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The Canon Ixus all over liveried Dennis Condor from Collector's Model is due to be released before the end of the year.

ABC Models will be releasing a Christmas special, a box set containing a 1926 Leyland Lion, details of which can be seen in the photographs below.
Photograph courtesy of World of Diecast
Photograph courtesy of World of Diecast
30th November 2000

Please note that I am currently carrying out maintenance work on the Olympian pages of this site, and some links to such pages may not work - Should you wish to view a particular Olympian page, go to the Models link at the top of the page, and choose vehicle type, and then choose Leyland or Volvo Olympian.

And yet another new manufacturer enters the market, this time it is Buses Model Co, who are to release two models of a Guy Arab IV single deck bus, as shown below. 
Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot
I have just received details and photographs of the Citybus "Greener Buses" liveried Trident (44513), which is expected to be released shortly.

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop
25th November 2000

On 19th October, I made reference to the "New World First Bus" book, by Mike Davis, and that I would give a detailed review in due course. Well, having now had ample opportunity to read and digest this excellent new book, I do not feel that there is anything more that I can add to my previous comments, and those that describe it here.  It has to be the point of reference for New World First Bus, as are Mike's previous four Volumes on the other Hong Kong operators, and with the recent release of the NWFB Super Olympian, you will note that some of the information on this site comes from this book with, I must add, Mike's kind permission!!

Of course, amongst the plethora of colour photographs, are the possibilities for future model releases, a Centroliner, a Driver Training Metrobus or Condor, who knows?

20th November 2000

Models released yesterday in Hong Kong were Citybus "Siemens" liveried short Dragon (DGS-002) and New World First Bus Super Olympian (20005).

Photographs of these models will appear tomorrow!!

ABC Models have today released three models in the UK, namely:-

000901 Rebodied Guy Arab LX322
000803 MCW super Metrobus ML1 ( a month before HK release!!!!! it must be a first)
000805 MCW super Metrobus ML "Red Kangaroo"
18th November 2000

Well it has finally arrived !! - Yes my CMB Driver Training DMS was delivered by the post-lady yesterday. Also received was EFE's 7th Mailing, with details of their next subscriber offer, being the Model Bus Evolution 12 metre Dennis Dragon with branding for Route 118. It states that 1,656 of the 5,280 have made available to subscribers, at a cost of 18.00 plus 1.50 p+p. Orders are to be processed from 25th November. 

427"hits" were received yesterday - a record!!!
17th November 2000

The Daimler "D" from Cars Workshop (38001) was released in Hong Kong on 13th November, whilst today saw the release, ahead of schedule, of Citybus's Millennium liveried Trident (44512). Further details, and photographs, of the NWFB Super Olympian can be found at (20005)
13th November 2000

In my Information page, I include an acknowledgement section, where I have attempted to list those people who have kindly assisted me by providing news, information and photographs. You will note that there is no mention of Corgi or EFE - basically because despite writing to each, on several occasions, no response was forthcoming. More to the point, I would to take this opportunity to especially thank those people, and companies, who REGULARLY DO take the trouble to provide such information for YOU.
 They are, in no particular order:-
80M Bus Model Shop
Jotus Model Depot
World of Diecast
ABC Models
Model Express Company
The Bus Home Page
Cosmopolis Bus Fan Club
New World First Bus
Dennis Law
Hong Kong Bus Exhibition Centre   Digbys Miniature Automobiles
Lee Tin Yau

Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

New World First Bus have today announced that they will be issuing a Volvo Super Olympian with Alexander ALX500 bodywork (20005). The model is expected to be released on 17th November. More details will follow shortly. I am grateful to New World First Bus for this information.

It is also rumoured (unofficially) that there will be a NWFB Centroliner in the not too distant future....watch this space!!!!

I have just received a sample of both the Cars Workshop Daimler "D" (38001) and the Model Express Dennis Dominator SD3 (SD3), and hope to give a brief review of each in the next day or so. In the meantime, if anyone would like any specific information on either, please  e-mail me.

Please note that from now on, model/product numbers will be identified by being in brackets.

13th November 2000

The Millennium liveried Citybus Trident, from Corgi, (44512) is due to be released on 16th November.

Corgi's LV1, (44806) is now on general sale in Hong Kong.

11th November 2000

Corgi's LV1, (44806) was made available to Hong Kong Transport Society members on 5th November.
8th November 2000

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

I have just received photographs of the new KMB Daimler D model, Fleet No. D331, (38001) from another new manufacturer - Cars Workshop -  which is to be released shortly. Further photographs will appear here tomorrow, together with details of quantities.

7th November 2000

The December edition of Diecast Collector is now available, and includes a three page report from Showbus. There are several photographs of ABC's latest/proposed releases, including a UK style 33  foot Fleetline and MCW Metrorider. 
5th November 2000

MBE's 12m Dennis Dragon for Citybus, carrying Route 118 branding, was released in Hong Kong today.

Photos will appear here tomorrow

Corgi's CMB Driver Recruitment Victory (44803) is now available in the UK

And still no EFE Driver Training DMS - but I am told that it shouldn't be too long now!!!  

4th November 2000
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