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Singapore Bus operators
SMRT Buses ... (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit) formerly Trans-Island Bus Services 
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The first day of service for the ADL Enviro500NGs
  New MAN/Gemilang double-deck demonstrator
October 2014 last updated 19th October 2014

The first day of service for the ADL Enviro500NGs
  13th July 2014 - the first day of service for the Alexander Dennis Enviro500NGs
July 2014 last updated 19th July 2014

The arrival of the first ADL Enviro500NGs
  The arrival of the first Alexander Dennis Enviro500NGs
June 2014 last updated 21st June 2014

  SMRT announces new bus orders
April 2014 last updated 6th April 2014

  SMRT takes delivery of a MAN NG363F A24 articulated bus
April 2013 last updated 20th April 2013

  General update
February 2013 last updated 23rd February 2013

New MAN NL323F A22 buses - September/October 2011
  New MAN NL323F A22 buses 
September/October 2011 last updated 3rd October 2011

New production Citaros enter service - March 2011   New Mercedes-Benz Citaros
March 2011

Farewell tours for the Mercedes Benz O.405 buses with Hispano Carrocera   Mercedes-Benz 0.405/Hispano Carrocera
February 2011  

New MAN NL320F demonstrator - December 2010   New MAN NL320F/MCV Evolution demonstrator 
December 2010

New Zhongtong LCK6112GHEV demonstrator - November 2010 and January 2011   New Zhongtong LCK6112GHEV demonstrator
November 2010

New Mercedes-Benz fully low floor Citaro - Last updated 21st March 2010
  South East Asia's first full low floor bus
March 2010

New Yutong ZK6126HGC - Last updated 20th August 2009
  New Yutong ZK6126HGC
August 2009

New Mercedes-Benz OC500LE - Last updated 18th April 2009   New Mercedes-Benz OC500LE
April 2009

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