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May 2000 - News
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Please note that I am now on holiday for one week, and therefore the site will not be updated until my return on Sunday 4th June. Please continue to send me your news items, and look out for a bumper "News" item next time!!

PD501, Model No 41908, is due to be released in Hong Kong on Saturday 27th May whilst the quantities of Corgi DS6 are believed to be 3,000.

26th May 2000

Please note that corrections have been made to the four pages detailing the recently released ABC SF's - Model Nos. 000501, 000502, 000511 and 000512. My apologies for any confusion.

Leyland Fleetline, SF31, is returning 'home' to Falkirk, Scotland, having left Hong Kong on 12th May. It currently carries New World First Bus all-over advertising for route 15 to The Peak, as shown in Edward Hong's photograph below,

Another superb livery, and with the number of SFs currently being modelled, this must be the obvious choice for a future release. Talking of possible future releases, what model or livery would you like to see issued, and why - perhaps your opinion can influence the manufacturers decisions!

Photograph courtesy of Edward Hong
24th May 2000

I have just received news of a new book, which is expected to be published in Hong Kong either later this month or in June. Titled "Hong Kong Bus Type Collection - Victory Mk2" the book is co-authored by Mr. Stanley Yung and Mr Ping Wah Kwok.

The book focuses on the Leyland Victory 2 of the four Hong Kong bus companies (namely KMB, CMB, New World First Bus and New Lantau Bus).  It is A5 size, has 98 pages and written in both English and Chinese.  The price for the hard-cover version is HK$118, whilst the paper-back one is HK$88. 

Further photos of extract pages will be uploaded shortly.

Photograph courtesy of
80M Bus Model Shop

ABC Models 000511 and 000512 were both released in Hong Kong yesterday.

22nd May 2000

I am very grateful to all those visitors who have kindly taken the trouble to complete the Site Survey. 
It is now a case of compiling the various comments, and trying to give you what you want. A common comment is the fact that the photos I use are of a too low a resolution, thus losing the original photo's quality. The main reason for this is the limited amount of free web space initially allocated to the site, although this has now been overcome. I aim to resolve this problem, by having a quick-loading, low resolution photo, but with a clickable higher resolution photo. This is the case on some photos already on the site. Please bear with me whilst these improvements are put in place, as contrary to many people's belief, I do have a full time job, and the site is maintained in my spare time, or when my wife allows!!!

Several suggestions were that the site be enlarged to cover all UK 1/76th scale model buses - 
unfortunately this will not happen!! 

ABC Models are due to release Fleetlines SF2 (000511) and SF15 (000512) in Hong Kong tomorrow. 

Collector's Model SF11, mentioned below, is known as Model No. SF103A. Photographs are now available.

It is confirmed that the Hong Kong Transport Society will be commissioning both the Corgi CMB "Queen Mary" (41908) and the Dennis Jubilant DS6 (model no. not yet confirmed), as reported on 12th May. It is believed that the CMB Metrobus (45107) will be MC7.

The latest edition of the Model Buses magazine (June - July issue) is now available. This includes an excellent article on the Collector's Model Dennis Condor DA114A, as well as the recent Hong Kong releases. 
20th May 2000

Two future releases from Corgi will be:
         Model No. 41908  Leyland Titan PD3/5 "Queen Mary" CMB Fleet No. PD501
         Model No. 45107  MCW Metrobus Mk1 (single-door) CMB, Fleet No. unknown

C'sM have today released in Hong Kong a "deluxe" version of SF11, in coach livery. It is thought that 2,000 have been produced, with 1,000 each being available in both Hong Kong and the UK.

18th May 2000

The second ABC 'SF' (000501) was released in Hong Kong yesterday.
14th May 2000

The article entitled 'HK Y2K update', due to appear in the next issue of Diecast Collector magazine, has been prepared by Vic Davey, author of the book 'The Complete World of Little Buses'. This magazine (July issue) is due in the shops on 2nd June. 

The following statement has been released by EFE:-
   'Due to the financial difficulties created by Beatties within our parent company, ERA Group Plc.,
    there will be serious disruption to our planned release programme and there will be  a period of
    several months before we can resume our normal programme of model releases. 

    Models advertised for April are planned for release in June, Models planned for May are planned
    for release in late July/August' 

The 3rd Mailing has just been despatched and reference is made to the recent two EFE Hong Kong releases (25709 and 27401), stating that these will be released to  subscribers at a special low price at a later date. Details of this offer will be sent in the next mailing

I have received several reports claiming that Corgi will release CMB DS6, the model that ABC have just released, possibly in the same driver recruitment livery!

Owing to Web-stat.com deciding that it is time to start charging for my counter and statistics, these will shortly disappear - anyone who knows of another free provider of such information, please let me know!
12th May 2000

The C'sM "Caltex" Victory Mk2 (V111B) was released in Hong Kong today, and only 1,000 are to be issued.
500 will be available in Hong Kong, and the packaging for this model will differ from that of the UK version. The limited edition certificate will range from 0001 to 0500 for the Hong Kong edition. Purchasers of the Hong Kong version will have a chance to win the "Philippines" liveried Jubilant (V107A), of which, I am informed, only TWO models are being produced!!  The result will be published on 31 May.

ABC Model's first SF (000502) is due for release in Hong Kong tomorrow.
8th May 2000

According to the recent issue (June) of Diecast Collector, the next edition, due in the shops on 2nd June, it to have an article on the Hong Kong Buses released this year. 

I have received a couple of e-mails regarding the Collectors Model "members only" gold and silver plated Dragons, and in particular to the condition in which they arrived in the UK, apparently as a result of poor packaging. One regular visitor to this site informs me that he has faxed C'sM regarding the damaged models, to be told that as they have not had any other complaints, and they would like photographs of the damage e-mailed to them. On receipt of the photos, consideration will be given to replacing the models. 

Has anyone else had a similar problem, and has it been resolved?  Please let me know by e-mailing me - Thanks. 

6th May 2000

Released in Hong Kong yesterday (Sunday 30th) is ABC Models' Dennis Jubilant (000202) in the distinctive "Driver Recruitment" livery.
1st May 2000
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