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Citybus are to issue a new casting of a 10.4m Dennis Dragon, the model being produced by Collector's Model. I hope to be able to publish photographs shortly.

The fully detailed chassis shown below is a pre-production sample of a planned new series from ABC entitled "Model PSV Chassis". This first example is due to be released in late August/early September, with a production run of 1,000. 
29th July 2000

More details will appear very shortly!!

The site recorded its highest number of "hits" in one day yesterday - 381

28th July 2000

Model Express Company:  make a guess??

I have just received the above poser from the Model Express Company!!  I currently have no other details, but am assured that further details, when known, will be forwarded to me  -  Watch this space! 

26th July 2000

ABC Models next release is Metrobus ML22, (Model No. 000802) in standard livery. 1,500 models will carry route number 780 to Central, whilst 500 will display route number 780 to Sui Sai Wan. 
Photos will appear here tomorrow !!

This release will be followed by the Alexander bodied CMB, LX 333. This is a special limited production run for "Bus Fan World" and features their logo on the roof and their webpage address/phone number as the side banners.
Advertising  for the club magazine" Bus Focus" is printed on the lower back panel. The initial issue of 1,000 models is for Bus Fan World members only, on route number 1 to Happy Valley.

The Corgi Long Win Trident (confirmed as model No 44405) was released in Hong Kong today, with an initial batch of 5,000, although total production is believed to be 10,000.
Photos will appear here tomorrow !!

News of another release will also appear here tomorrow. 

25th July 2000

Well, thanks to those of you "in the know" , I can now confirm that Corgi will be issuing a Long Win Trident, with Alexander ALX500 bodywork. It features vehicle registration HT 8830, on route A43 to the Airport. I hope to be able to provide photographs shortly. In the meantime, I have assumed the model to be 44405

Corgi Model No 44803, the Dennis Jubilant in Driver Recruitment livery, and commissioned by the Hong Kong Transport Society, can be collected by members of the Society on 19th August
24th July 2000

I am led to believe that a Long Win Dennis Trident is to be released shortly - anyone who can confirm (or deny!) this rumour, please e-mail me.

The New World First Bus Cyber Shop is now able to sell models "on-line", with the inaugural "wave" liveried Trident now being available at HK$398. 
22nd July 2000

The first two models in the Heritage Collection series from New World First Bus were released in Hong Kong yesterday. Model Nos. 20002 and 20003
21st July 2000

Hong Kong buses in Southampton
Top: SF31 at Southampton Docks, 7th July
Bottom: Citybus 102, Leyland Olympian at the Royal Victoria Bus Rally, 16th July 
19th July 2000

 "I have just received confirmation that a 1:76 scale LOW-HEIGHT bodied model is now under production.  As soon as further details are received, these will be published - Watch this space!"
17th July 2000

The Citybus Lodekka/DMS set (19906) has been released in Hong Kong - the total quantity is 1,250, and not 1,000 as previously thought.

New World First Bus opened a new Customer Service Centre in Queensway, Admiralty, HK today. It has also launched a Cyber Shop, enabling their models to be bought on-line. I understand that a limited number of their inaugural Trident (Model No. 44401) were available at a price of HK$398, part of the sale proceeds being donated to the Green Foundation, to sponsor youth green movements in Hong Kong. 
 16th July 2000

Issue No. 22 (August-September) of Model Buses is due out on Saturday 15 July. One of the many features in this edition is a review of the recent CMB Short Fleetlines.

I have just received ABC's MCW Super Metrobus, ML25 (Model No. 000801) and having only last week seen my first "real" ML (picture below) I felt that I just had to say that I was as impressed with this superb model, which captures the sheer size of these buses, as I was with the real thing! 
Click on photograph for larger image
MCW Metrobus ML52 at Southampton Docks
7th July 2000

SF8 and SF31, the two New World First Bus Short Fleetlines in Route 15 Peak livery, (Model Nos. 20002 & 20003) are due to be released on 20th July.

The Citybus "Lodekka/DMS" Set (19906) is due for release in Hong Kong tomorrow.
13th July 2000

Another new release, and nothing to do with Hong Kong, but that of my local operator, Wilts and Dorset. The Corgi model has been specially commissioned (Model No. 44108) and features Optare Solo No. 2680, on route no. 105 to Christchurch/Burton, although other route numbers/destinations are provided. Only 2,500 have been produced, with 500 being taken by Wilts and Dorset themselves. Should you require any further details on this model, please e-mail me.

10th July 2000

ABC Models two LV18's (Model Nos. 000404A & 000405A) were released in Hong Kong yesterday.

DS6 and LV1, the two Corgi models pictured below are to be commissioned by the Hong Kong Transport Society.

I can now confirm that the real SF31 is back in the UK - more details to follow.

8th July 2000

Samples of two forthcoming Corgi releases,
on the left, Dennis Jubilant DS6 in the now familiar CMB driver recruitment livery, whilst on the right is Leyland Victory LV1.

Three models were released in Hong Kong on 28/29 June, namely:-
Corgi China Motor Bus MCW Metrobus MC7 - Model No. 45107
ABC Models MCW Metrobus ML25 - Model No. 000801
Cs'M Dragon in AXA Insurance livery - Model No. DA107B
Two more Collector's Models are now available in the UK:-
Caltex liveried Victory Mk2 - Model No. V111B
Bosch liveried Dennis Dragon - Model No. DA103B

Unfortunately, owing to constraints in respect of my spare time, together with the current increase in new model activity, and with problems I have been experiencing in bulk mailing, I am ceasing to provide e-mails notifying when the site has been updated.

During the recent survey carried out on the site, the vast majority of people visited the site regularly, either daily or two-three times a week. In view of this, I feel that the extra time and effort currently being directed to sending these e-mails could be better spent in providing more frequent updates.

I am sorry if this decision inconveniences you in any way, but I am sure you will appreciate my difficulties.  Thank you.

2nd July 2000
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