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Photograph courtesy of ABC Models

Whilst not an 'oriental' model, I couldn't resist taking the opportunity of being the 'first' to publish a picture of ABC Model's Ailsa-Volvo, carrying A1 Service fleetname and livery. This is a specially commissioned model and it is a strictly limited CERTIFICATED edition of only 200 models. It is available from S. Cameron, 8 Allander Drive, TORRANCE, Glasgow, G64 4LG at a price of £37.50, including P&P. 

ABC's Argos Bus Fleetline (001301) is now available in the UK.

Can anyone confirm if Corgi's Citybus MAN with 'Year of the Snake' decals has been released here in the UK? 

30th August 2001

Due for release in Hong Kong tomorrow is the second version of ABC Model's ML2 (000821), the three door Metrobus to So Uk.

The Fuji Film SF from Collectors Model, pictured below, is known as SF-2011, and a new page has now been uploaded. Also uploaded is a new page for the soon to be released 1/50th scale Capital Citybus Metrobus (MCW70207) also from C'sM.

29th August 2001

Photograph courtesy of 
Collector's Model Members Club
Photograph courtesy of 
Collector's Model Members Club

Two forthcoming Collector's Model releases are pictured above, both Leyland (SF) Fleetlines, the top in Fuji film livery, whilst the lower is in Marché Restaurant livery.

28th August 2001

Just received from Jotus Model Depot are photographs of the Kodak all-over liveried Dennis Jubilant from Collector's Model, which is a "members only" issue (V208B). 
27th August 2001

I am reliably informed that whilst the World of Diecast shop may have closed, their mail order business will continue, as will their website, once the current problems have been resolved, and they will remain ABC Model's Hong Kong agent.

Other than the above, a very quiet week!!

26th August 2001

Below is an extract of a letter recently received from ABC models:- 

"ABC Models wish to advise that as from the 1st of August 2001 the former Authorised agent for the United Kingdom and Europe, Mr Bram Osborne, has advised that he is no longer in a position to carry out his contractual obligations.

ABC Models deeply regret the situation with regards to information and supply over the recent months and hope that any inconvenience caused in the past will be rapidly remedied and both information and supplies will once again return to normal.  All ABC Models will once again be readily obtainable throughout the region from selected retail stockists pending the eventual appointment of a new representative for the region.

ABC wishes to thank all those many persons that have supported ABC Models during this difficult period."

Due to be released in Hong Kong shortly is ABC's second version of the three door Super Metrobus (000821), some of which have already found their way to the UK.

19th August 2001

I have just received news that the World of Diecast's last day of trading is to be Wednesday 22nd August.
18th August 2001

Holiday over !!!

The 'Ultra Heroes' Super Olympian, from Creative Master Northcord, was released in Hong Kong on 7th August 

Further information has been received on the second AEC Regent from Cars Workshop, including photographs (38102) and also the third Model Bus Evolution "China Paint" Dragon, this time featuring an Airbus Super Transporter plane ! (MB-101c).

Corgi's Citybus MAN/Volgren decorated in 'Year of the Snake' livery (OM45403) is scheduled for release in the UK this week.

15th August 2001

Photographs from the "2001 Exhibition of Hong Kong Bus History" are available here.

Owing to problems with the host domain of 'The World of Diecast' website, they are currently unable to provide updates to their site. It is hoped that this problem will be resolved shortly.

Photograph courtesy of80M Bus Model Shop

The MBE Dragon with Flower Brand decals is to be released again, this time in a tin with a Herpa plane!!
This model represents Citybus No. 838 on route number 182 whilst the destination reads 'Sorry, Not in Service'.

I am now on my annual holiday, and do not return until Monday 13th August, so there will not be any updates for a week, however, please continue to e-mail me with any news.

 6th August 2001

The September Diecast Collector magazine is now available and features the second part of the Hong Kong Buses article by "Large Busfan". This covers six pages, with plenty of colour photos of both models and prototypes, including a future ABC Model of a CMB Guy Arab Water Tanker.

Tomorrow's update will include photographs from the 2001 Exhibition of Hong Kong Bus History.

The site received a record number of 'hits' in July, totalling over 11,000 !!!

4th August 2001
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