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September 2000 - News
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Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

The next release from KMB is this Corgi Dennis Trident carrying the "Greener Buses" all-over message.

29th September 2000

I forgot to mention that ABC Models are to release another CMB liveried Metrobus, this time ML1 (000803).
27th September 2000

Showbus  saw both ABC and EFE displaying forthcoming releases, whilst a mid-afternoon downpour gave those stallholders with tents/marquees, captive audiences for about half-an-hour! Digbys Miniature Automobiles, Allsorts, Jotus Model Depot and ABC Models all were present, and all appeared to be busy throughout the day. 

Dealing with the forthcoming releases, the Citybus 12 metre Dennis Dragon with branding for route 118 appeared in the EFE tent. The 6th Mailing of the EFE Subscriber Newsletter arrived on my doormat this morning, which by the way gave me some useful information about Showbus (shame it was a day late!) and finishes with the following statement "DENNIS DRAGON WITH ALEXANDER FRONTED DUPLE METSEC BODY As a service to our subscribers and in conjunction with the manufacturers we will be offering this new tri-axle model to you at a special low price. The model is in Hong Kong Citybus livery branded for route 118. Full details will be in our next mailing".
(By the way, the manufacturer is confirmed as being Drumwell). 

The ABC Models stall exhibited several of its forthcoming releases. Besides the newly released red ML, an open top version, with Sydney Tour decals, was also shown. A new casting was the Ailsa Volvo, the first of which appears in Harrow Buses livery, and has been commissioned by the Model Bus Federation, and is due to be issued next weekend. The Ailsa also appeared in London Northern livery. Another new casting, in it's early stages, was the MCW Metrorider. 

Jotus Model Depot made the long trek from Hong Kong, and displayed pre-production samples of the new Dennis Dominator from the Model Express Company together with Corgi's impressive Leyland Victory Mk 2 for New World First Bus, carrying "Farewell to the Victory" decals. Another major attraction was the presence of a "BusPak" Olympian, which must have been the most photographed model at the Show. If only I had a decent camera ! - perhaps some-one will kindly e-mail one (photo - not bus!) to me!!

I was invited to Showbus by Sindy and Joe of Jotus, and whilst at their stall I met a large number of my regular visitors, for which I am very grateful. I would like to personally thank them both for inviting me, their hospitality, and for taking the trouble to make the long journey to meet up with their many UK customers. The professionalism of their "set up" was excellent, from their handy carry bags down to the free mousemat!

I would also like to thank those of you who introduced yourselves to me and for your encouragement and good wishes. 

Any comments or observations regarding Showbus, please e-mail me

The rest of the news

The following Collector's Models are now available in the UK:-

DA104B - KMB Dennis Dragon with Bridgestone all over advertising
DA107B - KMB Dennis Dragon with AXA Insurance all over advertising
DGS-001- Citybus 10.4m Dennis Dragon in standard livery
SF103A - CMB "short" Leyland Fleetline in coach livery

Issue No. 23 of Model Buses (October - November 2000) has just been published. Among the numerous articles in this edition is one detailing the recent Hong Kong releases, including the Thorneycroft Cygnet, ABC's Super Metrobus  and Corgi's Metrobus. In addition, there is an article on the recent return to the UK of Leyland Fleetline SF31 plus details of the model.

The regular Product Review section includes Corgi's CMB liveried Leyland Victory Mk 2, whilst the Product News gives details of ABC's new chassis. 

For those of you who surf the web, and are looking for other model bus related sites, an article entitled "The Net Effect" gives some interesting URLs to check out.

To find out how or where to obtain this magazine, visit the Model Buses website.

25th September 2000

Photograph courtesy of World of Diecast

Just announced is this red MCW Metrobus (ML class) from ABC Models (Model No. 000805), of which only 1,000 are to be issued. The bus represents one of the class that has recently arrived in Australia.

I am reliably informed that the quantity of Citybus's 12 metre Dragon, No 808, with Route 118 branding is 5,280, of which 3,614 are for sale in Hong Kong. The quantity of CMB LV1 is around 5,000 of which approximately 3,000 will be for sale in Hong Kong.
22nd September 2000

Having checked with Gilbow Holdings today, they confirm that the despatch of the two Hong Kong DMS's to EFE subscribers, is underway. Perhaps those of you who have received yours could confirm that this is the case!
21st September 2000

I have just received news that publication of Mike Davis's new book "New World First Bus - The First Two Years" has been delayed, and it will not now be launched at Showbus. The new publication date is 10th October. Priced at 21.95, the publishers have extended the period that the book is available post free in the UK until 31st October.

ABC Models are issuing a free "Catalogue of ABC Models"  with every pre-booked order of their new P.S.V.  Chassis Model.
19th September 2000

The New World First Bus Leyland Victory 2 carrying "Farewell to the Victory" decals seems to have dual identity, being numbered 44805 by Corgi, and 20004 by New World First Bus!!

DTS Publishing, publishers of the excellent series of books on Hong Kong Buses, and who are about to publish Volume 5, "New World First Bus - The first two years", have just launched their new website at www.booksdts.co.uk
14th September 2000

The release of the Model Express Company's Dennis Dominator, SD3, is now expected to be in the first week of October.

A reminder that a new publication HONG KONG BUSES - VOLUME FIVE - NEW WORLD FIRST BUS SERVICES LIMITED, by Mike Davis, is to be priced at 21.95 (plus overseas p&p) and the target publication date is 24th September 2000. Pre-orders paid in full will secure the success of this book so buy now for delivery at publication date. For further information about this book, please click here.

As most of my UK visitors are aware, this year's Showbus is being staged on Sunday 24th September at Duxford, Cambridgeshire. I plan on giving a few more details of known Hong Kong related stalls/buses in an update planned for this weekend - so if you know of any, or own one!!,  please e-mail me.

6th September 2000

Two new releases in Hong Kong are as follows:-
China Motor Bus - MCW Metrobus - ML 49 
China Paint - ABC Models
Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

Kowloon Motor Bus - Leyland Victory - G374
Corgi Model No. 44804
Photograph courtesy of Jacky Lau

Further details and additional photographs of both these models will appear in an update tomorrow.

Not only was the 100,000th hit received in August, but it was also a record month for hits, with over 10,000 being received. Thank you!

2nd September 2000
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