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My apologies to all of you who have recently e-mailed me - I have been unable to respond as working for the local electricity company, I have been rather busy following the recent bad weather.
31st October 2000

Citybus  Dennis Trident No 2301 with Duple Metsec bodywork carrying the "Greener Buses" all over livery.
Photograph courtesy of Edward Hong

I am very grateful to Edward Hong, webmaster of "The Bus Home Page" who, as soon as the news of the two new Collector's Models was published, sent me photographs of actual vehicles carrying these liveries. Not only that, but when I subsequently mentioned about the Citybus "Greener Buses" Trident/Metsec, the above photo was already on it's  way to me!  Perhaps those of you wanting to know what the next overall liveried bus could be, check out Edward's site, which is in fact Hong Kong's largest website for all-over liveried buses!

KMB's Corgi Trident (44406) has been released in Hong Kong. Photos of the model have just been uploaded.

 28th October 2000

Dennis Dominator SD3 was released in Hong Kong today.
Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

News from Citybus is that their 12 metre Dragon carrying branding for route 118 is due to be released next week. 

There will also be a  "Green bus", which will be a Metsec Trident and this should be released towards the end of November. The MAN/Volgren, Fleet No. 2500, should be released in December. More information on the Citybus releases will appear here when known.

26th October 2000

Model Express have just confirmed that their Dennis Dominator SD3 will issued on Thursday, 26th October, and have asked me to publish the following messages:-
"We would like to apologise for the delay and the postponement of the release date of our first model bus, Dennis Dominator SD3, but we wanted to ensure the high quality of this limited collectable.  Many thanks for your interest and support on this new release. 
                                  Thank you!!" 

"We will have some special numbers on the product certificate on certain SD3.  Some of the numbers such as 0004, 0044, 0444, etc (what ever with the word 4) will be replaced by another special number."

25th October 2000

Just announced by Collector's Model is this Dennis Dragon with "Principal Insurance" all-over adverts.
DA108B - Dennis Dragon "Principal Insurance"
Photograph courtesy of Collector's Model
22nd October 2000

DGS-002 - 10.4m Dennis Dragon Citybus - Siemens
Photograph courtesy of Collector's Model

C'sM are to release another "members only" model, this time being the 10.4m Dennis Dragon in Siemens advertising livery. It is due for release later this month. This model is limited to 1,000 pcs only, and the first 100 pcs (Certification number 0001-0100) with additional driver, passengers figures and the bus stop, will be only available for Club Members, on a first come first served basis (one model per member). Obviously someone has taken note of my moans on the 19th - Thank you that someone !!

The KCR Corgi Trident was released in Hong Kong on Monday 16th, sorry for the delay in reporting this news. I am currently awaiting confirmation of the model number.

Two new kits, from C'sM, have also been released recently, as shown below.

Photographs courtesy of Jotus Model Depot
21st October 2000

And still no CMB Driver Training DMS from EFE!!!! 

I have today received my copy of Mike Davis's new book entitled "New World First Bus - The First Two Years", and although I have only had time to glance through it, it appears to be as comprehensive as the previous books in his "Hong Kong Buses" series. However, unlike the previous volumes, colour photographs are in abundance (there must be only be two or three black and white ones!).  As soon as I have had an opportunity to read the whole of it, a more detailed review will appear. I would suggest that as a point of reference, it is a must for anyone having an interest in both the real buses as well as the models. For further information on how to obtain your copy, visit Mike's site at DTS Publishing

ABC Models today released their Guy Arab with rebodied Alexander bodywork LX322 (Model No. 000901).

It recently struck me that despite joining the Cs'M "Fan Club" and forking out about 20 plus currency draft fees, I don't appear to have received much in return - I didn't opt for one of their special gold/silver Dragons, therefore my Jan - Jun 2000 Catalogue appears to have worked out quite expensive, especially when these catalogues appeared to be in abundance at Showbus!!!  Perhaps the postman has again forgotten me!

Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

A recent release is this 1/76 resin model from Concorde Hobby Shop, depicting a KMB Albion Victor, circa 1961. This model can be obtained from  Jotus Model Depot and Digby's . Please note that I have not included any further details of this model, as the site's main aim is to provide news and information on diecast Hong Kong models, generally at a scale of 1/76. However, for general information, I must also mention three diecast/plastic models now available from Digby's, the Tridents being approximately 1/64 scale. Please contact Digby's for more information.

