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Following the recent reports about the KMB BACo bodied Fleetline, I am able to confirm that this model is scheduled for release in Hong Kong in July. I am told that the model on display at 80M Bus Model Shop's Sheung Wan Store is a very early pre-production example and that it has several defects which require adjustment and alteration.

I am advised by 80M Bus Model Shop that to promote their e-shop, they will be selecting several models on which only a postage charge of US$1 will be made for air-mail. 

31st May 2005

 I have received several reports that a model of a KMB BACo bodied Fleetline is currently on display at 80M Bus Model Shop's Sheung Wan Store. It features Fleet No. D990 in the predominantly red livery on Route 5C to Tsz Wan Shan (South).
29th May 2005

As I realised late last night, I had missed a few of Keith Wood's photos off my list, so here are the missing ones! 
44603 Citybus Leyland Atlantean
44405 Long Win Dennis Trident
X1001 China Motor Bus Guy Arab recovery truck

In my haste I also forgot to include the link to one of my other sites, so this too has now been rectified - it must be my age!!

28th May 2005

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Due for release tomorrow (Saturday) in Hong Kong is this KMB Daimler Fleetline (DMS). First announced last month as being an EFE model, it turns out that the model in fact carries a Drumwell product code (DW10601). Featuring an 2D38 on route 2C to Star Ferry, it is limited to 2,000 pieces.

It has been confirmed that the second Sunwin trolleybus, featured earlier this week, is unlikely to be on general release, being another commissioned model for the Ba-Shi Group. It is not expected to be released until July.

China Motor Bus ML2
Courtesy and copyright of Keith Wood

The above photograph is just one of many kindly provided by Keith Wood, who has scoured my site checking what photos I am missing of actual vehicles, and as you will see from the list below, has filled quite a few gaps!

000101 CMB Leyland Fleetline
000811 CMB MCW Metrobus
000901 CMB Guy Arab
20618 Transmac Macau Dennis Dart
26901 New World First Bus Dennis Dart
42803 Citybus Dennis Dart
42808 KMB Dennis Dart
43201 KMB Volvo Olympian
43202 KCRC Volvo Olympian
43216 CMB Volvo Olympian Airport Route
43218 KCRC Leyland Olympian (original livery)
43220 KMB Volvo Olympian
44301 KMB Dennis Trident
44303 KMB Dennis Trident
44401 New World First Bus Dennis Trident
44501 Citybus Cityflyer Dennis Trident
44507 Citybus Dennis Trident
44511 KMB Dennis Trident
DGS001 Citybus Dennis Dragon

I will apologise to Keith now as tonight has been a bit of a rush, and I know that I have missed some, so these will appear tomorrow

Pictured above is one of an excellent selection of photographs just sent to me by Eric and featuring Shek O bus terminus. This is following my recent request for photographs. the photos have been added to the Shek O page on the Xtra section of the site. 


Completely off-topic, but I thought that with the south coast of England enjoying record May temperatures of 32 degrees today, a photo of one of my local operator's (Wilts and Dorset) new Volvo B9TL with East Lancs bodywork, in the company's new livery and with the roof having just been removed. 

27th May 2005

Photographs of cnbus1007
courtesy of Dennis

Further to yesterday's information on the second Sunwin trolleybus from Creative Master Northcord, I am now able to provide photos showing the main differences between this and the first release. The top photo shows the new LCD monitor and the lower one shows the extra detailing on the rear, including a number plate and fleet number.

23rd May 2005

Following the announcement in last month's News of a further version of Creative Master Northcord's trolleybus (cnbus1007), I am advised that the model features two 2 LCD monitors on board plus a new engine cover design. The model is expected to be released in China in June. Quantities are not yet known.

I am grateful to David Braybrook for providing additional information on the three 'Mystery of Herpa' sets mentioned in February's News. Volume 2, which features a British Airways Boeing 747-400 with a Wanalu Dreaming tail, includes the Drumwell Citybus Dennis Dragon (DW10207) and was released on 23rd September 2003. Volume 3 was released on 8th April and this features a British Airways Boeing 747-400 with a 'Japan' tail. The bus in this set is the Model Bus Evolution Dennis China Paint liveried Dennis Dragon MB101b. To clarify these details, I have added new pages to the 'Sets' page of the site (link removed 19th February 2010). These pages will be modified in the next few days - a lack of time today has prevented me completing this task.

