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Pictured above is the Siemens "Transportation" Citybus Dragon (DGS-003) from Collector's Model, which is to be a UK release only, and limited to just 288 pieces. It is expected to be released during August.

Two further Siemens liveried Dragons are Siemens "Power" (DGS-004), again limited to 288 pieces, and only being made available in Hong Kong, and Siemens "Industry" (DGS-005), which is to be a Collector's Model "Members" only model. 

31st July 2001

ABC's Argos liveried Daimler Fleetline (001301) was released in Hong Kong on Friday 27th July.
30th July 2001

Peak Horse has now issued two more versions of MCW Metrobus models, similar to their previous MC9.
These two new models are painted in KMB's standard livery, and KMB's training bus livery respectively. No KMB logos have been applied to either model though.
29th July 2001

Photograph courtesy of Dennis Law

Drumwell's KMB Super Olympian in special "3000th bus" livery, due for release in August.

Creative Master Northcord's NWFB Super Olympian sporting "Ultraman" all over livery, due for release on 6th August.

Cars Workshop are to issue the KMB AEC Regent with the yellow striped front, denoting one conductor operation. This is expected to be released shortly. Photographs will of course appear as well !

I am grateful to Denis Law, Jotus Model Depot and 80M Bus Model Shop for this latest information.

25th July 2001

I have just received confirmation from 80M Bus Model Shop that the virus affecting their site has now been been successfully removed.  They are currently investigating the source of this virus.

They would like to thank those people who kindly informed them of the problem, and would like to apologise to those affected by it. 

I have just checked the site and all appears OK

Photograph courtesy of Hong Kong Vehicles Network Express

Published in Hong Kong on 19th July is this Leyland Victory Mk 2 book from Northcord Transport.

I hope to be able to bring you more information on this book shortly.

 23rd July 2001

Just announced, are two new releases of the 11 metre Leyland Olympian, in China Motor Bus colours.

The first is LM10, FW 3858, on route 601 to Admiralty - this is limited to 1,000 pieces.

The second is LM9, FW 2788, on route 94X to Lei Tung Estate - this is limited to 2,000 pieces. 

Both models apparently feature "handholds" from the ceiling and in other locations. 

The model selling price in Hong Kong is expected to be HK$298.00.

In addition, and solely for Hong Kong purchasers of these models, there is a lucky draw, of which the winners will receive a special model, of which only thirty pieces are being produced.

Photograph courtesy of Dennis Law

The above photograph shows New World First Bus "Super" Olympian, No. 5007, in Ultraman all-over livery, which is expected to be the next release from Creative Masters Northcord.

If anyone has been affected by the "VBS.Haptime.B@mm" virus, a fix can be found at the following (link now removed)

I have asked 80M Bus Model Shop to inform me when their site has been cleared  of this virus, but in the meantime, you are advised not to visit this site

21st July 2001

Tomorrow, I will be able publish news of two forthcoming releases from Buses Model Co, so watch this space. I will also provide photos of the "real" NWFB Super Olympian, 5007, in Ultraman livery, which is the next release from Creative Masters Northcord
20th July 2001

I have received confirmation that CMN are to release an all-over liveried NWFB Super Olympian, more details of which will follow shortly. 
18th July 2001

Corgi's KMB Metrobus (OM45108) is to be released in Hong Kong tomorrow, July 18th, and new photographs of this new casting have just been added.

Available today in Hong Kong is a new book from Northcord Transport entitled "Leyland Victory Mk 2". The book reviews the Leyland Victory Mk 2, the most common double-deckers among Hong Kong franchised companies, which have served most of the franchised routes over the territory over the past 20 years."

17th July 2001

The "Milka Chocolate" Victory (V206B) and "Re-unification" Condor (DGR003), from Collector's Model, are now available in the UK.
16th July 2001

Corgi's KMB Metrobus (M80) - OM45108
Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

More new photographs have been uploaded.

I have just received news of another forthcoming release, but I am at present unable to provide further information, save to say that it is a new double-decker casting - Watch this space !!!

