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Just received are photographs of the C'sM Dragon in Siemens Industry (DGS005) livery.

I have just uploaded my first photographs using the new camera, and these are of the C'sM "Reunification" Condor (DGR003) and C'sM "Nikon" Dragon (DGR111). 

25th February 2002

Click on image for larger photograph

No, the site has not changed from Model Buses to Stamps! -  it is just that the stamps on the parcel just received from Hong Kong made an ideal subject for me to experiment on with my new toy!!

24th February 2002

Photograph courtesy of Busrama International

Thanks to the Webmaster of Japan Bus Explorer (site no longer available), I have been able to update most of the information on the three Creative Master-Northcord Mitsubishi Fuso pages (JB1001, JB1002 and JB1003). These three models appear to have been commissioned by Busrama International, a  Japanese magazine devoted solely to buses. It so happened that when checking this site yesterday, I came across the above photograph of JB1004 for which, I believe, orders are now being taken through this magazine.

21st February 2002

EFE's second mailing of 2002 arrived through my letter box this morning and of interest to us Hong Kong collectors (those outside of Hong Kong anyway!) is mention of two special Subscriber Offer Hong Kong models, featuring a Citybus Driver Training Dennis Dragon (DW10204) - should of course be a Condor! - and a China Motor Bus 11 metre Dennis Condor, which presumably is the Car's Workshop/Drumwell joint venture (38601). Further details are to appear in the next mailing.
18th February 2002

Photograph courtesy of Thomas Tang

Pictured above is KMB's Volvo Olympian AV381 displaying Year of the Horse decals. Presumably this will be the subject of their next model release. Why couldn't they have applied it to anything but the Olympian?

Following on from the posting on Diecast Buses regarding ABC Models, it has been confirmed that ABC  have not ceased trading and are still very much in business.

 11th February 2002

The Diecast Collector website has a new look....

World of Diecast have a new website, which is currently under construction.

The Newsboard of Diecast Buses includes a report that ABC Models have ceased trading.

The March Edition of Model Collector features an article on the final Victory's in Hong Kong - not only is it rather late, but most of the models featured are almost two years old!!

On a personal note, I am desperately trying to obtain a copy of Danny Chan's "Hong Kong Buses Yearbook 1999". If anyone knows where I can obtain this, or has one for sale, please e-mail me 

9th February 2002

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

The release of the New World First Bus Trident (20009) has been delayed until Friday, whilst the Car's Workshop KMB Daimler "A" (38201), pictured above, is expected to be released on Saturday.

7th February 2002

 Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

Due for release in Hong Kong tomorrow (Thursday) is the New World First Bus "Festive Bus of Harvest" (20009).

Believed to have been released today is the Cars Workshop KMB Daimler A (38201

 6th February 2002

This message has recently been received from 80M Bus Model Shop :-
"Due to the expiry of the lease, management has decided to stop the operation of the 80M shop in Tsim Sha Tsui.  This will enable us to deploy more resources to the other four shops in order to provide better and efficient services to our valued customers.  Please feel free to visit our other four shops."    Details of these other shops can be found at the 80M website  or my Stockists page.
3rd February 2002

"Best Choose" CMB Water Bowser (02021)
Photographs courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

"Ox Transport Models" CMB Water Bowser (X1002)
Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Anyone confused?

2nd February 2002

 Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

This CMB water bowser model (002021) will be available in Hong Kong on February 5th, and comes with a new design of plastic display box which has a transparent base.  There is also a scale 1:5 emblem of the Guy badge included with the model. It is limited to 988 pieces and I believe is from a company called Best Choose. 

Released today in Hong Kong is the second Citybus Volvo Super Olympian from Drumwell (DW10304), again carrying China Paint rear end advertising, and this time between decks panel adverts. The nearside is again for "Flower" brand paint, whilst the offside adverts are for Herpa.

 Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

The 2002 Hong Kong Yearbook from Northcord is now available.

 Photograph courtesy of
Jotus Model Depot

Further details of the above models and book will appear here shortly!! 

1st February 2002
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