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The Best Choose CMB Daimler Fleetline (03014) was released in Hong Kong today.
28th November 2003

I have today acquired the AsianBus CMB Guy Arab (AS1002) and have just uploaded new photographs of the model. 
27th November 2003

Jotus Model Depot have announced the start of their Christmas Sale. Over 80 items are included, some of which have a 50% discount or more. Follow the link to see for yourself.

A new page has been created for the forthcoming plastic model of CMB Leyland Titan TC1. 

26th November 2003

KMB's Wrightbus pictured at Showbus in September

It is confirmed that a model of the KMB Wrightbus is planned for release in Hong Kong in January, the model coming from Drumwell. As soon as further details are known, they will be announced here. New  photographs of the Wrightbus in Hong Kong have just been uploaded to the Xtra page, as well as a couple of photos of one of KMB's latest Neoplan Centroliners.


Pictured above is one of the latest photographs of the new China Motor Bus Leyland Titan, TC1, from Car Model Box. This model, which is either plastic or resin, is due to be released before Christmas. I hope to upload some more photographs shortly.

24th November 2003

The promised Citybus 105 page (this link has been removed - see Dave's Leyland Buses) has now been added to the Xtra section of the site, and new photographs have just been uploaded of the Creative Master Northcord Mitsubishi FUSO Aerobus Coach model (JB3002) in 1988 Tomei Highway Bus colours. 
16th November 2003

A new page has now been created for the Creative Master Northcord Citybus Leyland Olympian (hkbus-2001) coach announced yesterday.

Another new page has been created for the Best Choose CMB Daimler Fleetline (03014), also announced yesterday.

Unfortunately, owing to a shortage of time, I have been unable to upload the photos of Citybus 105 on it's farewell tour last Sunday, organised by the Hong Kong Transport Society - these should be uploaded tomorrow.

15th November 2003

Creative Master Northcord Limited
News Release
Embargoed until : 9:00am on 14th November 2003 (UK time)

CMNL Update

In its association with John Ayrey Die-Casts Ltd. as a wholesale distributor of CMNL’s non-ukbus products, John Ayrey has proved to be a dedicated and ambitious dealer.

Creative Master Northcord Limited and John Ayrey Die-Casts Ltd. are proud to announce an exciting development in this successful association whereby John Ayrey  will also market the ukbus product range in the UK, starting with ukbus 1012.

The expansion of their association comes at a particularly exciting time – concurrent with the expansion of CMNL’s product range which sees the introduction of 2 brand new castings – the hkbus 200x and ukbus 300x series.

John Ayrey Die-Casts Ltd. will have the honour of launching the first livery on each of these new castings, as well as what will prove to be a very popular livery on the ukbus 1012 replica.

Both companies are confident that there will be no difficulties for CMNL model collectors in sourcing these high-quality, collectable replicas. Collectors should ask their usual local retailer or mail-order supplier to pre-order stock from John Ayrey in the usual way. 

CMNL hopes that collectors will also benefit from the planned reduction of the RRP from the current 29.99 to an anticipated 26.99 for the ukbus 100x/200x ranges. The anticipated RRP for the ukbus 300x range (single-model items) should be around 19.99.

Please note that John Ayrey Die-Casts Ltd supplies to the Trade Only, and will not accept enquiries from individual collectors.

Future releases for the period Winter 2003 – April 2004 :

ukbus 100x range : The Alexander ALX400/Dennis Trident
ukbus 1012  Stagecoach Manchester 17711 (standard livery) November 2003 
ukbus 1013  Dublin Bus December 2003
ukbus 1014  Oxford Park & Ride (929 – V929 FMS) February 2004
ukbus 1015  Stagecoach Park & Ride (Cambridge) (17007 – S807 BWC) March 2004
ukbus 200x range : The Plaxton President/Dennis Trident
ukbus 2006  Brighton & Hove (859 – Y859 GCD ‘Thomas Tilling’) January 2004
ukbus 2007  Mayne, Manchester (30 - MX03 KZN) February 2004
ukbus 2008  Reading (472 – PO51 WNG) March 2004
ukbus 2004  Lothian (5xx – T5xx SSG or V5xx ESC) April 2004
 ukbus 300x range : The Plaxton Dennis Dart MPD : NEW CASTING
ukbus 3001   Cardiff Bus (188 – CE02 UUG) January 2004
ukbus 3002   First Group (tba) February 2004
ukbus 3003  Metroline (tba) March 2004
ukbus 3004  Stagecoach London/Stagecoach Provincial twin-pack April 2004
JB 100x range : Mitsubishi FUSO MP Non-Step Citybus
JB1006   Mitsubishi FUSO MP Non-Step Citybus / Sapporo City Bus January 2004
JB1007   Mitsubishi FUSO CNG Bus / Sapporo Citybus February 2004
JB 300x range : Mitsubishi Aerobus Coach
JB3002  Japan Railway Highway bus November 2003
hkbus 200x range : Leyland Olympian Coach : NEW CASTING
hkbus 2001  Hong Kong Citybus (133 – ER 6824) ‘Big C’ livery December 2003
hkbus 2002  Bluebird Buses (13603 – VLT 37 – ex-CTB 137) 2004

Please note that the release dates quoted above are anticipated completion dates, 
not necessarily when the models will be on sale at your retailer.