Photograph courtesy of Digby's

19th October 2000

I have now received my EFE Citybus DMS, but am still awaiting the arrival of the CMB Driver Training version!  I must say that the model is excellent and well worth waiting for!

The general release of ABC's Guy Arab LX322 (Model No. 000901) is due next week. The initial release being Model No. 000901x, which was specially commissioned for the Bus Fan World. 
ABC have already issued their first Ailsa-Volvo, a specially commissioned model for the Model Bus Federation, based in the UK, each having a special banner "Y2K AGM Whitton 7th October" included. A small quantity of remaining models, without the AGM banner, are being made available shortly. A CMB version, fleet number AV1, has been announced, (Model No 000701), and as soon as further details of this model are known, you will be the first to know!! 
Their red "Kangaroo" ML was released on Thursday 12th October.
14th October 2000

The KCR Trident, whilst representing one of their new 11.3 metre version, will in fact be Corgi's standard 12 metre model.
11th October 2000

Having phoned EFE today, I was told that they expect all models to be despatched by the end of next week - needless to say, mine are amongst those still to come!

Regarding the China Paint ML, I have it from official sources that whilst the model was produced by ABC Models, to the specific order of China Paints and to their demands and specifications, ABC models is in no way connected with this model other than as the manufacturer, and has not handled, promoted, or sold this model as a retailer. 

9th October 2000,

NWFB Leyland Victory Mk2 ,LV30, (Model No 44805) was issued in Hong Kong yesterday, as expected.

Quantities of the MBE 12m Citybus Dennis Dragon (Model No. MBE-102), with route 118 branding, will be available in the UK through Digby's Miniature Automobiles, at an expected price of 18.00, plus p+p. 

On a personal note, I have still yet to receive my two EFE Subscriber offer DMS's !!  Looks like another phone call tomorrow - and I wonder what reason/excuse/story will be given to me this time!!

Continuing on the the personal theme, I am somewhat bewildered at the fact that the China Paint "Flower brand" ML, with a limited availability of supposedly 1,000, of which only 500 are being offered to the general public, has appeared in a second version, with a different destination, in a quantity of another 1,000. Perhaps I should hold off buying one, at the current premium prices being asked, as next month there may be another two versions!!!!  Sorry, but I think tricks like these do us collector's no favours at all............    What do you think? Please let me have your thoughts, by e-mailing me                OK, moan over!!

 8th October 2000

It is expected that the New World First Bus Victory (Model No 44805) carrying "Farewell to the Victory" decals will be released in Hong Kong on Saturday 7th October.

Regarding the KCR Trident model, I am reliably informed that the modelled vehicle will be 601.

The attached message has just been received:-

"A fleet of brand new KCR Dennis Trident buses will be launched to serve in Shui Wai region, tentatively in mid October 2000. To commemorate this event, KCR Light Rail proudly presents the "KCR Dennis Trident ALX500 Double Decker Bus Limited Edition Die-cast Model". The models will be on sale from 16 October 2000 at eight Light Rail Customer Services Centres. Each set includes one model bus, a certificate with serial number, placed inside a clear lid with plinth and packed with an overbox.

The Bus Model Set is to be sold at HK$250. Because of the limited production quantity, no consignment nor bulk purchase is planned at this moment."

I am grateful to Cosmopolis Bus Fan Club for forwarding this information to me.

6th October 2000

Photographs courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

As you will see from the above, there are two versions of China Paint ML49!

The first (left) shows a destination of "QUARRY BAY", whilst the second (right) displays "NOT IN SERVICE". If anyone can provide any further information on this second release, please e-mail me

3rd October 2000

Photograph courtesy of the Dennis Law Collection

I am reliably informed that Kowloon Canton Railway Company are to issue an 11.3m Trident with Alexander bodywork. Due to be released in October to celebrate the delivery of 20 such vehicles.

To make it easier to convert Hong Kong Dollars/US Dollars into UK pounds, I have now installed a Currency Converter on the Information page.

1st October 2000
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