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Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Thanks to 80M Bus Model Shop I am able to report that KMB's "Year of the Snake" model is again based on Corgi's 11 metre Olympian. Further photos will appear here tomorrow.

30th December 2000

The Citybus 'Ocean Park' Box Set (45007a & 45007b) was released in Hong Kong on 27th December. 

I am informed that New World First Bus are to issue a model of Neoplan Centroliner, Fleet No. 6001.

May I take this opportunity to thank all of you who
sent me personal Christmas greetings, and to wish all of you
a happy and prosperous 2001.
28th December 2000

Recent releases, not previously mentioned are:-
Friday, 15th  -  ABC Model's CMB Leyland Lion
Saturday, 16th  -  Drumwell's KMB Dennis Dragon DW10201
Sunday, 17th  -  Buses Model Guy Arabs 200800A1 and 200800A2
Tuesday, 19th  -  Corgi's Citybus "Greener Buses" Trident 44513
21st December 2000

Following the interest last year in my "Favourite Model of the Year" survey, I again give you the opportunity to vote for your top three HONG KONG models of the year, with, if you so desire, your reasons. You may recall that last year's top three were:- 
1st   -  New World First Bus Dennis Dart -  Model No. 99005
2nd  -  Kowloon Motor Bus Neoplan Centroliner  -  Model No. DW10101
3rd  -  ABC Model's "jumbo" Daimler Fleetline  -  Model No. 000101
Click here to vote  - closing date is 31st December 2000 2359hrs GMT!!
19th December 2000

The first photographs of the Citybus Ocean Park set (45007a & 45007b) have just been received.
Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot
17th December 2000

I am slowly getting back to normal following a major PC breakdown, and as a result I am having to familiarise myself with a new web authoring package  -  so please bear with me!! This new software has identified several broken links within the site, and these too will be corrected as soon as possible. 

Below are the first available photographs of the new 11 metre Dennis Dragon in KMB air-conditioning livery. 

Photographs courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Also, I have received confirmation that Collector's Model are issuing an Ocean Park Victory in kit form, not being an official product of Citybus nor of Ocean Park. (This is in fact a Code 3 model - not a kit)

Photograph of Collector's Model Ocean Park kit
courtesy of Jacky Lau
16th December 2000

I am currently experiencing difficulties with my computer, and ISP, and apologise for the delay in responding to your e-mails and the lack of news on this site - I hope to rectify the problem shortly.
Photograph courtesy of Edward Hong
Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

KMB will be issuing the above Drumwell model (DW10103) model shortly, the Limited Edition certificate stating a quantity of 10,000.

Photograph courtesy of Edward Hong

Is the above Citybus Dragon, carrying all-over Chrysanthemum Paint livery, a possible future release?

I have received confirmation that the Canon Ixus liveried Dennis Dragon from Collector's Model, which is to be released later this month, will have a limited production run of 1,000, a quantity of which are expected to be available in the UK.

5th December 2000
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