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December 1999 - News
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For the final news item of 1999, (maybe - depending on where you live!),  I have just received some photographs of the New World Fist Bus 'Millennium' bus (99006). Like the other recent NWFB releases, the base is marked NWFB. The model also features a removable engine cover, using a key supplied!  Further photographs will appear shortly.
The model is due to be released in Hong Kong on 5th January, and is limited to 3,888 pieces.
Photographs courtesy of
80M Bus Model Shop
31st December 1999

Just for a bit of festive fun, why not take this opportunity to vote for your favourite model of 1999.
Choose your 1st, 2nd and 3rd models of 1999, together with reasons (not compulsory!) and VOTE !!

The winning models will be announced on 1st January.

Photograph courtesy of World of Diecast

ABC Models have announced a new casting, this being a CMB Tilling Stevens K5LA7 long-wheelbase single-deck bus, featuring :- opening driver's window, opening bonnet, detailed chassis, steerable wheels, some windows modelled in the open position. The model is to be a limited edition. Further details to follow shortly! 

The New World First Bus "Millennium" bus is due for release in Hong Kong at any time - it is believed that the quantity for this model is to be 3,888. 

A further Collector's Model Victory Mk 2, in all-over advertising for "White Flower" is also due to be released in Hong Kong at any time. 

Further details of all these models will be published shortly.

29th December 1999

Corgi's Citybus Duple Metsec Trident (44507) has been released in the UK.

200 models of the Citybus Network 26 Atlantean, the UK release (44603), have been bought from Corgi and are available at Citybus's Star ferry kiosk - whilst stocks last!

Citybus are planning a "Millennium" bus, based on a Dennis Trident, due for release in February 2000.

24th December 1999

ABC Models' purple LF116 (LE0102A) has been released in Hong Kong.
23rd December 1999

Citybus releases dominate todays news!

Two Corgi UK releases are now available, namely Citybus Leyland Olympian (43012) in "Ocean Park" livery, and Citybus Leyland Atlantean (44603) carrying "Network 26" livery.

If anyone has already acquired either of these two models, I shall be grateful if they could forward me details, i.e. Fleet No, Reg No., Route No., Destination, etc, etc. (photos would be a bonus!) - thank you.

I believe that an 'Ocean Park' Set is a possibility, with Product Code (45007a & 45007b) already being allocated to it. Quantities are believe to be 4,100 with 1,000 being for the UK.

Citybus's WWW Dennis Trident/Duple Metsec (44507) is due to be released in Hong Kong on Thursday 23rd December. 

21st December 1999

Released in Hong Kong today, and commissioned by the Hong Kong Transport Society, is Corgi's Leyland Titan PD3/4 "Queen Mary" (41904) Fleet No. PD 28.
Photograph courtesy of
80M Bus Model Shop
19th December 1999

The Stagecoach set (45005) was released in Hong Kong on Thursday 16th December.

The diecast watchman hut and refuse bin, which will be included in ABC's forthcoming release of (lilac) CMB Fleetline, LF116, will be available in the near future- further details to follow!

Photograph courtesy of World of Diecast

A new book entitled "Hong Kong Advertising Bus Handbook", written by Danny C Chan, and published by Northcord Transport, is now available in Hong Kong  -  further details to follow.

18th December 1999

KMB's Neoplan Centroliner (DW10101) and Collector's Model "Red A" Victory (V110B) were both released in Hong Kong today.
15th December 1999

I have now received information regarding the Drumwell Company and am told that they have been the liaison/go-between company for many of the famous diecast brand names over many years in Hong Kong.  Corgi and EFE have both used Drumwell and Corgi only withdrew from using them in 1998 - The KMB Daimler A on route 1 was the last model made for Corgi by Drumwell - Corgi going its own way - EFE is still produced through Drumwell.

The NWFB Dart was commissioned through Drumwell and so, as mentioned previously, is the new Neoplan Centroliner commissioned by KMB. The new Trident for NWFB will also be through them, and they do all the liaison and engineering work for whoever wishes to commission them to do so. 