Last, but certainly not least, I am again grateful to Keith Wood for providing me with photos of 'real buses' that have been modelled. As you will know, I try and include a photograph of the actual bus (or close cousin!) modelled, and Keith has just provided several, which have just been uploaded. Details of these will appear tomorrow. If you come across a model that doesn't include such a photo, and you have one, please e-mail me.

 22nd May 2005

Now available in the UK is the third 'Megabus.com' liveried Olympian from Creative Master Northcord (hkbus2005). I collected mine today and have just uploaded some new photos.

20th May 2005

For further information on the above photograph, have a look at this Xtra page.   ***  More photos added 17th May   ***

And just for a bit of fun, have a look at the following page - (link removed 6th February 2012).

 15th May 2005

Having received a further quantity of photographs of CMBs MB class, I have now created a separate Xtra page for these. 
13th May 2005

The Xtra pages of the site have been updated with photographs of some of China Motor Buses MB class MCW Metrobuses together with a new tri-axle UK bus. New photos of the resin model have also been added - with more to follow soon!
12th May 2005

Following yesterday's news of the imminent release of the resin CMB Metrobus MB13 from 312 Model, I have tonight added a new page which includes further photos kindly provided by 312 Model - just follow the link.
10th May 2005

Photograph courtesy and copyright of 312 Model

312 Model has announced that it is to release a new resin model featuring China Motor Bus MCW Metrobus MB13 (BZ3677). It is on route no. 104 to Pak Tin and is scheduled to be issued in Hong Kong on Thursday 12th May. Priced at HK$368, it is limited to 500 pieces.

Bus Fan World has just released the 48th issue of Bus Focus magazine. Major contents include:

- Dennis Lances serving in Northern District
- Ex-HK Buses in Magicbus & Megabus
- Weavaway Travel's School Buses
- Farewell to KMB's Gardner Engined Dennis Dragons
- Farewell to KCRC's MCW 9.7m Metrobuses
- Kunming First Bus
- Bus Network in Adelaide, South Australia
- KingLong XMQ6886 Coaches
- Juno/UD JP253 Coach
- Ex-KMB G329@Tai Lam Tunnel
- DD2113 - HK's Very Last DMS in Service

Following the posting yesterday in the Xtra pages of the site of a Victoria Regional Transit System Duple Metsec bodied Trident, Dave Rogers, owner of preserved Citybus Olympians 102 and 105 has sent me a photo of an Enviro 500 for the same operator and this has just been uploaded.

 9th May 2005

A new page has been added to Xtra section of the site which includes a couple of photos of some withdrawn KMB Dennis Dragons plus a Duple-Metsec bodied Trident in Canada.
8th May 2005

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Released in Hong Kong today is Corgi's Citybus 'Year of the Rooster' Alexander bodied Trident (OM44402). Fleet no. 2103 is on route no. E21A to Tai Kok Tsui and is limited to 2,088 pieces. Retail price is HK$288.

5th May 2005

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Due for release in Hong Kong on 9th May is the second book from 80M Bus Model Shop in the series entitled 'Evolution of Hong Kong Buses' this one featuring Hong Kong Island and Ferry. It contains 166 pages and text is in both Chinese and English. The retail price is HK$198.

With the opening of Disneyland Hong Kong in September, some new routes have been announced.

Route D1 will be jointly operated by Citybus and Long Win and will operate from Disneyland to Tsing Ma Bridge Toll Plaza.

Routes D11, D21 and D22 are basically the same as Routes A11, A21 and A22, with the obvious exception that the destination of all are Disneyland. These route will be operated by Citybus and will only run in the morning and at night. It is rumoured that both Long Win and Citybus may order some new buses for these routes, with dedicated liveries being applied.

4th May 2005

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