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Photographs of the recently issued radio controlled models have now been added to the site and can be found under the 'Toys' section of the site. (This page removed 10th February 2010)
31st October 2003


Two new books from BSI Hobbies have been announced which follow on from the recently published KMB Fleet Directory. The first, Citybus is now available, whilst the second, New World First Bus, is due to be published in December.

photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Pictured above is one of several recently released Citybus remote control toy buses from Tins Toys. Further photos will appear later in the week.

On November 5th this site will celebrate it's
5th Anniversary
and I propose to run a couple of competitions, with prizes, 
so watch out for more details later this week!

27th October 2003

A new page has been added to the Xtra section of the site.

Of interest to anyone who may be looking for a copy of Mike Davis's excellent book 'Hong Kong Buses - Volume Two - Kowloon Motor Bus', I would suggest checking Amazon . I have just received a copy I ordered two months ago - and it was well worth the wait. The next objective is to find the China Motor Bus first edition, and although this too is listed on Amazon, it is currently unobtainable.  I would, in the meantime, appreciate anyone who has this edition and has access to a scanner, sending me a picture of the front cover, so as to update the appropriate page.

I am led to believe that a further batch of KMB Olympians are due to arrive in Southampton this weekend, and wonder if anyone can confirm this, and also advise what vessel they might be on?

23rd October 2003

Having suffered a major problem with my PC, namely the loss of the hard drive, I am pleased to report that things are gradually returning to some sort of normality. To assist me in re-creating my address book, I would appreciate a blank e-mail from those of you with whom I regularly correspond, with "add address" in the subject line. Thank you in anticipation.

Fortunately, there has been very little news on the model front, with no new models announced or released. I have, however, received photographs of 'crystal' buses, some of which are shown below. 

The top photograph shows a DMS on an illuminated
stand, the centre an SF on a plain base, and the bottom, an RM, again on an illuminated base..

 I have just added a further photograph of a real bus, this being NWFB VA43, one of 12 such buses being leased to KCRC. This can be viewed  on the Xtra section of the site.


Pictured above is the scene of Hong Kong's latest bus crash, involving KMB Volvo Olympian AV253, which was on route 961 to Wan Chai (HK Convention Centre). 

 21st October 2003

A new page has been added to the Xtra section of the site which features some 'real' buses that have been sold/leased to other Hong Kong operators. 
10th October 2003

Photograph courtesy of Citybus

It really does exist!!

For anyone doubting the authenticity of the recently released resin Citybus liveried fire engine (88003), the above photograph is proof that it really does exist. Purchased from the government, not to put out fires, but to carry out maintenance on the overhead catenary system at their trolleybus test track at Wong Chuk Hang Depot.

7th October 2003

A short notice trip to Paris over the weekend resulted in a rather rushed 'News' update on Friday, during which several pages of the site were lost! I believe this has now been rectified, and would like to thank those of you who took the time and trouble to highlight this problem. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused.

I can confirm that the AsianBus CMB Metropolitan (AS1004) was released in Hong Kong during late September and that the KMB Cars Workshop Leyland Fleetline (38902) was released in Hong Kong on 2nd October. New photographs of both these models have just been uploaded.

Photograph courtesy of Thomas Tang

New World First Bus Dennis Dart/Plaxton Pointer No.2026 is one of several which has been sold to KMB, and pictured above is the vehicle in it's new owners' livery.

6th October 2003

New photographs have been added for some of the recently released Citybus resin models. These are the Hino recovery truck from Supreme (S-008), Dennis fire engine (88003), and  the Volvo FL7 recovery truck (88004).
3rd October 2003
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