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November 1999 - News
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Collector's Model have announced a further CMB example of their Victory 2, (V110B), this time carrying an all-over advert for Red A, whilst their Winner Cigarettes version (V106A) is now available in the UK.
Photograph courtesy of Stu Hogben
I have just received the following photographs of the forthcoming Citybus 'Stagecoach' set and also their Millennium release
The Stagecoach set
Photographs courtesy of Citybus

The Millennium release
Photographs courtesy of Citybus
30th November 1999

ABC Models have announced a second release of their Leyland Victory 2 (000402), this time in the colours of China Motor Bus. Production is limited to 2,000, and it is expected to be released shortly. Click here for further photographs
Photograph courtesy of World of Diecast

I have received an unconfirmed report that Corgi will not be releasing Citybus's Model No 44404, but will instead issue Model No 44507, carrying the same WWW livery.

Further information on the Stagecoach set is as follows. The Cambus Dart 364 was a demonstrator Dart/Plaxton and was unique within Stagecoach for some time. The model is also the first single-door version of Corgi's low floor Dart, the first two-door version being Citybus of course.
The Olympian model is to-date the most accurate Corgi Olympian model released in that it has the correct wide front door and is based on an 11m vehicle. 

Further details of the new book entitled The Complete World of Little Buses, Volume One:
Britain & Hong Kong can be found by clicking here.
 Although I have yet to receive my NWFB Dennis Dart (26901), there appear to be minor differences between the HK and UK versions.

28th November 1999

Corgi's KMB Millennium Bus (44506) has been released in Hong Kong today. EFE's NWFB Dennis Dart (officially numbered 26901) is currently being mailed to subscribers who have ordered this model.
26th November 1999

Citybus's "Stagecoach set" is to comprise of an 11m Volvo Olympian No. 999 and a Dennis Dart of Stagecoach Cambus, No. 364. There will be 2,800 for Hong Kong and 1,680 for the UK, with the limited edition certificate stating 4,500.
The "Network 26" set for Hong Kong (2450) will comprise of Leyland Atlantean No. 602 and Leyland Olympian No. 352, whilst the UK issue (1,000) will have the same Olympian, but the Atlantean will be No. 638. 
24th November 1999

The release of the Citybus "Network 26" set has been delayed until the second week in December.

The following week will see the release of a Stagecoach set, the details of which I hope to receive shortly.

Citybus will also be releasing, towards the end of December, a Millennium model, which will be a chrome plated Dennis Trident Metsec. There will be no external markings apart from the glazing, which will have the usual purple interior. Only 2,000 are to be released, and they will come in the same presentation box as other Corgi chrome plated Millennium models. It will also come with an engraved disc with the limited edition number on it.

The KMB Neoplan Centroliner will not be a Corgi model, but will be a product of KMB themselves, similar to the arrangement NWFB has with the producers of their Dennis Darts.An ABC release, not hitherto mentioned, is that of Model No 000111, a further example of the "Jumbo" Daimler Fleetline, this time in the guise of LF 48.

22nd November 1999

ABC Models released their New Lantao Bus liveried Leyland Victory (000401) on 16th November.

New World First Bus released their first anniversary Dennis Dart (99005) on 17th November.

I have just received photographs of a sample of the Collector's Model New Lantao Bus liveried Leyland Victory 2.

CsM's Victory
Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

Also just received are photographs of Corgi's KMB Millennium 2000 bus, and these can be viewed by clicking here

19th November 1999

Collector's Model No. V105A (overall advert for Fortune Realty), has today been released in Hong Kong. Collector's Model will also be issuing a Leyland Victory Mk2 in the colours of New Lantao Bus! - the ABC Models' version is expected any day.
Click on image for larger photograph
Citybus Leyland Atlantean No 602. 
One half of the "Network 26" set due from Corgi
Photograph courtesy of  Hong Kong Buses Volume 3 - Citybus Limited

Click on image for larger photograph
KMB's Millennium Bus, a Duple Metsec bodied
Dennis Trident 
Photograph courtesy of Gakei

Click on image for larger photograph
The new Neoplan Centroliner, in KMB livery  Photograph courtesy of Gakei
16th November 1999

News of further releases for the New Year are as follows:-
Dennis/Duple Metsec - KMB - celebration of the New Millennium
Volvo Olympian - KMB - celebration of the "Year of the Dragon" 
Neoplan Centroliner - KMB 
The 1st Anniversary New World First Bus Dennis Dart is due to be released in Hong Kong on 17th November.

ABC Model's Leyland Victory (000401) is also expected to be released on 17th November in Hong Kong.

The second volume of Bus Model will be available in March 2000. For details of the first volume, click here.  In addition, Oriental Origin will also be publishing a magazine to celebrate the first anniversary of NWFB, however, only a Chinese version will be available initially.

 13th November 1999

The Citybus "Network 26" is due to be released in Hong Kong on the 26th November. This set will comprise of a Leyland Olympian, with wide front door, and a Leyland Atlantean, both carrying the Network 26 logos. The Atlantean will be different from the one to be released in the UK. The one in the set will be based on the very first one refurbished, which featured a white roof, white lining on the livery, manufacturers badges, yellow window surrounds and no side or rear route numbers.

The UK release will be a standard version, no badges, white roof, white lines and black window surrounds. There are to be 3,450 produced, with 2,450 for HK and 1,000 for the UK.

5th November 1999

Further details have just been received of ABC Models' Leyland Victory 2, including the photographs below. The model carries the original New Lantao Motor Bus Company Ltd livery. Click here for further details
Photograph courtesy of World of Diecast

Owing to a technical problem, ABC Models' LF108 and LF107 models (000102 & 00112A) have a mistake on the Limited Edition certificates. 

The Certificate for LF108 states "one of a total production of 4,000 models only". The production is actually only 3,000 models, with 48 export models having Certificate 3001 to 3048 for administrative and tracking/tracing  purposes.
The Certificate for the LF107  states 2,050 as the total, however, it has been confirmed with ABC that the actual production total for this Model should be 1,000.

  1st November 1999
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