Photograph of sister vehicle No.144
courtesy of Dennis Law

Pictured above is sister vehicle to Citybus 133, which is Creative Master Northcord's next Hong Kong release, anticipated to be released just before Christmas This is an 11-metre Leyland Olympian which is on route 62R to City One Shatin, and will carry its original 'Flying-C' livery. Pictured below is a 'first shot' image of the model.

Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy and copyright of 
Creative Master Northcord Limited

Photograph courtesy and copyright of 
Creative Master Northcord Limited

Pictured above is is the second release of this casting (hkbus 2002).

The winners of the 5th Anniversary competitions for Best Casting and Best Livery have now been contacted. One will receive the next Citybus model to be released, whilst the other will receive the next New World First Bus model to be released. I would like to take this opportunity to all of you who took part in the competition, and a special 'Thank You' to both Citybus and New World First Bus for kindly agreeing to provide these prizes.

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Best Choose have announced their next model (03014), China Motor Bus Daimler Fleetline, LF7,  on route 8 to Wan Chai Ferry. It is limited to 1,500 pieces, and is expected to retail for HK$268. Further details and photographs will appear tomorrow.

Photograph courtesy of Jotus.com

Last Sunday, a specially organised journey marked the last trip by Citybus 105. It is believed that the bus will return to a private owner in the UK. Further details and photographs will appear tomorrow.

14th November 2003

I am now able to publish the result of this site's 5th Anniversary special competition which gave you the chance to vote for your favourite, and least favourite, casting and livery.
Best Casting
 Creative Master Northcord
Volvo Super Olympian
Leyland Victory Mk 2
Neoplan Centroliner
Worst Casting
Collector's Model
Leyland Victory Mk 2
Best Livery
 New World First Bus
New World First Bus 
'Give Me Five'
New World First Bus 
'Route 15 - The Peak'
Worst Livery
Double Happiness

No-one's vote exactly matched that of the overall result in the Best Casting section, so it was a case of the closest vote. Creative Master Northcord were clear winners with their Volvo Super Olympian, whilst second place was shared by Corgi's Leyland Victory Mk 2 and Drumwell's, Neoplan Centroliner. Derek from Hong Kong chose the top three, but placed the Corgi Victory first and the Creative Master Northcord Super Olympian second.

In the Best Livery section, New World First Bus swept the board by taking the top three places. Again, no-one matched the overall result, however Julian, also from Hong Kong, was the closest, correctly choosing the top two liveries. 

As you will see, Collector's Model collected the prizes for the Worst Casting and Worst Livery.

12th November 2003

11th November 2003

JB3002 Mitsubishi FUSO Aerobus - Tomei Highway Bus

Creative Master Northcord Limited has proudly released its second livery on the replica Mitsubishi FUSO Aerobus Coach model (JB3002) in 1988 Tomei Highway Bus colours. 

The Mitsubishi FUSO Aerobus for Tomei Highway routes, equipped with turbo engine, were delivered to JR Bus Kanto from February 1988. They replaced the buses of the JR era and became typical highway buses throughout Japan in the early 1990s.

The replica features excellent detailing, inside and out, including an opening engine door and engine detail. The replica has a toilet on board which is standard equipment on JR highway buses. This is a one-piece casting whose clean lines accentuate the windows and livery application on which all logos and lettering are clearly legible. The model has no ugly metal poles to hold it together.

The JB3002 model is limited to 400 pieces for the UK and Hong Kong markets. They will be distributed by John Ayrey Die-Casts Limited (UK) and Concorde Hobby Shop (HK) respectively.

Creative Master Northcord Limited (CMNL)
The World’s Miniature Bus Co.

Further to yesterday's news, and photograph, of TC1, I am reliably informed that this will be a plastic model.

11th November 2003

Now released in Hong Kong is the Cars Workshop KMB Daimler 'A', with 'Birmingham style' radiator (38205).

Three new photographs of the real ex-NWFB MCW Metrobuses ML1, ML2 and ML22 have been added to the respective model pages (000803), (000811) and (000802), thanks to the KMB 2E Bus Page.


