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September 1999 - News
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I have just received information advising that the following models from the Corgi Millennium Collection, due for release in November, have now been delayed until early 2000:-
44404 - Dennis Trident/Alexander - Citybus
44602 - Leyland Atlantean - Singapore Bus Services
44801  - Leyland Victory Mk2 - China Motor Bus
To replace these models, the following are to be released in the UK:-
43223 - Volvo Olympian - KMB - Friends of KMB
43224 - Volvo Olympian - KMB - 50th Anniversary
44403- Dennis Trident/Alexander - KMB - Captain KMB
These three models will be available in limited quantities and only available through Corgi Gold Star stockists.
27th September 1999

Photograph courtesy of Stu Hogben

A sample of Collectors Model No V106A, due to be released in November/December.

                                25th September 1999

Model No 43224 , Corgi's KMB Olympian celebrating 50 years of double-deck buses in Hong Kong, has been released in Hong Kong.

As mentioned previously, Corgi have issue a new "Millennium" catalogue, in which six "Oriental " buses are detailed. Below is a copy of the relevant page. Click on the page for a larger photograph.

Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy of Railway Mart, Bournemouth

The models are as follows, in the order shown:

44603, 44801, 44602,44404

43222, 43012

All are due for release in November, each with a limited quantity of 2,500.
                                22nd September 1999

Details of more new models dominate this latest news item

Photographs courtesy of World of Diecast

The second model from ABC is to be another LF, but with actual mould changes rather than just a repaint. The photos are of the original LF and do not show the changes that will appear on the production version. The photos are of a pre-production mockup.

Fleet No.       LF 108
Livery           CMB - Red Lower deck/cream upper deck.
Destination    102 Shau Kei Wan
Chassis          Leyland Fleetline
Body             Walter Alexander- Sent to HK in a Frame up condition ex UK . bodies that followed completely built by CMB at Java street depot.

Mould changes include:-

revised rear destination and number plate layout 
rear tail/turning lights - lower than on LF 18
small saloon window behind drivers cab on the offside lower deck
front side turning lights removed and placed on the lower body panels
different company fleetname and fleet number positions plus OMO (money boxes) logo
front and rear bumper added 
These changes depict the first forty Alexander bodied buses as supplied.

LF 107 & LF 108 both took part as red and cream buses in the experimental repainting of 1976 to help the owners to choose the NEW colours for the CMB fleet-

Production figures not available but I have been advised there will be at least two versions of this model issued at around the same time.

Expected to be available for release end of September. This model may be available for UK.

As already mentioned, the next ABC model will be a Victory 2, but I have no further details at this time. I am also led to believe that a special very limited edition (1000 pieces) is planned to follow the Victory 2. ABC are planning to introduce at least one new casting every month up to Dec 1999.

The next two releases from Collector's Model are both Leyland Victory's in all-over advertising.
V105A is for "Fortune Reality", whilst V106A is for "Winner Cigarettes"
Release dates are expected to be in either November or December.

I am led to believe that a new Corgi Catalogue, entitled "Millennium", is now available, and this contains details of the UK releases of Hong Kong buses - more details to follow.

                                19th September 1999

Photographs courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

I have just received the above photographs of a Corgi KMB Volvo Olympian, in an attractive livery, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of double-deck buses in Hong Kong. Further details will be published when known.

Citybus are planning a Stagecoach set, which will have an 11m Citybus Volvo Olympian (the most accurate Citybus version yet using this model, wide front door, 11 metres etc.) and an air-conditioned Dart in Stagecoach livery. Exact details of the identity of these vehicles are not yet known.

I have also just received details of Corgi's planned UK releases, which are as follows:-

Corgi .........44404.......Citybus......W.W.W...............Alexander Trident (advertising the Citybus website)
Corgi .........44602.......Singapore................................Leyland Atlantean 
Corgi .........44603.......CityBus.....NETWORK 26....Leyland Atlantean 
Corgi .........44801.......C.M.B..........................................Guy Victory

There will be some HK variations of these, which have been commissioned by Citybus, including a Network 26 set. The AN68 will of course have a different identity! There will also be a different version of the website advert which will be based on the Olympian. 

44701, Corgi's Citybus liveried dual-door Dennis Dart has been released in the UK, being available from Corgi Gold Star stockists.

15th September 1999

Details of planned New World First Bus releases for later this year are as follows:- 
1. Leyland Victory II with NWFB livery (LV1)
2. New World First Bus dual-door Dennis Dart and Alexander bodied Dennis Trident
    (Fleet Nos. 2028 & 1168) as a NWFB 1st anniversary package (fruit livery)
3. Alexander bodied Dennis Trident with NWFB new (latest) livery
I am also led to believe that ABC models are to release a Leyland Victory II
                                12th September 1999

Model No 000101, LF 18, the Alexander bodied Daimler Fleetline from ABC models has now been released in Hong Kong.
                                7th September 1999

IMPORTANT: Owing to a major problem with my PC, I have lost, amongst other things, my e-mail address book. I shall be grateful to receive a short message from all of you in order that I may update my records accordingly, and this time I will create an up-to-date back-up copy! 

I believe that New World First Bus are planning a second release of their dual-door Dart, in their 1st Anniversary "fruit" livery, as carried by No. 2028.

                               5th September 1999
September 1999 - News
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