 1/76th scale version of the MCW Metrobus in the UK, the possibility of Hong Kong issues appears likely. 

New World First Bus are to issue a Year of the Dragon model, possibly later this month.

Collector's Model are to release a silver plated and gold plated Dennis Dragon, further details to follow. I am also led to believe that a KMB Dennis Dragon, in Pokemon advertising livery, as shown below, is also to be released on 18th February. Even if this information is incorrect, the photograph is well worth looking at anyway!!!

Photograph courtesy of Edward Hong

Oriental Buses has just published a new book entitled ''The New Millennium of New World First Bus''.  This gives details of the bus company, bus routes as well as information of New World Ferry.

Further details and photographs will appear here shortly.... Watch this space!!
5th February 2000

Pre-production photograph courtesy of Citybus

Citybus are to release the above DMS (25709), being based on Citybus D20, CP 2781. Production is due at the end of this month, with the release being in early March. The quantity is not yet known.

The Citybus "Year of the Dragon" is expected to be released during March, whilst a Millennium model is due to follow in April.

I am reliably informed that the March edition of Model Collector, due out this coming Thursday (3rd) carries a "Hong Kong update"..... at long last!!! On the subject publications, the latest edition of the "Collector's Gazette" includes a detailed review of the book "The Complete World of Little Buses". 

 1st February 2000
February 2000 - News
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