The quantity for KMB's Neoplan (DW10101) will in fact be 5,000, and release in Hong Kong is now expected to be on Friday 17th December. 

14th December 1999

New World First Bus are planning a release of their Millennium Trident, due towards the end of this month. Below is a photograph of the actual vehicle, Fleet No 1008, HV 6531.
Photograph courtesy of Hong Kong Vehicles Network Express

The Citybus "Network 26" set (45006a & 45006b) was released in Hong Kong yesterday.

12th December 1999

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

This model comes from yet another new manufacturer, Drumwell Company, and is due to be released in Hong Kong on 1517th December. Production is limited to 4,000 5,000 models. The model represents KMB's Neoplan Centroliner AP6 (Reg. No. JB 319) on route 296C to Sheung Tak.

Photograph courtesy of
Cosmopolis Bus Fan Club

Meanwhile, Yardway Limited have printed some Neoplan Centroliner Year 2000 Calendars (Poster size). Production is 2000 and only 1500 will be for sale.

I am grateful to both 80M Bus Model Shop and Cosmopolis Bus Fan Club for the above information 

Product numbers for the forthcoming Citybus releases are:-

45005 - The Stagecoach set  - due next Friday, 17th December
(45006a & 45006b) - The Network 26 set - due tomorrow, Friday 10th December
44508 - The chrome Trident - due Tuesday 21st December
9th December 1999

KMB's Centroliner is due for release (HK) shortly, and having seen a photograph of a sample model, it looks to be very good! 

ABC have announced yet another new release, their third Leyland Victory 2, this time in the white/green/gold livery of New Lantao Bus. Fleet No. LD7  is of a Kowloon Bus bodystyle with an internal fitted sliding door.  It will be a Limited Edition model, but the exact figure has not yet decided by ABC. 

Photograph courtesy of World of Diecast

ABC's LV 128 has been released in Hong Kong today and LF 48 is due shortly.

The Citybus "Network 26" set is due for release this Friday, 10th December.

Below is a further photograph of the "Stagecoach " set due for release in Hong Kong in just over a weeks' time.

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop
8th December 1999

ABC Models have announced a further release, expected before Christmas, of Model No. LE0102A, featuring CMB's LF116 in purple/lilac livery. Numbers are limited to 1,000 only and included with the model is a diecast bus shelter, passengers & driver, 9A Bus Stop, Watchman hut, street furniture, and "World of Diecast side Decals ".
Photograph courtesy of World of Diecast

EFE's 25704, CMB's XF1, has been dispatched to subscribers, mine arriving this morning.

Despite listing Hong Kong buses in the "Next Month" category of the December 1999 edition of Model Collector, the January 2000 edition carries no such article! 
In the "Letters" section of the same publication, a reader from Birmingham questions the recent lack of articles by Don Craggs, and the Editor replies that we will see Don returning next month - lets hope so!

4th December 1999

Having carried out investigations, it would appear that Collector's Model V110B is based on a KMB Dennis Jubilant, Fleet No N196, Registration No. CM 1385 on Route No. 73A  to Yuen Chau Kok !!
A photograph of the actual vehicle is now available.

Just a reminder of the forthcoming Corgi releases, so you can budget accordingly!:-

43012   -  Citybus "Ocean Park" liveried Olympian  -  23rd December 1999 (UK)
44404  -  Citybus "WWW" Trident/Alexander  -  cancelled (replaced by 44507)
44507  -  Citybus "WWW" Trident/Duple Metsec No. 2201  -  late December 1999 (HK)  January 2000 (UK)
44602  -  Singapore Bus Services Atlantean  -  January 2000 (UK)
44603  -  Citybus "Network 26" Atlantean  -  23rd December 1999 (UK)
44801  -  CMB Victory  -  January 2000 (UK)
I am also led to believe that KMB Corgi model Nos 43223, 43224 and 44403 are now generally available in the UK.
       1st December 1999
December 1999 - News
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