Due for release in December is the above model from Car Model Box. It represents China Motor Bus Leyland Titan TC1 . It is believed the model will feature working headlights! More news will follow in due course.

Voting has now closed for your favourite casting and favourite livery - counting is currently under way, and the results will be published shortly.

10th November 2003

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

The release of two new models is imminent. The first, pictured above, is KMB's next issue, being a Daimler 'A', with 'Birmingham style' radiator, and featuring the sliding gates (38205), produced by Cars Workshop. The second, pictured below, is Creative Master Northcord's second release of the Mitsubishi Fuso Aerobus, this time in the colours of Japanese operator JR Bus Kanto (JB3002). 

Photograph courtesy of Porte Publishing Co.

Don't forget, you have until 2359hrs (GMT) on Sunday 9th November to VOTE for your
favourite diecast oriental bus and your favourite livery.

7th November 2003

I am pleased to announce that the Oriental Model Buses website celebrates it's 5th birthday today.

Little did I realise, back in 1998, that the site would become so successful and that I would still be running it five years on!!

The site went live on 5th November 1998. It was created partly because I had just bought a new computer with internet access and I wanted to create a website, and partly because I was finding it difficult to obtain information about my new hobby, collecting model Hong Kong buses!

News was very difficult to obtain, and the December 1998 'News' section contains only two entries! Citybus has, since the launch of the site, always provided regular news and information, far more than I could have possibly asked for. New World First Bus have more recently also provided me with details of new releases, just prior to the model being released. Information from other manufacturers has been somewhat varied. A good working relationship was established with ABC Models, until their demise. Collector's Model have also provided regular news and photos. Corgi and EFE provide no information at all. Things are, however, looking up, as currently Creative Master Northcord, Model Bus Evolution and Buses Model Co. all provide me with news of imminent releases. The vast majority of information and photos come from Hong Kong model stockists Jotus.com and 80M Bus Model Shop, and without these I would struggle to keep the site running.

There have been many highs and lows - certainly a considerable amount of time is spent in not only updating the site with news and photographs, but also the behind the scene work needed to ensure that all the various individual sites that are bolted on to the main site link relatively seamlessly. The lack of news provided by model manufacturers is very frustrating, especially when one considers that I am offering free publicity! On the odd occasion, I wonder whether anyone is really interested in what I am doing!

My first trip to Hong Kong in November 2002 was a real high and would never of happened if I hadn't taken up the hobby. Whilst there, I was looked after my many Hong Kong enthusiasts, most of whom I had never met before, having previously only had contact by e-mail. Special thanks to Sindy and Joe and Mike and Dot for making this a trip of a lifetime - although I am planning a return visit in February!

During the five years there have been many regular visitors who have kept in touch, and I am also lucky to have met several of you at various times and places. Many friendships have been established, and I am grateful for the continued support given by these enthusiasts. I was privileged to be invited to see preserved ex-Hong Kong buses SF31 and DM17 arrive back in the UK.

It would be impossible to mention everyone who has helped me over the last five years, either by sending photos, news or providing concise and detailed information, but to all of please accept this as a personal Thank You.  I must, however, make special mention to the following for their continued support throughout:-

Simon Ayres, Harry Cameron, Danny Chan of Creative Master Northcord, Don Craggs, Stuart Dobie of Citybus, Mr Kwok of 80M Bus Model Shop, Gakei, Gareth Jones of British Model Buses, Sindy and Joe of Jotus Model Depot, Dennis Law, Lee Tin Yau, Donald MacRae, Tim Moore, Terry Stapley, Denis Strange of Independent Transport Videos, Thomas Tang, Mike and Dot Toase, Keith Wood and last but certainly not least, my wife and family!

The site has retained the same basic layout throughout, primarily as neither you, nor I, have yet to come up with a better way of listing the various information, and secondly, as it would take far too much time to change now!!

Here's to the next five!

For a brief summary of the news of the last five years, have a look at the Review page
and don't forget to VOTE for your favourite diecast oriental bus and your favourite livery.

5th November 2003


I am having problems with my ISP, and some votes that have been cast have not been received. If you do not receive an acknowledgement e-mail within 24 hours of voting, either vote again, or submit your vote by e-mail. Thank you.

2nd November 2003

This week sees the site celebrate its 5th Anniversary  (5th November) and I thought it would be a good opportunity to give you the chance to vote for your favourite diecast oriental bus and your favourite livery. Prizes for these competitions are kindly being offered by Citybus and New World First Bus.

Voting is now open, so visit the Voting Page and make your selection. Voting will close at 2359hrs(GMT) on Sunday 9th November.

1st November 2003
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