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January 2000 - News
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The Collector's Model New Lantao Bus liveried Victory, carrying NLB emblems and believed to be V116C, is now available in the UK.

As previously reported, ABC Models Tilling-Stevens (000301)  and Corgi's KMB Year of the Dragon Olympian (43225) have both been released in Hong Kong.

I have not received any news as to whether the imminent Corgi releases, CMB "Queen Mary", "Network 26" set and "Stagecoach" set have in fact been released.

Jotus Model Depot, a major supplier of photographs for this site, now have a New World First Bus Trident carrying advertising for their Website. Visit the "Stockists" page on this site for further information.

29th January 2000

Collector's Model are to launch their own "Fan Club" together with a Website - further details will be announced when known. 

In the meantime, quantities of their "Red A" (V110B), "Fortune Realty" (V105A)  and "LV1" (V115A) have arrived in the UK. Their New Lantao Bus liveried Victory is to be released in the UK with NLB logos on the model, unlike the Hong Kong version.

KMB's Year of the Dragon Volvo Olympian (43225) is due to be released in Hong Kong on Monday 24th January, as is ABC's Tilling-Stevens, whilst Corgi's "Network 26" set (45006a & 45006b), "Stagecoach" set and CMB "Queen Mary" are due to be released in the UK shortly.

22nd January 2000

Corgi's CMB "Queen Mary" (41904) is to be released in the UK towards the end of January, with 2,500 being made available.

ABC Model's Dennis Jubilant, DS8, (000201) was released in Hong Kong today. 

No, you are not visiting the wrong website!!

This model shows the new look of the triple-deck ferry after refurbishment. Photograph courtesy of World of Diecast

To commemorate the launch of services on 15th January 2000, New World First Ferry Services will be releasing a 1:450 scale triple-deck ferry, limited to 2,888 pieces only. The model has been produced by Corgi.

New World First Ferry Services Limited announced on 2 November 1999 its success in taking over the operation of ferry services for eight routes with effect from 15 January 2000. The eight licensed ferry services include inner-harbour services and outlying island services serving Cheung Chau , Peng Chau, Mui Wo and Chi Ma Wan .

"First Ferry" has purchased 15 vessels, including 6 triple-deck, 4 double-deck and 5 fast ferries from the original operator. To enhance the quality of the ferry services, "First Ferry" will progressively refurbish piers, vessels and facilities after company has taken over the operation.

Back to model buses, I am reliably informed that despite the news below, the "Ocean Park" Set will not be released for some time.

15th January 2000

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

The year 2000 is the "Year of the Dragon", and KMB have again commissioned a commemorative model, as they have in the past two years. Further details of this Model No 43225 can be found here.

My apologies to subscribers of the automatic update service - owing to a technical problem (I basically forgot!), e-mails were not sent notifying the updates on the 9th January - sorry!

13th January 2000

New Releases

The C'sM Dennis Condor (DA114A) is due for release in Hong Kong today or tomorrow.
The KMB "Year of the Dragon" Olympian at the end of this week/beginning of next.
   (I have just received photos of this model (43225) - Quantity 5,000) which will be published
       tomorrow evening)
ABC's Tilling-Stevens (000301) at the end of the month along with the Citybus "Ocean Park" set.
The Citybus MAN is planned for release in July, although the actual livery is yet to be decided.

A quantity of 200 "Ocean Park" Olympians (43012) were acquired by Citybus, from Corgi, for sale in Hong Kong.

I am informed that the "Red A" Dennis Jubilant from Collector's Model (V110B) will be available in the UK, through normal stockists. I have also received unconfirmed reports of two other C'sM Victory Mk 2s/Jubilants, namely V107b "Philippines" and V116c "New Lantao Bus".

12th January 2000

Collector's Model are shortly to issue the Dennis Condor, CMB Class DA, as shown below. I believe that it is due for release in Hong Kong on 15th January, however, I have no other details - yet!!
Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

Citybus are planning to release a model of their sole MAN double-decker, Fleet No. 2500, which carries bodywork by the Australian company Volgren.

Photograph courtesy of 
Hong Kong Buses Yearbook 1998 
- by Danny C Y Chan

The Collector's Model Victory Mk 2 in New Lantao Bus livery, carrying "White Flower Embrocation" advertising
Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot
 8th January 2000

Just arrived are these photographs of the KMB Year of the Dragon Olympian, which will be the subject of a further Corgi model. Release dates will be advised when known.
Photographs courtesy of Edward Hong

I have also received, courtesy again of Edward Hong, the photograph below of LV59, on which Collector's Model No V104A is based 

Photograph courtesy of Edward Hong
6th January 2000

The two Collector's Model releases (in Hong Kong) are both Leyland Victory Mk2's, one being in the red/yellow livery of New Lantao Bus, and carrying "White Flower Embrocation" advertising, whilst the second is a CMB version, and carrying  "Take the lead to keep Hong Kong clean" advertisements.
4th January 2000

The result of your "favourite model of the year - 1999" is as follows:-
1st   -  New World First Bus Dennis Dart -  Model No. 99005
2nd  -  Kowloon Motor Bus Neoplan Centroliner  -  Model No. DW10101
3rd  -  ABC Models "jumbo" Daimler Fleetline  -  Model No. 000101
 ABC Models have announced they are to release four models during January, namely:-
Model No 000301 - CMB Tilling-Stevens single deck bus
Model No 000201 - CMB Dennis Jubilant DS8
Model No 000403B - NLB Leyland Victory 2
???????????????    - another new casting!
1st January 2000
January 2000 - News
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