14th July 2001

The latest news from ABC Models is that this Argos Daimler Fleetline is due for release soon, limited to 1,000 models. Note the closed windows!
Argos liveried Daimler Fleetline
Photographs courtesy of World of Diecast
12th July 2001

Released yesterday in Hong Kong, almost two weeks ahead of it's planned release date, was Model Bus Evolution's Citybus Dennis Dragon (MB-103) with Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa all-over advertising. 

Also released yesterday was a second 1/50th scale China Motor Bus MCW Metrobus from Collector's Model (MCW-70102). This version carries no Fleet Number or registration plates, has no destination, and the route number is set to CMB.

11th July 2001

Click on image for larger photograph As mentioned in the News for the 26th June, the 2001 Exhibition of Hong Kong Bus History, a joint venture between Art Gallery & 80M Bus Model Shop, is to be held in the Western Market from 28th July to 13th August.  Exhibits include bus models manufactured by ABC, Corgi, Cars Workshop, C'sM, Drumwell and EFE.  I hope to bring you photos of the exhibition in due course.
10th July 2001

As many of the regular visitors to this site will appreciate, the vast majority of the photographs of models used on this are kindly supplied by Jotus Model Depot80M Bus Model Shop  and  World of Diecast. In the site's early days, and after many of the first Hong Kong models had already been released, some of the pictures used are actually models sat on the scanner! 

I have recently been provided with approximately 300 excellent photographs of models, most of which feature the models previously referred to, and which will be uploaded as soon as possible. I am very grateful to Gareth Jones for all his time and effort spent in photographing these models, and for allowing them to be used on the site. I am sure that my thanks are echoed by all those who regularly visit the site. 

As a taster, check out the following two pages:- 

43203       Corgi's KMB Handover liveried Olympian
000302     ABC's CMB Thorneycroft Cygnet. 
7th July 2001

Recent publications dominate today's news, and these are as follows:-
(left) The August edition of Diecast Collector features a four-page article  which reviews recent Hong Kong Models - the second part is scheduled for the September edition, whilst the August edition of Model Collector (right) includes a three-page article which details the Dragon/Condor models produced by Collector's Model. Finally, the June-July edition of Bus Route, the magazine for OOC collectors, includes details of how, for 15 (UK) or 16 (RoW), you can obtain your Citybus CD, the one included with Corgi's MAN/Volgren OM45401 
6th July 2001

I have today received three pre-production sample models from ABC Models, namely :-
001001 - the 1926 Leyland Lion PLSC in early CMB colours
001102 - the second version of the Long Dragon, again in the maroon/cream livery of CMB 
001201 - the CMB blue/cream liveried MCW Metrorider
Whilst not an avid enthusiast of early buses, ABC have, like their previous Tilling-Stevens and Thorneycroft releases, really excelled in the detail of the Lion. The starting handle, opening bonnet, revealing a finely detailed engine, opening windscreen and driver, are just some of the superb details.

Moving on to the Metrorider, the model captures the style of this midibus extremely well, with opening front engine cover, driver and the other features usually associated with ABC Models. It's dimensions appear reasonably accurate, and the wing mirrors come ready fitted. Wilts and Dorset next?

I have saved the best to last!    The Guy Arab V, or "Long Dragon" is quite superb, capturing the sheer length of the prototype perfectly. Again, the engine bonnet opens to reveal a detailed engine, and the roof vents also open. Like most ABC models, it features a detailed chassis, with exhaust pipe, poseable front wheels, windows in the open position and driver. Let's hope the UK sees a few more of these models than the first version!

My thanks to ABC Models for providing these models.

  2nd July 2001

New World First Bus - Update 2001 Just released from Independent Transport Videos is this 115 minute video covering the latest developments of New World First Bus.
This is the latest video in their "Far East Bus Fleets" series. For further details of this, and their previous videos in the series, visit the new Video pages, which have just been added to the site.

For those of you, like myself, who have yet to visit Hong Kong, these videos really do bring the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong into your living room. For those who have visited, they will surely bring back all those memories, and more....!! 

Whichever is the case, they will make you want to visit (again) !!! 

1st July 2001
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