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October 1999 - News
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Released in Hong Kong today is Leyland Fleetline, LF107, from ABC Models (000112A)

EFE have announced that 1,488 of the CMB Fleetline (25704) are to be made available to subscribers, with orders being processed from 22 November onwards.

            28th October 1999

Just released in Hong Kong is a further Leyland Victory MKII from Collector's Model, this time in the guise of V115A.

I am also led to believe that New World First Bus are "holding back" a supply of their inaugural "wave" liveried Dennis Tridents, (44401) pending the opening of their new shop in Hong Kong, which it hopes to open in December/January. 

Model No 43222, KMB's Dragon Boat Festival Olympian from Corgi, is now available in the UK through Corgi Gold Star stockists.

            27th October 1999

EFE have announced to their subscribers who have ordered the New World First Bus Dennis Dart (26901), that they have rejected the production of this item owing to concerns over quality and potential damage to the models in transit. They go on to say that a new production run is now underway and it is hoped the models will be dispatched in mid November.
23rd October 1999

I can confirm that Collector's Model No V104a is an advertisement bus, however, due to licensing problems, the release of this model is currently on hold.  It cannot yet be confirmed whether the model will in fact be released.
18th October 1999

Photographs of ABC Models pre-production Daimler Fleetline LF107, the second version limited to 1,000 models only, have been received, and can viewed here, whilst photographs of a mock-up of their Leyland Victory have also been received, and can be viewed here.

I have received details of a new book, published by Northcord Transport and titled "The Complete World of Little Buses - Volume 1: Britain and Hong Kong". Further details will appear here when known, however, should you require further information, please contact Nicky Wong.

16th October 1999

ABC Models Leyland Fleetline, LF 108, (000102) has today been released in Hong Kong.
                                12th October 1999

I have received an unconfirmed report that Collector's Model V104A is a Hong Kong release only, in an all blue livery, with a white mid-band, and carrying an all-over advert.  Can anyone confirm this please? 
4th October 1999

I have now received photographs of the pre-production sample of the second model from ABC Models, one of which can be seen below. The others can be viewed by clicking here. There are to be two versions of this model.
Photograph courtesy of World of Diecast

Collectors Model V106A, has been released in Hong Kong, much earlier than had been anticipated.

                                1st October 1999
October 1999 - News
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